One of the best albums in 2013

One of the best albums in 2013

Save Rock and Roll (Audio CD)

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Fall Out Boy are undoubtedly one of the best known names when speaking of pop punk and emo. A considerable discography with five studio albums since 2013, compared with some prestigious awards and a Grammy nomination. On her 2013 released album "Save Rock and Roll" the boys from Chicago to experiment with more influence and pick up some big names as guest musicians into the studio.
The result is a fresh sounding, interesting album, its real strength is really to show only after repeated listening, and inspire the listener. I try in a track-by-track review clarify:

1. "The Phoenix"
The opener knows to convince the beginning. The vocals are quite aggressive and with an intensity that is so not even aware of FOB, the lyrics are brilliant and the instrumentalization is quite unusual, but you can hear the first use of the guitar after just a minute. They are joined by quite a lot of synth sounds surprisingly well in harmony with the magnificent drumming and create a fantastic atmosphere.

2. "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)"
And that's the first track where I needed something to warm up to him. It sounded to me at the beginning easily replaceable. Meanwhile, I love but the almost soulful rhythm and the great chorus. As a single release certainly chosen perfectly, because it will run well on the radio class. What has convinced me in the end here completely, are small breaks, the rhythm and the "I'm On Fire" calls that spice up the whole number.
4.5 / 5

3. "Alone Together"
The whole song sounds a bit like R & B and the song fits there quite a bit. Here you have to get used already something to be immediately disappointed. But if you on "Alone Together" gets involved, a somewhat different picture presents: with a lot of feeling and really strong, but somewhat restrained, guitar playing and voices of children, the number is based on an almost soothing mood, which you can hardly elude can.

4. "Where Did the Party Go"
Again, I can convince myself with the first note. "Where Did the Party Go" is for me one of the highlights on "Save Rock and Roll". The bass playing and the catchy rhythm let no leg to stand still and make you dance. The chorus is somewhere between pop-punk and funk, is fun and you have to sing it easily. The Bridge is installed awesome and the end remains in a good mood. The number always reminds me of "Kill the DJ" by Green Day and produces exactly the same exhilaration.

5. "Just One Yesterday" (feat. Foxes)
The title moves very in an R & B-heavy direction and ensetzte me at first hearing something. Meanwhile, I think the drums, the guitar and the discreet mature vocals of Patrick Stump pretty good. But what is then applied a little thick and somehow comes uninspired, is the song of Foxes, which does not really belong to me on a FOB-plate. Why is "Just One Yesterday" for me the weakest song on the record, because he is also something of a stopgap.
2.5 / 5

6. "The Mighty Fall" (feat. Big Sean)
And again, a bit more experimental tracks, for which one has the rapper Big Sean fished. "The Mighty Fall" is very progressive and starts with restless children singing, which will be repeated every now and then. They are joined by low pitched, played very hard guitars and drums that are reminiscent of war drums, and call-and-response deposits. Even the rap part does not bother, but simply fits in these troubled song that convinces at first listen.

7. "Miss Missing You"
The beginning reminds me of My Chemical Romance in her song "Summertime" until Patrick raises his voice and you know again, you are on whose board itself. As ballad works "Miss Missing You" pretty good and the guys try to give the song a certain drive, which at the beginning of something acting endeavor for me. During the first hearing I was not really thrilled with the number, now they like me as Entschleuniger to the rather wild predecessors really good. The end is then really good when you are in the flow of the song.

8. "Death Valley"
The next little faster song that put a smile on my face at the first hearing. What blows me away here from the stool, are the really cool guitar parts and the character of the song, which can be a sing along, as well as the bridge is really strong and soon realize how the foot automatically mitwippt the clock.

9. "Young Volcanoes"
And again a highlight that would be a summer hit, so positive mood it spreads immediately and encouraged to sing along, which of course also contribute to many Oh-Oh-Oh's. In addition, the lyrics are pretty cool and the number comes out wonderfully without synthesizers. Actually, would the number on the radio running up and down, unfortunately, it is the German radio stations apparently never experienced. With his acoustic guitar, the drums and the brilliant clapping hands, would be "Young Volcanoes" but the perfect and better answer to fun.!

10. "Rat A Tat" (feat. Courtney Love)
For "Rat A Tat" one has the next big name in music history brought on board: Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love. These are FOB, as we know from the past, snotty pop punk, damn catchy, with a thickness of hymn-like and brilliant choruses, with strong guitar riffs and a terrific feature of Courtney Love, who does the number with its grater-voice really well ,

11. "Save Rock and Roll" (feat. Elton John)
Why the title track "Save Rock and Roll" is, I do not know, because he's one of the quietest on the plate and is likely to see as a ballad - but as correct ingenious ballad. In my opinion this is one of the best FOB title of all time, he just sounds very harmonious, everything seems to be coordinated, without that it stands out negatively or sounds too smooth. Patrick's vocals have arrived here on a personal highlight. The chorus is raised large, symphonic one would want to say. And then joins a music legend to: Sir Elton John himself, the "Save Rock and Roll" still ennobles. Quite large number for which is actually even "galactic" an understatement!

The result is a broadly perfect album, which you might have to give some time to fall in love, but very soon the disc runs on continuous loop, I speak from experience. FOB present themselves in a new light, to bring some big names as guests into the studio, and then presenting one of the best album in 2013, the money is worth for the title track.
As a small recommendation: The Special Edition of "Save Rock and Roll" is currently a hardcore punk EP of guys from Chicago who makes you feel good.

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