A party game for young and old

A party game for young and old

Asmodee - Days of Wonder 200669 - Small World (Toys)

Customer Review

As time not too long ago I bought the game, it was on account of the presentation and the product description. But the content should not disappoint me, because the vivid and amusing game designed platelets and playing fields invite to play.

Strategy games are often still complicated?

Again, scores Smallworld. The instructions are short, concise, clear and easy to understand. The gameplay impresses with its simple, clear structure and overview maps of the sequence of their own train, as well as brief information on racial and special abilities. The conquests carried out by a simple Auszählprinzip and thus also facilitate strategic considerations. The ability to sink his race may seem confusing at first, but the logical bridge and the benefits of this rule of the game opens up after the first few rounds of the game itself.

A touch of good fortune:

Also lucky finds its way into the game and not just through the many possible combinations of races and special abilities, but also the fact that there is an additional die for the final conquest of the own train, and it can thus become a godsend. Here there is a maximum 50% chance for another conquest, while the daredevils can conjure up his fortune with just 16.67% probability for the safe player.

The invincible combinations:

As so often have particular combination in a strategy game advantages and disadvantages, but there are not the invincible combination, because a lot of land ownership is usually not equal to the overall victory. As with other special abilities such as merchants can achieve even smaller breeds high victory point gains and one by a lot of land, which has conquered the number one goal of the opponent, the game will be holding until the end the scales. That is why one should dare (the downfall of their own race) is not only to many regions of his, but in time for the next step to retract more victory points.

Around a successful game that you can only recommend.

Simply practical! 6 Rank: 4/5
January 15
Really disappointed 3 2 Rank: 1/5
June 29
useful 142 Rank: 4/5
July 18
Improved audio results Rank: 4/5
October 29

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