A LEGO game to rule them all

A LEGO game to rule them all

Lego Lord of the Rings (Video Game)

Customer Review

I'm a fan of LEGO games. It is clear that the series improves greatly over the numbers. the last tour de force is to adapt the trilogy The Lord of the Rings 3 volumes 1 play.
What are the reasons that lead to the purchase:

- The universe faithfully transcribes the LEGO way it uses exactly the scenes dubbing film (movies) and music trilogies.
- Humor and more: to adapt to the young age (well which can make some pretty comical scene tragic the way)
- Wander through Middle-earth: starting walking the land of Mordor to the County with key locations all present in the games
- Lots of Quests. On the sidelines of the main missions (to meet secondary characters, find treasures, unlock rare weapons etc ....)
-Enjoy A really faithful adaptation of movies LEGO sauce and resume the great moments and great battles of this magnificent saga.

despite the omnipresent humor in the title, is without much hesitation that this game is definitely the best adaptation of LOTR Trilogy (Lord Of the Ring) existing on the current media, addressing the young audience as the greatest.

2 The game is still in the game but pretty disappointing it is that split screen (pity because until now it was possible to play on the same screen 2 controllers).
The screensaver cutting is done vertically divides the perception of many of the domain and interactions. damage as the multiplayer with a friend Internet itself missing the subscribers.

In any case there is a job, content and many things to unlock if you aim for 100%

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August 6
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April 25
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October 5
Switch garbage Rank: 1/5
September 24

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