An artist changing;  less spontaneous album, more risky, but with beautiful moments

An artist changing; less spontaneous album, more risky, but with beautiful moments

Wounded Rhymes (CD)

Customer Review

Lykke Li is back with a rather different from the first album, which had blown me by his musical openness, but mainly by the ingenuity "naked" his interpreter, not hesitating to mix shyness, humor, a beginning 'insurance, exacerbated feelings (juvenile carelessness sadness), but sometimes also to a certain serenity .... anyway a beautiful generosity (14 titles) and variety of styles and climates.

Here, the sound has almost completely changed. More electro pop, timid voice, it is a northern diva safest voice we deserve, but strongly tinged "flower-power" very dark, disillusioned ("Youth knows no pain") or vindictive or cynical ("Get some") -some love sorrows went through LA- but always HAPPILY poignant love songs with amazing lyrics and unique feeling as alone seems able to conceive today ("I Follow Rivers" or "out of Love Lust", among the most beautiful moments of the album) and terrible "sad songs" plus ("Sadness is a blessing") or less ("Unrequited love" -or Lykke was ready to vote sever pain) by confusing their deductible and can be a bit of masochism confessed here (..).

Side "flower power", how not to think of Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac song "Rich Kid Blues" to the general rhythm and especially the drawl Lykke Li on the verses! Also we think a little Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) on "Youth knows no pain", "Jerome" or "Silent my song" (the latter being a beauty and blackness bloodcurdling / give you thrill, your choice). Other titles seem somewhat lower ("I know places" is good, but too long, it lost its strength) or living their own lives.

But for me to start the album with a title like "Youth knows no pain" (which aspects "vintage 70's" I do not find very convincing) made the announcement initiated change in musical direction. More innocence, the voice is almost cold, very determined and more in the midrange or bass (as often in the album) and some abuse choirs. The charm of "Little bit" (one of the pearls of the first album) is lost, now light years .... BUT Fortunately almost oriental charm of the sublime "I Follow Rivers" (literally transcended done in concert into a trance-dance Lykke Li as divinely this title) or the melancholic "Love out of lust" (with its sepulchral organ!) -but also the last title in a sense, alone justify the purchase of the album in my opinion. Some melodies are part of your mind and leave no more ...

An album on which opinions will certainly be divided, as I understand it perfectly (I personally have rather put the note *** / * if technically possible) as my view was at first listen and sometimes even in the following. In any case a certain amount of risk for the artist and a question that resonates positively finally: What will look like the next album? I'm curious ...

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