When Preview highly praised, then struck like a stepchild, locked in the basement, denied and yet it belongs to the family

When Preview highly praised, then struck like a stepchild, locked in the basement, denied and yet it belongs to the family

Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness (Video Game)

Customer Review

Holt it out and give the sympathetic Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness for royale on PlayStation 2 (!!!) a chance!

----------------------------------------------- What did you say then? ------------------------------------------------ -----

Überhypt hits unfortunately also on the 6th console adventures of Lara Croft. It does not do justice to his reputation.
It was and is, however, in large shadow of the expectations that have been placed in it.
We Tomb Raider fans were back then just as inundated with promises.
It should be completely open world, with many lifelike NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), the private life
have and with which Lara can deal quite differently, it should have a sophisticated development system,
that should allow one to explore new areas in already explored areas, all in revolutionary graphics
presents and so on.

Unfortunately, the summer of 2003 then saw the reality, after several shifts in the release, quite different.
Many changes in the tried and true gameplay TR could fizzle out the accumulated anticipation of many as the
Sands of Time in "Prince of Persia".

What's there ran only wrong ?! The many fans wondered how I. After the great criticisms echo Eidos was'
TR-development team the first hour core design the license taken away.
But why? Eidos wanted too much. Core came with the development of games for the new console PS2 not afterwards so
they got half a year longer, and TR-fans had to give under the Christmas tree to the new Lara.

Luckily you have to say. Who knows how it would have looked if the development would not have been half a year ?!

-------------------------------------------------- cause and effect ----------------------------------------------- -------------------

Many negative customer reviews of Angel of Darkness, which you read on Amazon carry essentially the prejudices against them
got the purchase of the game in itself.

Interested players of the PS2 era and all Tomb Raider fans, however, the purchase of Angel of Darkness have deterred
but have had, you may make a full purchase recommendation.

I tell you why.

While it is not the expected nine beginning of the series, as we all know, but it's no worse than that of praise
überschüttetem predecessor titles.


The story might be very interesting for experts of the 4th part, because one wants to know what happened to Lara
after so full of fear and questions made during 1999. Credited us. Unfortunately, the game answered only marginally the
Question as Lara escaped its sandy grave. Important as is: Lara is back. Bissl weak but good.
In the preview it was still that Lara was going to be mildly depressed, look for the meaning of life and no longer for
Artifacts puts their lives at risk.
I for one am glad that the little place in the game Erwähung, precisely because it makes so much sense, since Lara in Part 4
almost perished because they (ie Egypt) kept the whole world in front of Seth.

What is Kenner also confuse a little is that Lara is now mad at your old mentor Werner Von Croy is because he
then, as Lara said "let down" although Lara is indeed better after the end of the 4th part and the players to chronicle
should know.

Furthermore, the story degenerates into a thriller. Unusually for a TR but it works. Lara meets with Von Croy in Paris,
a dispute arises and of Croy is then aufgefunden.Lara dead is now killing suspected of Croy.
What had happened?
Lara was not him! Or does it ?! This is to find out. In addition to fleeing provides the police have to look for clues,
meet with witnesses, potential victims friends and acquaintances of von Croy and ask for a hint. It has often been the
Possibility to ask questions to the opposite via multiple choice and to give answers. From friendly than rude to
gruff and slightly moronic fall because of the variants. This affects then more or less on the action from, gets time
to the book that you need urgently maybe not, is arrested or even shot, get help or will be approached.
Especially in the ghetto of Paris has several solutions in order to achieve his goal. Although requires not much brains as everything pretty
superficially runs and also usually has no major impact, but still fun. A nice chat is always a
nice break from everyday hard suspects. ;)


The gameplay is always mentioned as the biggest point of criticism. The controller was also changed in comparison to its predecessors times. HUI!
Clear that as many nich cope with if you do not know convert.
So you now controls Lara in the more modern 360 ° control through Paris backyards. Admittedly, the curse of the hand does not go well this Lara,
but who had the first accustomed to is also nothing wrong except maybe longer have the wild Rumgehampel of Lara
in firefights on stairs.

What already requires a bit more getting used to the camera. This is unfortunately genre-typical little bitchy and sometimes must be readjusted itself.
One wirds survive, because a lot of hectic places where it did not bother me gabs.

However, inconsistency in the gameplay to show quite openly in the development system of Lara. Right at the beginning they may by no crowbar
record, because they only have to push a ton aside or occurring elsewhere doors and gates and suddenly jumps further and
longer can shimmy. The logic falls by the wayside. The main thing Lara'm fine here. Oo

What is also a bit strange, the new way is to find treasures and selling them. The are no listed in the statistics
Secrets like TR usual, because they have really only one benefit, if it is nich equal to money bills: to banknotes
to be made.
By the end of the first third has Parisian ghetto the way all the treasures found that there were gold coins, old whiskey or
hot dance music from the good old days of vinyl, to make Euros. These have apart imaginary benefits (Lara could it
Buy NEN coffee, or a plane ticket back to London) unfortunately hardly use. Here someone is sometimes bribed with a few euros or
because you can even if you are fond of, buy his gun, but if you're looking for a lot, you have more than 2000 in the high edge and know nothing
to begin. Perhaps a real shop was planned so times, you do not know. Then Lara would also nothing around this old candy bar
feed to heal but could buy new. ^^

But all these little things bother most marginal and can not scratch the paint of good overall impression.

The health packs and ammo boxes are well distributed and have raised no shortage with me.

Logged is any time allows as in old parts back. This gives free space for exploring and trying out and
reduces the pleasurable frustration factor.

-------------------------------------------------- ------ Sound & graphics ----------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------

The sound, recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra London's & stimmem always wonderful on the situation and lend more authenticity.

The graph was worked clearly. For a TR fan the new engine, a first step on new territory of dusty series certainly was.
Although neat detail but no longer the time entprechend Lara was alone with your 5000 polygons was then still a feast for the eyes.
Even more when it is the NPC's saw.

Everything else looked at that rock-solid to good. Beautifully designed architecture that was indeed lit less dynamic than ever with the good ol '
Torches, but no longer so after kit looked like still on the PS1, could stimulate me already to explore. This is joined by right
beautiful fire, heat, light, steam, smoke, fog effects and divert attention away from the plastic tarp that should look like water.

The textures but are partly visibly faded and blurred, but HD was then no expect the PS2.


Optical or not, any Tomb Raider fan wants but basically only one thing: Researchers Feeling.

And that is also reproduced in Angel of Darkness definitely. Many atmospherically designed venues as the Paris ghetto, the Louvre, Prague,
Research facility and even some ancient temples there to be explored.

Nestled in a thrilling story which, though admittedly the end bleeds slightly and many questions remain unanswered, but nevertheless
white tie when embarking on all these innovations.

Consider wirs as a parting gift from core and we appreciate her attempt from the franchise to make something new, because that's not really them succeeded.
Lara remained in Angel of Darkness Lara with strengths and weaknesses.

I enjoyed it brought a lot of beautiful hours of play and I hope you get it again from your video game Tartarus to produce it without expectations and
Playing disappointments from 2003.

Thank you for reading! =]

On the whole, good Rank: 4/5
February 22
Perfect 1 8030 Rank: 5/5
April 29

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