only partially suitable for audio books - would not buy it

only partially suitable for audio books - would not buy it

ARCHOS 2 Vision MP3 / Video Player 16GB (5.1 cm (2 inch) LCD screen, FM radio, MicroSD slot, USB 2.0) chocolate (Electronics)

Customer Review

First of all: This is my first MP3 player, apart from my old Sony Ericsson music phone. I actually bought the device exclusively for audio books, because that is the housework much easier faster of hand and the daily subway rides over. My criteria were:

* Reasonable price
* Small and handy
* Useful big screen
* Folder function (ie sorting of tracks not only by ID3 tag - for audiobooks often unusable)

Basically, the player meets these criteria. Still, he has a few quirks that spoil my listening pleasure:

* Short battery life and difficult to assess charge level. In an charge status indicator of 3/5 "bar" it may happen that two minutes later, the juice is made and the unit turns off all of a sudden without warning.
* By charging (whether on your laptop or on the socket) the device is forced and senselessly in the update and synchronize mode. This is the resume function off what is conceivable angry at audiobook chapters in a length of about 1 hour. Elle extensive search after each charging process is thus inevitable (even worse if you have the current chapter number noticed no accident).
* The device (at least my) also switches with fully charged battery every few Hörvorgänge simply (apparently very easily in hot weather) - total crash, nothing works. To resuscitate it by the "reset" button that can be pressed but only by paper clip or pin. Since me a few times has happened, I hang an emergency paper clip on the headphone cable - that's can also not be. Needless to say that also here the resume function goes flutes and funny quest begins anew.
* The already repeatedly commented SLIDER BEAM basically works, but in my opinion is a truly pointless gimmick, the "coil" for simple back and forth requires full concentration. You can sweep up a little too fast or too slow or does not stay long enough to be at the end of the bar, you end up instead of 5 minutes in the same track fast forward in the very next track. Result in long audiobook chapters: frustration, see above.

+ Chic little device
+ Good sound
+ Resume Function
+ Support system folder
+ Low

- Short and hard predictable battery life
- Each time charging is lost Resume
- (To) regular crashes, reset only with "mechanical means" (paperclip)
- Slider bar erratic and troublesome

All of these flaws affect mE mainly on listening to audiobooks. For the "normal" background music, the device is certainly well suited and especially much cheaper than iPod & Co. For my audio books but I will look for another player.

worse gehts unlikely Rank: 2/5
February 10
Great Little Book cheap! Rank: 4/5
December 5
A cover (almost) perfect Rank: 4/5
October 29

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