No longer has much to do with PES

No longer has much to do with PES

PES 2014 - Pro Evolution Soccer - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

That Konami is working on better implementation of adidas' newest footwear, than to deal with basic things, one is used to in recent years. But this year, the Japanese have the cake. Whether Player changes, placing simple passes over 3 meters, shot on goal or menu Remove player - almost nothing works as intended.

The whole game is scripted from start to finish. Neither running paths, even speeds of your players can be controlled as desired. It is the individual sense, which formerly could mediate in the PES Player, completely fallen by the wayside. All feel the same, act caught in scripted gameplay of PES 2014th

The whole defense is a series of misunderstandings. The center of gravity is one to keep in mind with every move and affect the right stick - not you get for years simple, basic rights like things like the smooth migration to better-positioned players control (as this year). In the duels of the right stick is now used for body use, also can be with [R1] + [x] tugging at the opponent. It is apparently a Konami secret of ever separating the COM opponent from the ball (without that strange whistling referee interrupt the game). Incidentally: In so far 2.5 Master League seasons (Duration 10 minutes) my whole 2 free kicks were awarded! Pressing the players happens almost nothing - this trot the ball carrier behind merely unmotivated. The reaction time of the player going for. T. infinity. For example, create defender after a rebound from the goalkeeper is not a step towards ball to run and to clarify the situation. In general, the players act much too cumbersome and slow. It often acts as if the players simply do not want to start running, be slowed down so that the opponent can pass me as planned.

The keeper can now be controlled completely manually: just [L1] + [R3] button - please what? The damn goalkeeper can not even control the CPU even! Every shot the near post is a surefire hit!

There is an automatic, an extended and a fully manual mode for running passports. It often fails me totally incomprehensible way to play the targeted teammate of mine (I have been playing ISS every part of the series and know how to play passes - whether automatically or mnanuell). Moreover, it is far too complicated, then with another player as the addressee to run in the pass (subject Player changes again).

Similarly, there is an automatic, an extended and a manual shot mode. The last two, however, since no direct acceptances are unusable possible. With shots from the barrel of the players runs just still no less than 10 meters, before finally firing up the long-awaited shot. The automatic firing mode is also absolutely unsatisfactory since targeted the area frequently ignored and the shot is simply placed completely arbitrary.

I run with the ball alone on the opponent's goal to reach no 20 m ahead, because the CPU slows down my Speiler from so extreme that I'm overtaken by defenders and forced to physical exertion by right stick. Is that Konami's answer to the much-criticized "through pass" tactic: a long ball to Ronaldo / Van der Mirch - shot - Goal?

There is like every year on the possibilities for Enflussnahme tactical adjustment of the team. However, the menu is so horrible, just pathetic that I'm doing the devil, something set in the menu, but quickly continued please to finally get out of the menu and the next game. It's already happened to me several times, the wrong player on or replace. The menu music is all over the crown!



Due to the mentioned points of criticism I have alluded many years again FIFA. Direct comparison PES wins against all odds still well!

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- Graphics
- Animations, direct throw-ins and free kicks
- Partially true great, realistic Bewegeungsabläufe (duels, trips, etc.)
- Flanklen and headers (offensive)
- Running paths of other players can be super control with LB
- Atmosphere
- Tactical Options

-------------------------------------------------- -


- Good approach to control the center of gravity and duel leadership with R3 (but by no means mature).

-------------------------------------------------- -


- To integrate the innovations in the game and to ensure a certain degree (apparent) realism, the CPU accesses permanently into the control of their own players
- In order to give room for the planned attacks COM opponent, the paths of the defensive players are so penedrant scripted that I tend as many years supporters of the football simulation to throw the controller against the wall
- Individuality of player: unlike 2013 which player is as good as not just felt on the ball
- Wherever it was somehow possible, unnecessary delays have been incorporated into the game
- Defensive behavior in attacks on the wing underground
- Extreme delays in extended / Manual Shooting Mode
Bringing entirely unclear what partly is necessary to free players from their state of shock / for sprinting: inertia -.
- In simple mode shot mostly incomprehensible, where the ball is placed
- Back problems Competitions
- Menu navigation and music (as bad as ever)
- Referee and commentators deteriorated compared to 2013
- Changes already in standards - why only ??? Just maintaining the classic PES beams and done!
- General gripe: every year changes to the control - it sucks! And acts equally inconsistent as unprofessional!
- Positioning the goalkeeper and dilettante rival defense

Very good 216 Rank: 5/5
February 23
Be careful with the pronunciation Rank: 4/5
January 31
A Cure For The loose contact Rank: 5/5
July 20
best idea in the world Rank: 1/5
February 8
Flat-out Masterpiece Rank: 5/5
January 13
:( #Beug Msp Rank: 4/5
June 10

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