One of the best albums of 2010

One of the best albums of 2010

Diversity (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Reggae of non-Jamaican artists is not a big deal. UB40 have been doing this for 30 years and are in their native England still successful (although Ali Campbell now solo singing). Reggae by German artists is there already something special. When credible, authentic and however well over bringing Reggae, as then the gentleman in this country is a peak performance. And even better: to keep the quality on 5 albums of time equal that create most of the other artists rather rare in "normal" pop climes. As we pull all times in front of the hat.

Admittedly you like reggae or not. If you like it, you will love the new album from Gentleman. The pieces are almost all entirely hitverdächtig produced superclass arrangements and beautiful backgrounds. As a video for the first single IT NO PRETTY I would have wished, although a less dramatic look, but well - the topic happens to be important. However, from a pure listening ago the piece has a different effect on me. As I see more of a positive message before sunny background, but what the heck. Let's stay with the music.

Big surprises in my view, there's not. Whether one now matching the album title hears a musical diversity or not, diversity is great cinema. Although the voice of Gentleman often comes across unentspannt - the man can what. And you can hear that on the album from beginning to end. Gentleman has always listened carefully at the originals and makes his music everything right. Anyone interested can deal with the content of songs. It's worth it. Who only wants to take out of the atmosphere on the journey itself: works well.

So get invited into the garden, friends and the pretty neighbor and put down a couple of boxes cold Red Stripe. Diversity the party is saved anyway. No problem, man.

For me one of the best albums in of 2010.

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