Nice game for young and old

Nice game for young and old

Lego Harry Potter - Years 1 - 4 (Video Game)

Customer Review

The game length for the first four years has been very tidy. The story and the associated visited places are modeled varied and quite faithfully. Harry Potter fans can look forward to all known characters and places. The free game that many unlockable characters and collectible Lego bricks invite to load the game again.

The full strength develops the game in co-op mode, which is down extremely well. Only the heavy Aim at higher altitudes objects when the partner is simultaneously moved a bit tedious. It may at any time be changed 1-2 players.

Uncommon Bugs: In 2 levels we had to repeat 3-4x until we finally left the termination point behind us.

from the perspective of children 4/5
The Harry Potter universe has a high attraction for my kids (10 or 8 years). The colorful preparation is worth seeing and perfect for children. Here you is the "charm" of the numerous items on time too monotonous, so the concentration is usually enough only for 1-2 sections. Yet they are always motivated to explore Hogwards to high interest. Although the game is over 6, there was one or the other point that was too difficult or unclear was how to proceed in order to get ahead.

from the viewpoint of adult 3/5
The game features despite the child-friendly presentation and adults a lot of variety and is worth playing for fans of the original book. Who can not do anything with the magic of Harry Potter, will probably have less fun with this game.


The great license was great implemented. All important locations and characters of the films have been lovingly converted for replay. However, the one or the other bug and the repetitive sequence in gameplay obtain one star deduction. A good game for young and old with a few weaknesses gives 4 stars

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