A fun family game for young and old

A fun family game for young and old

Flight Games 198 - A la Carte (Toys)

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The Preparation
In order to enter the game can, each player receives a stove, a frying pan for Zubreitung of food, a coffee cup, a tray for the courts completed and a Crêpeplättchen. After the courts platelets contained in the game were designed in 5 assorted colors Stack and the spice bottles are each filled with 15 spice crystals of one color and 5 further salt crystals, it can almost go. Each player chooses a dish from which he wants to cook, and puts it in his pan. The sink is placed in the middle of the table next to the garbage and the player must start cooking, receives three wooden spoon.

The gameplay
Aiming five of 20 refined slant to prepare dishes perfectly or to earn the coveted three stars, it comes with three play down to the stove. To heat it, the player uses the enclosed cube on which in addition to various heating ramp rates and a coffee cup is included. Depending on the heat setting has been rolled, the Heizknopf is turned upward or taken one of 13 coffee cups. But Beware! If the oven is too hot, the dish is burned and travels mercilessly in the trash.
In addition to reaching the necessary temperature for the Court, it is important for the success of the dish, this spice appropriate. For this one of 4 spice bottles is used, which is poured over the pan in a single rotation. Tact and a little luck are necessary to bring the required on the recipe card spices in the dish. If the player has been able to provide exactly the required number of spices in his pan, he receives a star. However, there are also in the pan after the seasoning 3 or more same-colored spices, the court is verwürzt and also ends up in the garbage.
A delicate matter, which is enhanced through the use of existing coffee cups. Because these allow the player the neighbor nachzuwürzen vigorously or its stove to steal itself along with the pan and blaming him for his own hearth.
The winner is the player who ultimately perfectly cooked five meals or earned three stars. However, should the courts go out without a player has won the victory, count the points scored, to crown the best chef.

The game
"A la carte" is a fun family game whose rules are to understand quickly and which is very entertaining with its manifold possibilities. Hardly has the cooking competition started, it is already possible to beat the competitors to cheat and to let his food hike in the garbage. But not only the actions of the opponents lead to diverse emotional outbursts, even their own clumsiness is often a trigger to see grinning gleefully counterparty. There are also beautiful moments when one of the cooks tries to turn his crêpe with a flourish in the pan. A truly original game that not only prepares fun, but also provides the necessary trouble.

Already the cover image of the game gives them a good idea of ​​what the players expect to unpack. Variegated cards, humorous named dishes, gas stoves made of cardboard and cute little pans come to light and manage to agree the amateur cooks well on the humorous competition. Wooden Spoon, Stars and crepes are made of solid cardboard and can, like all other components of the game, handle well. Only the initial assembly of the herd is a little more demanding, but is to accomplish good for tinkering proven player. A comprehensive guide complements the game that is well suited for all ages.

"A la carte" surprises with a clever game idea, a lovingly designed packaging and a lot of humor and knows how to have a good time up to four players. A game for all the family, which was nominated to right for the contest for "Game of the Year 2010".

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