It could have been so beautiful!

It could have been so beautiful!

Drive Club (Standard Edition) (Video Game)

Customer Review

The game is ansich not that bad. It is great fun with the different cars by the often beautifully designed Plug to races. The graphics are very well done in my opinion, for a first next-gen game developed by Evolution. There is no printer, no pop-ups and the cockpit view is indeed a feast for the eyes times. That there is an arcade racer without tuning function at CLUB DRIVE, each should be known before buying. But that's a good thing - I do not want to sometimes deal with tuning and setup. But later comes Gran Turismo. 7

Who but now after more than three weeks not hinbekommt an online game to make online capable, who can get no more than two star! I can not create a single challenge, do not give a single online raced and must read constantly that the connection is lubricated for DRIVE CLUB server! I've brought the game almost at level 50 and then slowly diminishing interests, because any missing opportunities. I hope for the good base game that you get the online feature in the handle and still come very interesting DLCs, otherwise the game on the shelf gathering dust!

Also a big negative point of criticism is the AI ​​of the opponents, to which one has apparently not overly concentrated. Maybe because the focus was to play against real people? The CPU opponents go anyway stubbornly their racing line. Once you are nearing a turn on the ideal line, head-to-head with an opponent, he tries tatsächtlich, until reaching the curve to change the Ideal Line. So rammed a constantly in the side - intelligence is something else!

Looks good 22 Rank: 3/5
April 15
Freeview receiver Rank: 4/5
January 11
excelent 4 Rank: 4/5
April 24
beautiful 1619 Rank: 4/5
November 15
Stronger than the tasks Rank: 4/5
November 23

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