Our efficient and pleasant shave (review from my husband)

Our efficient and pleasant shave (review from my husband)

Braun Shaver Series 9 - 9040s (dry and wet shaving) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I'll give you:

I want to begin by saying that I only wet shave for about 15 years (Gillette Mach 3), since I with dry shaving (then a Philishave which model it was I can not say) never really happy was (lack of smoothness, partly painful , skin irritation). When my wife got the opportunity to Braun Series 9 9040s wet & dry to test my curiosity was aroused: I wanted to try it again with an electric shaver, because my father, when I was a child, had always raved about his Braun shaver.

The first impression I had after the receipt of the product: Fits comfortably in your hand, quality finish (which I from a Braun shaver but also expected).

First activity after browsing the manual: Charging. As described to this schedule about an hour after the battery is fully operational. I've used it since obtaining a total of about 30 minutes and the display shows still all 4 Ladebalken (according to instructions he may, depending on operated by Bart strength and ambient temperature for about 50 minutes without further charging).

For the first test, I shave had left me a 5-day beard. For the slightly shorter hair on the cheeks a few shaving movements ranged to arrive at an acceptable result, as a bit trickier proved shaving the neck region: Even after almost 10 minutes of hair cut and the diligent testing of MultiHeadLock switch (more on that later ) I could not even remotely comparable to a smooth skin like my now usual wet shave reach. Positives: Despite fairly long stress phase for my skin, I could not notice any irritation and the shaving was completely painless (at my Philishave I had often the "luck" was a somewhat longer hair in one of the three shaving heads rather torn than cut - had in this case, more than a little of epilation by shaving).

During 9040s w & d one has the possibility (as the name suggests) with foam or gel to shave. The difference between the two species would I shave on the achievable smoothness described in reference as well to the skin irritation as marginal.

The device has a setting option as MultiHeadLock (neudeutsch for fixation of the shaving head) is called. So you can bring the shaving head in one of 5 positions and lock the desired through the simple operation of the dedicated switch for hard to reach areas of the face. Practical and easy to use.

The attached to the back-up trimmer, which is secured by a small push button is, beyond any doubt, and allows precise trimming sideburns and uniform reduction of the chin beard and other long hair in a simple and easy to manage way. I'm excited!

The most important point (except for the hair blank): The cleaning.

This is done easily by rinsing under running water (when the razor) and turned out to be for me yet as comfortable as thoroughly. With regular wet cleaning, the shaving heads should be regularly sprinkled with light machine oil (a small bottle of it is included). The inside of the shaving head can be cleaned with a brush, the loss of the head succeeds effortlessly through the operation of two push buttons.

The 9040s w & d provides a comfortable shave with good cleaning function, is unable whose razor Sequence to fully convince a habitual razor. If it must go fast times and the hair should not be removed perfectly a good shaver to complement, as the sole hair reduction method unfortunately unsatisfactory. Whether one should take for an alternative as much money in the hand is up to each course itself, I would not do it.

Pleasant? Definitely!
Efficient? Well.

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