The best album to date-but it's also Jeanette eigenener style?

The best album to date-but it's also Jeanette eigenener style?

Undress to the Beat (Audio CD)

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The song starts in my opinion a bit cheesy with lively electro sounds and a mix of current Black Music- and electro sounds. While the verses are rather unremarkable but pleasant, the chorus is excellent and is composed vocally well contested by Jeanette. Successful Song!

Undress TO THE BEAT 3,5 / 5
This is the first single and was ahead again on the different type sound, compared to the last album, diskutiert.Undress to the Beat is a pleasing Synthipop- number bonds from the 80s, but has also not shy away from current sounds. The number is pretty cheesy, as Jeanette lascivious vocals come along a little excessive and the vocoder is something commonly used. What I really like is the Nanana effect.
The composition is ok, but not particularly outstanding.

Here we come to one of my favorites of the album. The song is in the Timbaland / Monrose- style, also shows some dance sounds. The verses and the chorus is outstanding composer, the Ch-ch-Chasing a thrill as well as the Bridge bites firmly in the ear, the entire melody of the song is a very good grip. Here one has also largely dispensed Vocodereffekte fortunately when they were very well used. The backing vocals are also arranges class. Single candidate!

Here we come to the first ballad of the album, which is taken very slowly. I must say that I found the lugubrious melody at first hearing, it remained to me but in the ear. Also Jeanette converts here on completely different vocal tracks than on their first single, they do not need a vocoder, as you can hear here. Musically we here present no rehab or the like, which at this album you might have thought that the dramatic ballad is supported by strings.

The first issue, with which I can start anything, could have been of Monrose. The annoying and strange melody, trashy background choirs to strange hands-verses and the replaceable arrangement make Wild At That a number of the skip button. Hopefully no single.

FELINE 4.5 / 5
My absolute favorite of the album! Feline is the signature style somewhat similar with the first single, but better to classes. The verses are particularly magical, even the dreamy chorus enchanted me completely. This time it gets Jeanette out convey through her vocals a certain eroticism. The vocoder was used this time a little more cautious and succeeded. Stylistically, Feline wanders somewhere between pop, house and a pinch of trance. Particularly noteworthy are the dance sounds that made me pleasantly reminiscent of the 90s and the acoustic guitar in the background. I am very excited about the song, whether it is mass appeal, it is debatable.

This one, the second ballad, pleasantly supported in Rockpopstil. The verses are very well done and rather dreamy, which Jeanette then breaks out vocally in the Bridge in energetic chorus un. No Hammer number, but a nice, quiet pleasing number.

Not a bad number that is denied again in danceable style Dancepop-. However, the vocals and melody are I do a bit too aggressive, best me like the chorus and third verse. Also the arrangement I liked better in eg Feline. No bad song, but not my favorite.

IN OR OUT 4.5 / 5
My favorite by Feline. In the first few bars, one would rather suspect by quiet guitar sounds and a more contemplative tune a ballad. The chorus of the song erupts vigorously and remains now hang in the ear, especially by the stucco in the middle- line and in out- or echo effect you sent accompanied with a catchy synth sound. It creates Jeanette also sent vocally to wander repeatedly between quiet and loud sounds.

I Feel Love 3/5
The last ballad of the song reminds me a bit in the verses. At Sealed with a kiss of Donovan An interesting composition that not all is a bit strange and my thing, but certainly has something. Jeanette sings definitely outstanding. Stylistically moves the song between strings and electric sounds.

Actually the number is another of plagiarism Furtado Maneather, this falls through the pounding rhythm and the bassline and the spoken, aggressive verses on that come along some getting used to. The chorus is quite successful. Conclusion: not innovative, but useful piece.

This Love 3.5 / 5 (or more?)
This song, which reminds with its pounding rhythm and its sounds to the 80's, in turn, is very independent. The song takes several runs as the melody is pretty special again, but again has an excellent arrangement. Increasing potential.

ALL MINE 2.5 / 5
The last song is held in Dancepop- back style and is quite nice, but a bit too good compared to the rest of the album. A rather unspectacular conclusion.

Conclusion: In my opinion, Undress to the beat the best album to date. Varied, but with recognizable line. The songs are out of one or two failures very successful, will surely have some top songs, eg Felineist perhaps their best song in their careers. However, the question whether Jeanette chose this style because it really such a broad musical taste (I would understand it, am so someone) or adapts to current trends. With this album she has succeeded, but it is a shame that still does not feel right personal touch after years what eg Sarah Connor succeeds, in my opinion. That Jeanette has a superb voice, you realize on this album, because it denies the energetic well the low notes and, even if they then sometimes sounds too cluttered.
All in all, a modern pop album, which should have everyone who feels the mainstream pop area well.

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