Solid LEGO game

Solid LEGO game

The Lego Movie Videogame - [Nintendo Wii U] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Who knows a Lego game, who knows all. Well, with the exception of the worlds better Lego City Undercover is true that too.

This game fits seamlessly into the series to the Avengers, The Hobbit, Batman 2, Batman 3. If you have one of these games played, can blind access to another whose theme appeals a.

Thanks to the LEGO theme of this video game is of course closer to the pads, reduced the original film, as the other versions, but this is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage.

Technical changes between games there was in recent years hardly. Only the voice has been added with Lego Batman2. No unintelligible murmur or groan more, but real human language.

Apart from the games are technically obsolete. The two-player mode jerky and there are crashes, the murky the game more than once. The developers have been resting on their money-making machine and plugs a topic after another along without quality can keep up.

For the current price of just 15 Euros appropriate. Full price I personally would not buy more Lego game, as long as nothing changes technically.

Fun you will always have a LEGO fan. The price you ultimately decides how well this really feels.

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