Currently, the well-priced attractive bundle for FIFA Players

Currently, the well-priced attractive bundle for FIFA Players

PlayStation 4 -. Console with FIFA 14 (console)

Customer Review

The action is Germany group first, you will get 20 euros back "and the FIFA14 contained in the bundle have convinced me from buying. An effective price of 399 Euro for this package is MMN. Compared to other PS4 offers quite cheap, as long as you FIFA slightly can abgewinnen.

For PS4 (compared to the PS3):

Design: Slim, dynamic and a combination of paint and Matt leave the PS4 look modern. A white (depending on the currently available system mode and blue) LED strips appearance refined further.
Of course, the design is a matter of taste in any case, but acts as the matte-quality appearance of the recent PS3 definitely.

Home Menu: The Start menu is very inspired by the appearance of the design of the PS3. The structure appears at first due to a different structure and a few new features (for example, when a second controller is activated, select a profile 2) but a bit confusing. Mir, the changes appear to now does not make sense, because the clearness. I'll probably get used to it quickly, however.

Sound volume: It is extremely powerful. You may get a shock when you installed a game, because then it is suddenly very loud. However, this is the exception and absolutely acceptable. Very good job, Sony!

Controller: A little smaller, narrower and grip of the sticks - gumming goodness. However, what is particularly striking: the normally self-evident Start and Select button is missing in a PlayStation. Only a very narrow Options button is next to the square button has been added. Also L1 and R1 feel different. An extension - whose function I could not test -Provides is an additional large button in the center of the controller Furthermore, there is a speaker (similar to the Wii controller) with this key..
At the controller back there is also a large LED light that glows in the current cursor color (FIFA) (1 player red, 2 blue player, ...). Never again the discussion what color am cih ??! ";) The Controller will definitely an innovation that I have liked to applaud.

Features: I have not much with the functions - except for the gambling - employed. YouTube videos show some interesting gadgets such. As in combination with the camera. However, the buyer should be aware that although you can access online features, but for online multiplayer features a PSN Plus account required and must pay a fee (about 50 euros for 12 months).


The game can I compare to the PS3 version and am thrilled to now. There are indeed missing a few modes in the PS4 - what is really incomprehensible - but that does not bother me. The positive aspects of the PS4 predominate and I'm really glad that the PS4 version actually differs.
First, the liquid menu and later gameplay striking. No long Hakerei and charging times (eg at corner or kick). The graph (stadia, the grass on the pitch, the players, the (3D !!!) viewers) were markedly improved.
But were particularly surprised me the altered game: The Two warfare is completely different, because the treatment is much more controlled and ball contact with the opponent runs out differently. Also covered many goals that would never happen on the PS3.
I am - vll also because of the many negative reviews for the game - pleasantly surprised by FIFA14.

Conclusion: For FIFA player probably currently priced attractive bundle. The PS4 like me until now outstanding, the game selection but is quite low and disappointing.
Who wants Fifa - strike now, because if you wait longer, it is hardly worth while, because at 25.09 already the 15er Version)

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