Best racing simulation for the PS3?

Best racing simulation for the PS3?

Gran Turismo 6 - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I think so.
Remained in my memory is me no other racing game for the PS3.

For Gran Turimos mode:

It's all the same: You start with a small Peugeot and increases to the Sauber Mercedes C9 by executing race by race, and from gains in price car and completed the license examinations for the next stage at the end of a series.

Vehicle selection:
With over 1000 faithfully reproduced cars is as good as anything represented, which has on the planet 4 wheels. Whether 7465 Mazda MX5 would have been necessary, however, is another question.


+ Track number (and some of my favorites are missing, for example, Midfield Raceway)
+ All took liable automakers are represented
+ Care of the game through regular updates (including new game modes)
+ Concept cars that were designed specifically for Gran Turismo and free be submitted by Patch
+ Temporary events with some very high prize money (only available with internet connection)

-The vehicle sound (a Corvette, which sounds like a lawn mower, is not a good Corvette)
-The driving behavior is sometimes very strange
-the rubber band effect is sometimes very strongly felt
-partially the game is easy, especially with regard to the licenses
- "Online coercion" - often Failed Login and painfully slow server

As for the online compulsion: Who plays only offline, gets no new vehicles submitted and also only get the standard prize pool. Who, however, every day in the PSN and the game logs linked, (ie 200%) gets on the fifth day, the double prize money. The login fails, you have to start all over again with the five days. Since at least with me regularly Problems logging was despite stable internet connection, this feature has me now and then discreetly excited.
Likewise, the servers have a painfully slow bandwidth, thereby providing a download of about 1GB can drag on for an hour or two to before (in a 50000-cable line which works perfectly, a no go).

Conclusion: If you do not already have the game so far, should strike, because it offers a number of hours of gameplay.

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