Good Tablet, as long as you can live with the limitations

Good Tablet, as long as you can live with the limitations

Apple MC979FD / A iPad 2 24.6 cm (9.7 inches) Tablet PC (Apple A5, touchscreen, 1GHz, 16GB flash memory, WiFi, Apple iOS) white (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

I bought the iPad in the 16 GB version is the first Apple product with iOS - on mobile devices was previously used Android (HTC Desire).

== == First impression
The device comes across as high and is solid Processed - generally there are at the outer hardly any complaints. I would rate the only processing, then it would be 5/5 star.

== Installation == + device
Without iTunes and registration is nothing - that was me, however known and therefore will not be rated negatively. Otherwise, the system is largely self-explanatory.

== Operation ==
At the service there is nothing to complain about. The operating system is self-explanatory, on the whole. As long as you do not exceed certain limits, everything works fine. On the hardware side, of course, there are certain limits, as long as you want to invest in any 100 Euro adapter. However, this is well known and therefore will not be rated by me negatively.

As disturbing I find the synchronization with the PC. From Android I'm used to it that this works wirelessly as soon as I am in the right-Fi.
With iOS 5 this feature was also upgraded by Apple, but in a way unusable for me. While the synchronization is done directly with my Androidhandy (ie a direct data exchange between PC and Smartphone), shoveling the iPad the first data to external servers (iCloud). Only then they can be called from there to the PC.
For some users this may be impractical, I prefer it, however, to distribute my data unnecessarily on external servers. Therefore, I can only the wired synchronization. ITunes itself I need I do not say much - you either love it or you hate it. For me, it varies periodically between two extremes.

== == Apps
In Apple AppStore I could find all the desired applications quickly and charge my iPad. Positive is the many payment options and easy processing - negative, the high cost.

The latter should never misunderstand: Most apps are visually and functionally high-quality and definitely worth the money - but there is a lack of free alternatives. From my Smartphone I'm used to that basic functions without optical frills available free of charge - this is not the case with Apple.
While the editor has to most programs Lite versions, but these are often extremely trimmed so that a practical use is not possible.
I do not know if this is the case in all areas, but I had to ~ 30 euros to invest in applications (which work very well).

My Applications:
Receive streams from my HTPC via UPnP -
- Synchronization with various services (Picasa, FTP, etc.)
- Various file viewers
- Some Office programs
- Sporadically Games

== Limitations == Apps
At this point I want to talk about the restrictions that apply to the applications in the Apple system. This is a point that I did not realize before buying and so led to some resentment. Broadly speaking, it is not possible to use data from an app in another.

In practice, this means:
- Music / videos that I get from my FTP server (or any other Internet sources), I can not play with the other titles, but only within the FTP Software

This point is not understandable for me because he (only wired via iTunes - or via cloud) the already difficult data exchange complicates even further. I was hoping to get a decent wireless Synchronisation via FTP, this is not possible.

== == Connectivity
Nothing goes without Apple and adapter. My DSLR can be connected via USB adapter to the iPad and transmits data quickly and reliably. However, prices of said adapters are quite rude (~ 30 Euro). Third-party products should be treated with caution, as they occasionally after iOS updates are no longer usable (as seen during a card reader / USB adapter).

Generally it is said that one should think carefully beforehand what devices you want to connect as - otherwise 100 Euro additional costs not uncommon. Since I only use my camera for data exchange, this flaw is no problem for me

== == Crashes
Crashes occur rarely and are usually caused by poorly written apps. In general, the system is stable and reliable. Stuttering are rare and occur only sporadically, when many applications are really parallel open (for example, many tabs in the browser).

== Conclusion ==
If you know what you're getting into, the iPad is a very good product. One should, however, provide comprehensive information in advance and might test the devices themselves once a day. The hardware is exemplary and the software works well, as long as you can live with the limitations.

Furthermore, you should overspend plan, because without paid apps iOS is hard to use. Who is Android accustomed feels a little ripped off. On the other hand, most apps are top quality and offer more visually than comparable Androidprogramme.

Anyone can get involved in the prescribed by Apple way in everyday life, is a mature product with very good hardware and good software. I'll keep my iPad - in the next generation, I will opt for a Androidtablet.

Scrap 84 Rank: 1/5
November 2
ultiima Rank: 5/5
May 14
Ergonomic and efficient Super Rank: 5/5
November 25
very satisafite Rank: 5/5
July 22

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