For lau ok, but rip-off Danger!

For lau ok, but rip-off Danger!

Going Nuts (App)

Customer Review

To look nice on the Fire HDX 7, somewhat monotonous music. After starting automatic change to landscape mode; the control takes place via the tablet side, said a somewhat imprecise and sluggish impression made on me at the beginning (but you get used to it). The app is indeed held in English, but still playable.
If free, you can try this game, I would pay anything for it - for in between times ok.

Oh yes: you have to collect acorns in flight, but while avoiding trees, owls and bad acorns. Depending on how far you can get on a flight and how many have acorns you here collected, is obtained as the currency - so what good? - Acorns, exactly.
With these, you can then upgrade their croissants - but these upgrades usually have only unique feature -> bad. (Called goals) The achievement of various objectives brings additional points in the form of acorns.
So you need to upgrade a lot of acorns, you can buy these for real money in the App Store -> very bad, real rip-off!

Comparable hereby perhaps the game "Hill Climb Racing", which clearly but suits me more, and that is also appreciated by my little granddaughter, who now (25/04/2015) but also like this game.

Super Allround camera Rank: 5/5
April 3
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April 23
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November 2
Quality at a low price 3 Rank: 5/5
April 12
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May 6

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