Much of the criticism is unfounded ..

Much of the criticism is unfounded ..

Company of Heroes 2 (computer game)

Customer Review

I can not understand the often devastating criticisms of Company of Heroes 2 and would like to once my point disclose. I was Company of Heroes game pioneers, owns both addons of the first part and have many hundreds of spent hours in the game. Nevertheless, I play the second part now rather than the first. So in the following points I'm not on all the details of the second part one, but would often rather criticisms of other perspective.

1) Graphics
At low graphics settings CoH2 actually looks relatively modest, no question. Even some older systems have performance problems even with these lowest settings. But who can have a slightly newer, more powerful PC graphics untwist quiet full, even if the game recommends lower settings. This is probably a mistake. The game still runs absolutely smoothly and looks brilliant. Unfortunately, those who recognize no difference to the first part has tomatoes on the eyes. Realistic textures, detailed vegetation and good effects (water, explosions, etc.) contribute significantly to a harmonious atmosphere. The new snow effects can fully convince.
However, it is true that one something more computing power is required to benefit from these effects. Anyone who has a 5 year old computer can thus get into trouble, but that's nunmal: Progress has its price. Permanent backward compatibility leads to backsliding. Since the graphics but can actually look worse than possibly in the first part with older systems, here to deliver a point.

Part Rating 4/5

2.) Gameplay
Who could CoH, is if you give the playing time, also CoH2 like. I want to take this opportunity now not to go deep into the game mechanics and explain how to play the game principle, as this is also in all the games magazines or elsewhere. In principle CoH2 takes the familiar system of the first part and sent us so to the Eastern Front. Here is often criticized that many defensive elements of the first part is missing. While true, but now some of them came back on the Commander skills into play. And honestly .. I have the defensive capabilities not missed as bunkers. CoH lives in my eyes of an extremely fast gameplay with a considerable amount of micromanagement. If a game in the first part has been run on Defensivbunkerbauen it was rather boring usually.
There are to customize his army across a wide variety of commanders in the second part of many new capabilities of the units and the possibility. This opens up, in addition to the new snow maps with their tactical options, whole new ways. Overall feel for me games in the second half tactically much deeper as in the first.

Part Rating 5/5

3.) Single Player
In a game with a strong focus on the multiplayer singleplayer is at least for me a minor matter. Others may see it the other way. All in all the single player campaign quite nice, but even on the highest difficulty level a bit too easily. Often simply lacked the tension which arises in multiplayer battles. Suffered little setback? In multiplayer you have to be extremely careful not to be completely destroyed, the single-player is here often plenty of time to rebuild itself in peace. It is interesting rather the controversy surrounding the content of the story. Namely, also pointed out that the Russians have committed war crimes as the winner. Many Russian players did not like it that they are not shown as the allies in the first part just as a beaming winner, but was also drawn to these circumstances. The whole ended in a boycott of the Russian gaming community. Compared with the first part of the relationship is somewhat clouded because nothing actually has been reported Allied crime, but it is brave to point out both sides of a war. The behavior of the Russian players can be better described with a huff for me. We as German players are accustomed to be confronted with the darkest chapters of our history, in other countries, that's just not common in games / movies / media. This is reflected for me good in some YouTube video to play again, where for example a Russian player, the fact of the murder of his own soldiers with the approximate words What is This because so on, it was after all the war, and a few hundred thousand murdered own troops are neglecting tens of millions in an army Larger. downplays. A very interesting setting
Back to the original topic: campaign you can play, but there are definitely more enthralling single-player entertainment.

