The original under the pad coffee machines.  Fast coffee for "Little-coffee drinkers."

The original under the pad coffee machines. Fast coffee for "Little-coffee drinkers."

Philips Senseo HD7817 / 19 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, white (household goods)

Customer Review

This is not my first Senseo. I bought 2002, the first series of Senseo.
After just 3 years, she has then given up the ghost. They muttered only, leaving no water through.
This was followed by capsule machines, pad machines from other manufacturers, and fully automatic.
I was curious and look forward even more so after years again to test a Senseo.
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The tested here Senseo Original Philips makes as then the first series, first a solid, tactile and visually good impression. Whether the technique is long-lasting is yet to be seen. Should we really hope, as the price has risen by about 70 percent compared to my first Senseo.
All parts are made stable and make a quality impression, despite the plastic has just become significantly thinner and lighter material from the water tank as the first Senseo machines.
The use of a Senseo is unchanged, easy.
Switch on the machine, flap up, one or two pads insert in the appropriate pod holder, door to wait, press button for one or two cups. Enjoy coffee.
The machine switches off after 30 minutes of self.
The brewing process, ie the coffee spout can be stopped manually if you want.
The water tank holds 700ml, incidentally, which I find a little bit because I drink mostly large cup.

All parts are dishwasher safe, according to Philips. So far I have the parts all cleaned by hand what works quickly and easily.

If one is looking at the Senseo alone this drink less coffee for people and have nothing against the pads and thus greater amount of waste in the kitchen, the higher running costs in purchase take (Example: Senseo Classic 1kg Pads ca.24 Euro here at Amazon: 160 cups, 1kg beans eg Dallmeyer about 12 euros. ca 200 cups in fully automatic machines) a really good pad machine. Simple, solid and fast.

Since I have all kinds of coffee preparation now used, but I can also say that for me as a frequent-coffee drinkers a pod machine is only between good. I use it whenever I want to drink a variety that tastes not necessarily to "normal" coffee. The same is true for capsule machines that I use also.
If you want to taste an excellent coffee, but nothing beats a freshly ground coffee from a fully automatic or manually ground or even a good filter coffee

In my personal coffee makers-Ranking the Senseo is number 4. The coffee taste is ok, but not really anything to do with a freshly ground and very good coffee. And taste has over the years not done much. Senseo coffee still tastes like over 10 years ago, which is far from being bad.

Since then I feel but the price for such a machine to be too high and you should not ignore the running costs of the pads, I give solid 3 stars. My recommendation to buy for "Little-coffee drinkers." Maybe my somewhat negative experience with a flow in terms of longevity of Senseo because I still know several people besides me where the engine gave up the ghost after a few years.

+ Faster Coffee
+ Little effort in the preparation
+ Easy operation
+ Visually timeless
+ Ideal for little-coffee drinkers

- Increase in the price of the machine with no perceived added value
- Changing the water tank from plastic, is stable, but does not feel like that
- Higher costs compared to coffee

Unfortunately tested too late .... Rank: 1/5
November 11
Top sink for small price. Rank: 4/5
December 15
Best Blinker! Rank: 5/5
January 26
it does the job without Rank: 3/5
November 3

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