Entertaining quiz game for young and old

Entertaining quiz game for young and old

Kosmos 692 223 - Eye Know - Play it smart, family game (toy)

Customer Review

Looking for a new community game, I came across a promising sounding trivia game from Kosmos Verlag, which I ask you for a detailed test phase now would like to present in more detail. Fans of quizzes such as quiz duel will definitely have fun. So much can be revealed before!

Goal of the game:
The goal eye know from the Kosmos Verlag is to collect by answering the individual quizzes as many points and after the game to have more points than the other players.
Here you can collect a different number of points per quiz card, depending on which difficulty you choose.

How to play:
Before the game begins, the number is determined to be playing cards. So 5 cards are drawn plus. 14 additional cards per player. So you have, for example, in a game four 4 * 5 + 1 = 34 cards in the deck. Each player is dealt 5 white bet chips from the supply.
From the newly formed Nachziehstabel 14 cards are laid out on the board and whenever a card has been properly resolved, replaced by a new card of the draw pile.
First, it is decided before the game, which player starts and starts as an active player. This may be the youngest or oldest player taking part.
After a starting player has been determined, this starts the game and chooses a 14 designed on the board cards and initially answered the question about the object depicted on the map.
Well it goes like this continue for the player:
1. The player answers the question correctly: Now look for the active player one of three categories of which are located on the back of the card. These are ordered by difficulty (from 1 (mild) to 3 (severe)). The difficulty there is also a different number of points achieved. The player himself gets the question, for which he has opted, read by the player on the right side. He should not view itself is but must rely blindly on his skill and luck in answering the question.
2. The player answers the question incorrectly: In this case, the player is left of the active player's turn and tried to guess the object imaged correctly. Here different cases are considered again:
2.1. The player answers the question correctly. Now he must, as described under 1., continue.
2.2. The player answers the question also wrong. Now is as long as under 2.1. described down until each player has been out of the players tested one final turn. If a player is still able to solve the card, the card is placed out of the game and the next player to the left of the last active player who is looking for a new card.

After the active player has finished his train, he gets credited with a certain amount of points in the form of chips.
If he has the card correctly guess, he receives a chip of the value of 1 credit. Following the quiz questions are evaluated on the back of the card. Depending on what difficulty he has chosen the player can achieve a high number of different points.
So the player gets at the 1st question (true / false) his stake back plus. The use * 1, hence he can double his bet.
For the 2nd question (multiple choice) he can triple his efforts and in the third question (open answer), he may even quadruple its Eisnatz.
The player must provide a use of at least one chip of the value 1 but in any case.
If the points evaluation is carried out, the player is now left of the formerly active player's turn and point of view, a new card.

The game ends when the draw deck is nebem the Schedule empty and each player has been "active player" five times the. Finally done the evaluation points and thus the determination of the winner.

Playing time:
After a few games of eye know I guess the average game time to about 45-60 minutes, which also corresponds to about the specification of the publisher. Thus, the game is a nice and short-lived game for in between.

The game is definitely a lot of fun and the quiz questions are from the level of her definitely not easy but also call for adult players definitely out. However, due to the limited number of face cards (300 pieces) is very likely to come across a few games already on cards that you've seen before, so it is possible that it could be boring after a few games. Here, the publisher can also help out by extensions thoroughly and introduce more playing cards, thus increasing the resistance playability significantly. Consequently, there remains this to a certain extent.

Target Group:
Since some of the quizzes have an upscale level, I would recommend a that the game from the Teenager is suitable. But adults are in deise game can definitely get their money.

Features and price of the game:
In research terms, the game involves relatively little, but that's enough in my opinion also, because the game is limited to the essential elements. So a quick guide is also included, as are the numerous betting chips or just playing cards and the game board. Only from Umfng the playing cards I would have hoped for something more, so I might find something the price of about 25 euros too high.

All in all, eye know my opinion is a thoroughly successful community game that the great elements of a quiz game skillfully with those of a betting game linked. I find it very appealing in any case that you can rely on his knowledge and also bet it can to increase its budget and thereby have the other players in their place.
Who is a friend of engaging and challenging quizzes, which should definitely keep an eye on eye know. I enjoyed it despite the somewhat limited number of playing cards very much.

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