Part Rating 3/5

4.) Multiplayer / Balancing
The most important part is now time multiplayer. And makes damn fun. Criticized here is like the lack of a lobby and the game mode extinction in matchmaking. Currently, I suppose the alpha of upcoming addons part and may give about no official information. But this much can be said at this point: If you miss Lobby and extinction, possibly could with the upcoming addon have fun :) In general, but I have to say I miss neither the lobby nor extinguish game mode. The lobby in CoH1 was a disaster: Permanent Skillfaker, people the leaven in Countdown to match start again, and the like have me often so so screwed up the pleasure of playing that I did after the 5th leaven of another player the same ends the whole game. Especially 3on3 or 4on4 was virtually impossible. When auto-matchmaking with friends I set up a lobby, click on Search and wait just until the game starts. It could not be going. Unfortunately, the search will take but also sometimes a little longer and the ELO system, which is intended to provide an equally good opponents zickt sometimes violently. The then sent out within a short time with one's own, or with the complete annihilation of the enemy. That's why at the end of a point deduction. To Extinction: The game mode is multiplayer rarely played in relation anyway and has often led to boring positional play because it never managed to destroy the enemy base. Eventually, both sides have a fully equipped army and so many resources in stock that from late in the game nothing went and you could only hope for a mistake. If that does not happen, it was eventually extremely boring. When hold flags that does not happen, it always comes to exciting fights around the flag points.

Many complain about the bad balancing. All I can really say is: people .. have you really the first part played from the beginning? Here a number of years old game (CoH1), which has undergone 2 Addons, countless updates / patches for balancing is compared to a relatively new game. That's very unfair. Just because Relic brings out a lot of patches and very best efforts. Of course, every now and then the Germans are at an advantage, then a bit of the Russians, but it has been very well leveled off over time, and just gets better. A game with so many tactical options simply needs to establish its time to establish a good balance between the factions.

Part Rating 4/5

5.) Addons / DLC / pricing policy
One point on which I could extremely upset because Gelabert is very much here to have no real idea. One thing first: I am basically not a big DLC ​​friend, but we get time to the facts:
DLCs ​​are limited in CoH2 on skins, faceplates and Commander, or emissions-expansion pack. Skins and faceplates are cosmetic. Who wants to spend money for it, please, in the game it does not affect. The Theatre of War Mission enhancements bring no benefit, but only some single / multiplayer (COOP) emissions at a relatively low price. So no reason to complain. The Commander of course another sheet. These have their abilities affect the game and are actually just under 4 per Commander not cheap. This is a shame and also one of my criticisms of this game, but I've never seen a match in which I would have defeated an opponent due to such Premium Commanders. An influence is present, but there are opportunities to counter this with the existing options.
The addons: How many times was cursed: "CoH1 had indeed 4 fractions and CoH2 only 2, that's total bes *****." Again: PEOPLE .. really? CoH1 was a full price game with two expensive addons (~ 30 per Addon). Only through the Opposing Fronts update were added two additional fractions. So it is quite unfair, as already mentioned, to compare a play in the initial state with a game to addons / patches.
Company of Heroes 2 will soon be the Western Fronts standalone update with 2 new factions and new cards received (cost: 20 for the entire Adoon, who wants only a fraction ~ 13 per fraction So much cheaper than one of CoH1 addons also the main game.. was thanks to Steam already repeatedly received on sale and at prices around 12. Was there something in the first part?). As already mentioned I must reveal any exact details, but here is so much said: The two new factions decide to fundamentally from the two available and a lot of new wind will bring to the game. Also, a lot is on the System Commander, bulletins and the like change (even for people who do not have the update with the new factions). So just wait CoH2 gets better with each update. And it will definitely happen much.

Part Rating 4/5

All in all, I can not understand a lot of criticisms, as they emerge from this crude comparison of a mature game with lots of patches / Addons with a new game that this is even more favorable in comparison and is further supported by the developers at the highest level. Those who do not therefore be deterred by the opinion of some retracted Meckert technicians can and will have a lot of fun with CoH2. Otherwise, just simply wait until the next sale and then strike. Even the upcoming addon will be cheaper for sure by the end of the year.

Overall Rating 4/5

purchase Rank: 5/5
October 7
Beware STEAM! Rank: 3/5
November 5
pretty but impractical to close Rank: 3/5
August 12
Adapted to the iSi Rank: 5/5
December 14

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