Very good.  If you want to switch from PC to Mac - GO FOR IT.

Very good. If you want to switch from PC to Mac - GO FOR IT.

Apple MacBook Pro MC373D / A 39.1 cm (15.4-inch) notebook (Intel Core i7 620M, 2.66GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, DVD, Mac OS) (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Most Rez. Cover here the most important. Therefore only briefly some things that I particularly liked. Not upset about if I make some comparisons to the PC world. I used years a PC and Linux users and regret changing a bit. Meanwhile, I was able to convince my family and friends from Apple and this thank me until today for the recommendation to change. Many who want to change, usually think: "Apple is too expensive - rather a PC". Apple is not expensive if you pay attention to some things again:


+ The screen. If you look at other devices in this price range, then you know to appreciate what you get here. Both the viewing angle, the colors, the brightness and contrast are very good. I've owned several PC notebooks (Toshiba Satego X200, Acer 8940 and 8942G, Sony Vaio and a few more) and none of these brands notebooks comes to the Macbook Pro range zoom rudimentary. Their screen I can "fair to poor" mark only. Since you always look most of the time on the screen, you should think carefully about what you buy there. Many can be built from the "raw power" of hardware from other devices impress and do not realize how bad it actually is screen (so I felt earlier - until I bought my first Macbook). By the way: The screen provides, depending on the light, automatically adjust the brightness. Will it dark in the room, so the screen is also darker. Will it lighter, so the screen is also brighter. Very convenient :)

+ The housing and the unibody. So, there are probably not much to say - it's great! The "new" unibody is extremely rugged, robust construction and extremely sexy. Again, the comparison with most PC laptops: plastic / plastic vs. Aluminum housing. I'll never change or use voluntarily plastic / plastic. Here creaks nothing, it expresses nothing, it can not simply break off. All this is combined with a still very gentle, large glass trackpad and the glass pane from the screen. The keyboard is for a transfer passengers still strange and getting used to but then you never want to miss again there. Again, nothing feels "cheap" to, but very smoothly and stably. Everything is perfectly matched and not completely overloaded (like many other notebooks out there).

+ The Speaker. Beautifully loud and subwoofer. When I look at my many other books, whose sound is distorted or "tinny" sound, then you will love it here.

+ The Apple Customer is for me the best. Solely Toshiba and Lenovo can there - for me and for my previous experience - to keep up. Very friendly and fast. Here you get something for your money.

+ Magsafe. Absolutely no longer afraid to trip over a cable and the beautiful book to watch the explosion. Magnetic and well '. YEAH.

+ The appearance. About taste is debatable but this is - for me - absolutely awesome. Since one is annoyed about every scratch (who wants to overdo it can get a beautiful shell of the brand "bacon" buy).

+ Buy unpack, and let's go! Refresh No annoying drivers manually, no uninstall annoying DEMO software or even burn system recovery disks. Not even Flash needs to be installed. It's all there.

+ Microsoft Word compatible. Although I personally the free OpenOffice have liked and would recommend, you have to have a Microsoft Word. OpenOffice has many problems with some formatting or like spins in .doc rum. Who has to do business will know that still use a lot of Microsoft Office / Word - nothing will change for the time being very.

+ There are more and more games added to the offer. Granted, many of these games are TransGaming / Wine ports but that is changing step by step slowly. Valve with Steam (Source Games) is native here and Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3) anyway. Other native ports are also included and Wine games it runs mostly quite good.

+ Everything from one source = "Simplicity in motion". Do you need something, be it software, hardware, bags and much more. so simply looking directly at the Apple Store and ready. They have almost everything in stock. If you have any questions - just call and take advice. If you just need an application or look for: Here you will be able to find something on the Apple side. There quite a lot of applications are listed and described clearly (in categories). Just "Googling and looking for something," one does not need.

+ Installation of software is simply "drag and drop". Prefer the simple application in the Applications folder and you're done. Throw it in the trash if you no longer need - done.

+ Multiple Desktops. Similar to Linux here you have a choice. I play on one, surf on the other, am running music and video on the third and the fourth is for chatting.

+ OSX. A stable, fast and easy operating system. It runs super fast high (my needs more than ten seconds to boot up) and down more quickly (usually 3-4 seconds). Itunes is part of it, which I appreciate because I am a human being of a digital nature. I love to have everything digital. Perhaps also because I am so far moved often and anyway have a relatively small apartment. Everything is rum = Ballast. Dear as compact as possible. Again: Time Machine backs up everything (on an external drive) automatically. What more do you want?

+ Illuminated keypad. Do I need to say something?


- The Heat. That's really the only thing I could complain about. The Macbook Pro series is incredibly hot (not warm) under load. Especially in summer it is absolutely annoying and sometimes unbearable (some places are too hot to touch).

Here I hear to prefer. The postive list is getting too long. These are just some things that I particularly liked and one thing that absolutely do not like. Who wants to play games and have that do not exist in the MAC: About Boot Camp install a Windows or try it with Crossover Games.

Overall I give the whole series the grade: very good (1) The 1 minus only because the heat on the housing is annoying but not harmful to the device, as the temperatures are and will remain inside perfectly OK. Apple uses the aluminum housing to dissipate heat from the interior. As a passive cooler basically. Note also that the heat basically "only" below the device and via the F1-F6 keys on aluminum. Everything else remains relatively warm to cool under heavy load.

Have Fun!

Have fun, Peace, Heal the World

Courage to change Rank: 2/5
November 25
From 4 makes 1 - very good! Rank: 5/5
June 22
Too small but powerful! Rank: 4/5
December 2
Beautiful appearance 1 1 Rank: 3/5
August 5
Powerful 15 1 Rank: 4/5
February 9

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