Replaces perfectly the collection of remote controls

Replaces perfectly the collection of remote controls

Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote control (optional)

Customer Review

First of all: I was branded by that time old Universal remote controls that have more then annoyed than work.
Since my 5 remotes but too much has been slow, I opted for the Logitech Harmony Touch (Ultimate).

Here Logitech has even put some extra money in the design of the packaging. Such a thing is one usually used only by Apple.
The whole looks very neat and makes already when unpacking a high-quality impression.

Installation / Commissioning:
For me the only negative criticism. As the whole online ONLY via browser and the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is possible, and it had prepared with a Mac and the new Safari me at the beginning of a lot of trouble, I would here actually a star want to withdraw. But more about that in conclusion. After you have installed but the Silverlight plugin and make it to have a Windows PC using simple, has a simple facility of its required functions going on. You choose from a list of his unit from which you would like to control, and will then be asked what you want to do with it and what inputs and outputs are to be activated. Really easy. After about 10-15 minutes I was done with the establishment. That's the way it has to be!

Now I use since over 1 week and did not even missing the original remote controls. My wife finds the remote control super easy to use. The screen is very responsive and I can really use all functions.
The battery could last a little longer (keeps as a few days), but does not necessarily, because I always place every evening in the Aufladeschale.
The stroke, I use exclusively also be able to switch Scenarien with my home automation.

Addendum 05.02.2015:
I've been buying until today no regrets! My original quirk of missing SONOS support is now history! SONOS is supported and what is even better ....
The Philips Hue lamps can now be controlled with the remote control and also be automatically added to its "scenarios".

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