After PES 6 finally incredibly well !!  The best simulation is back!

After PES 6 finally incredibly well !! The best simulation is back!

PES 2015 - Day 1 edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

First, a few experiences FIFA / PES:
At that time I played PES6 until you drop and then switched due to the very weak successor to FIFA, which has been getting better in my eyes from 2008.

I play currently exclusively offline career mode in FIFA, since it online too little goes around my ability and it has nothing to do with football.

Unfortunately, it gives me on the court absolutely no fun anymore. It often takes place through simple and waits for the next transfer window, how to recognize that the game takes place in the menu rather than on the court. I play on world class and am always on top here (in FIFA 14, I won the 3rd year with the Triple Cologne (1st year rise, then 2 points with Bayern and won everything in the 3rd year). I am not interested therefore, that I lose or win - it has to be fun, and for these fun I want to be responsible.

Create currently in the Bundesliga and PES have played with Wolfsburg against Gladbach and Dortmund yesterday. Man, the tactical settings etc. you really very very good.

After that I again played FIFA, with Wolfsburg against Dortmund. I had now so incredibly not looked at a lot of fun with FIFA and PES have the ass for many years, but the difference is kind of crass! I thought yesterday first, the speed I should be on fast, but she was set to "normal". To me it has become really clear last night: FIFA has partly really not much to do with football. It is all that quickly. I then (wanted to test Momentum) still a game with Real against Gladbach made. Relatively quickly the score 2: 0 for me, of course, Bale with a volley after the home side. The 2nd then went to the account of Ronaldo after a long ball.

After that he could not continue. I do not know if the Borussia has committed new players in the HZ, but Toure and Co. are not noticed - at least I've won almost no duel and it was a back and forth. Unfortunately, and this is the sad thing, then the game can not calm, as you would like it. It verspringt each ball and the opponent then dribbles better than I with Ronaldo and Co.

The 2: 1 I wanted to take, but I was too stupid - I wanted to convince primarily me that FIFA this year's botch, and I found it hard because I really loved FIFA in recent years - but This gate has all now been crowned.

Carvajal wins behind the 16er the ball, I would like loss printen and 2 meters behind me running Kruse, suddenly he is right behind me (probably he sat on a Kawasaki) and manages to get the ball to decrease from behind so that he again towards the gate looks. As the body of my Carvajal were transparent. After that, he still had 2 opponent against himself, there was a trick I've never seen before by both by the edge and then came to the striker, who was almost naked in the middle.

I can live with defeat - so it's not - I play on world class and win because almost everything - in FIFA 14 I grew up with Cologne and was the 1st year 2nd Bundesliga, level on points with Bayern.
I want to be sometimes even shot, but it must be somewhere for me logically. I get the crisis, Games if I have rows where you afterwards in the statistics 14: must see 1: 1 Shots and a score of 0.

When the AI ​​wants to score a goal, then it does so well. And I noticed yesterday. In recent days, I've always played the same games in PES and FIFA - PES makes sure not get it right, but on the pitch - that's a completely different feeling. If you've played PES 10x times and it works reasonably, and then again purely FIFA sets, then you realize the arcadige behavior 100x more clearly than ever before. One is that all fast at FIFA, even after I put it yesterday on slowly, it was a single gray.

Even with PES you will partly dominated by the AI, but everything clearly logical. The sometimes play long balls (z. B. Kroos last time), in which you think you would just watch TV. Perfect in the run to the winger.

Another example: I just played yesterday as I said with Wolfsburg and there created Dost (ST). The guy is certainly not very fast, but very large (about 1,95m). Dribble with ball is absolutely impossible with him, but after a long ball z. B. him not to 40 meters 20 meters is removed from the IV. I think everyone in the Bundesliga is so fast that it is through, if he has 10 meters ahead.
In flanks one sees clearly an advantage for him. In FIFA sometimes wins the aerial duel Messi against Mertesacker - why? I do not know - because it calculates the AI ​​so. Something comes of course in reality before, but the way it happened at FIFA, it is incomprehensible.

Ultimately, everyone should play what he wants, but I want those who are with FIFA so dissatisfied as I am, just ascribe courage try out something new.
PES is when it comes to ball physics where FIFA is probably not yet in 5 years. Graphically I see FIFA also not significantly forward. Yes, the audience, etc. looks better, that's true. But on the court, I do not see any huge difference. The player faces please me at PES much better because they do not look like corpses (at FIFA see all very very pale). But that's me not incredibly important - it has to be fun.

The lack of licenses is one thing that bothers me somewhere even now, just as Cologne fan. But Let's be honest: Most of us probably play in Belgium, Denmark or elsewhere - one and only German professional leagues here I have no right. Yes, the Turkish and the Russian league still would have been okay, but I would play there not probably anyway. And most players, especially from the top teams, still exist, as they play in the national team (and thus can be bought in the Champions League).

With the 2 leagues in England, France, Italy and Spain has made a really big step toward realism, as you can on and off and after just also realistic leagues reserves (formerly could indeed z. B. Bayern in the Premier League ascend).

Either you play times in other leagues ('ll soon in the Segunda Division start with Las Palmas), or you go to the trouble and created his own clubs. Takes a little while, but the jerseys and Co. see then already really good. Players are then partially clearly more realistic than in FIFA. Especially the middle class (thickness 60-70) is there an absolute uniformity.

Conclusion: Play 1x impartially PES - and you really do again what is virtual football. Everyone, the FIFA's fun, it will continue playing like I want to do the series not bad at all - but it's just more an action game in football package as a football simulation.

The emotions in the career I believe in PES for significantly better. If you buy there a player you can see on his arrival first a sequence in which the player will be presented in new jersey. In FIFA you get a mail - congratulations to her expensive player in history has been as - weak!

Quite extreme is the presentation at FIFA. Do you play in the PL, it is just unbelievable strong! It makes the mood - the presentation, the stadiums, the atmosphere, the displays - everything is right here. Do you play then so with Liverpool against Stoke, are you looking forward to an awesome stadium with a great presentation. A few days later you play then in the master round against Galatasaray and Co. - and it interests me a second. The opponent is of course much better and the game itself would be spectacular because even more important, but the presentation is just so normal that you think you would have just a cup match against a third division. Why does not manage EA to build more emotion in the Master Round? The PL is incredibly well staged, the rest does not matter. Of course, this has to do with licensing, but with a little effort you can safely reinbringen emotions even without CL license. In FIFA but the League Cup match is just presented as the CL semi-final.

In PES it is z. B. so that just the surface is changed when a CL game or EL-game pending. Because the menu changes its color in CL / EL-colors and even sounds the music while you adjust your lineup for the CL game. That shows me importance of this game.

Magnificent equally ingenious! Rank: 4/5
January 1
a counselor, very good product Rank: 5/5
January 19
lot 919 Rank: 3/5
September 15
Vive violetta Rank: 5/5
April 20
well 1 7566 Rank: 4/5
January 16

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