An excellent book for young audiences

An excellent book for young audiences

Animal tatoo, Volume 1: The four elected (Paperback)

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War is on the borders of Erdas but life seems to continue. On all continents, children of eleven continue to participate in the ceremony. In it, some will show a totem animal and see their life take a decisive turn.
When four children reveal mythical animals, there is no doubt ERDAS runs great danger.

This book despite its size is for young children. It incorporates many elements allowing them to be passionate about this story.
Through writing and a simple narrative, the author depicts young heroes and animals, all on magic background.
It follows two boys and two girls from very different character and appearance for each player to recognize it, and it has a formatted book to please.

"Rollan considered Meilin and her panda.
- What power will he be able tapporter? This super cuddly?

The girl glared at him, lips trembling, but restrained himself. "

And it works, my 9 year old daughter loved it! She was seduced by both characters in the story. Character rather shy and great lover of cats, she immediately attached to Conor. She devoured the book in no time.

But watch this story lacks punch for an older audience. After the enthusiasm of my daughter, I expected to be blown away by a strong and beautiful story. I admit I was disappointed. The idea is interesting but the plot is very simple. Moreover, there is little drama. By dint of not wanting to frighten young children, the story becomes bland.

Animal Tatoo is an excellent book for the young audience it is obviously intended. Unfortunately, it will lose its flavor for a more mature audience. To reserve for 9/15 years!

Rating: 8/10 (for the public, otherwise 6/10)

Good addition to Blackroll 1 Rank: 5/5
September 15
Great price / performance ratio 9 Rank: 5/5
September 16
is great, top Suitable Rank: 5/5
January 5
confusing even for us readers Rank: 2/5
August 18
waouf! Rank: 5/5
April 14

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