Big disappointment, I hated

Big disappointment, I hated

Trainees (Paperback)

Customer Review

Thank Milady Goodreads for sending this book, even if I finally was very disappointed by the Trainees, read lots of very positive opinions about it, opinions of bloggers that I appreciate and I sharing tastes mostly. I also enjoyed the plot of Prayers, I read last year, so I was delighted to read a new story signed Samantha Bailly. Unfortunately, there is not much that has pleased me in the seekers, and many points have disturbed me.

But the point that bothered me the pluuus in this reading, it is the total lack of empathy that I have experienced, being attached neither me nor interested in one of the characters. Because yes, my biggest problem in the seekers, this is the heart of the book: his characters. They are all super caricatures, they are real stereotypes on legs with personalities without nuance. There are provincial a little lost in the Paris city, the big geek Service, tease the dog, the big base hipster and son destructive dad. They each summarize this, all one-sided personality and they do not have at all, at all successful to touch me.

The story is carried by Ophelia (provincial) and Arthur (the son Daddy) which alternately follows a chapter two. So those are the two that have the more we learn, leaving the others behind and above will allow us to know that through the two main characters.

Ophelia and Arthur therefore, like Alix (Geek), Hugh (hipster) and Enissa (the bitch) have won an internship, each in a different field, in Pyxis. At the publishing house specializing in manga base but also developing small video games, Pyxis is a super box that wants young and modern and where the atmosphere is super relaxed. In appearance the absolute dream of every student, not unlike Google, you get the picture? You can come work in jeans, playing the console at the break and it even has sports halls, as well as the legendary nap room, if you believe the rumors ... Between that and the potential for hiring the end of the course, there is something to celebrate! Except, of course, all is not as rosy as it seems and trainees will quickly notice.

For Ophelia is the large galley. His trainee salary is ridiculous, and she struggles to find a home on Paris that meets their means. She left behind her family and boyfriend, and can only rely on itself to get by with the constant fear of not having to get there and back the tail between the legs. Arthur instead, is financially supported by his parents and takes everything lightly. But it is on the side of his personal life and everything goes wrong, and it will find an interesting distraction Ophelia.

I was disturbed by the fact that we forget too quickly the main theme of the novel. Yes, we start with trainees who whoop with the hope of getting a job in the long term in the box where they dream to work where they are exploited by their superiors through the bait ... but we quickly misses Pyxis and disappears completely in favor of love affairs, as if the course had been an excuse to allow these young people with no common point to meet and build relationships in adversity .

Here, I think, allow me a bit of a personal face, about a passage that really made me cringe: The dOphélie reaction when Alix admits he had never taken drugs at age 23 . The girl replied something like "not even a joint, nothing?" and mentally added LA sentence shocked me: "That said, if his life was until a series of chats and discussion forums, this explains it: The virtual does not have all the experiences of life, away of the. "I will go to the jammed bulb service but Whaaaat? What made the choice not to take drugs makes you a lower being who has no experience of life? In what world is the basis of human experience? Between that and Arthur who made coke rails on the toilet in box every evening, it did not help me, identification level ... Yes, as I said, I'm really me attached to any character, I do not find in me compassion for stupidity or self-destruction.

I also had the painful feeling that Samantha Bailly was doing too much, all the time. A passage where trainees discuss Pokemon seems inspired tutorial booklet supplied with the game cartridge of the first version and is absolutely not credible (I quibble, but Pokemon is important). This is a recurring problem in the book, so that the characters were unrealistic since they had a conversation on a topic of gender.

As for the end, she left me unmoved. I must say that I was expecting something like that, but I am still disappointed at the ease chosen by the author of solution. But after all, there were few other ways to finish this novel and this end has the advantage of being open enough to allow a suite, and closed enough to provide a suitable end to those who, like me, not'll read later.

The inside of the book itself, however, has a very nice layout, with windows of IM conversations, emails exchanges, sms, all formatted graphics and realistic, credible and very enjoyable to follow. There are, however a few layout even if misfires are few and ultimately not disturbing. I enjoyed this fun side, living and original, completely in tune with the narrative. However, I am not at all adept Boulet drawing style, which I know the work and I have never questioned positive, so I have not been seduced by the cover. But besides the style that seduced me not, I have not found the characters in the book were necessarily well represented ... But, it is anything but objective.

The author's pen is smooth and pleasant to read and I noticed an improvement since Orations, insurance in the style that I liked. Well, it is necessarily difficult to judge someone's style in a novel that portrays mainly dialogues, interposed messages sometimes deliberately misspelled and sms language, but I still enjoyed seeing the progress of author.

So I liked the little seekers, although I understand that it can reach a certain audience which I do not belong. But I will not stay categorical about Samantha Bailly, which had managed to seduce me with orations, and I will read following the saga coming out soon in Bragelonne happy and trying to forget them quickly ... Even Interns it seems that a sequel must therefore be created. But I certainly do not pencherai me the question! Again thank you and Milady Goodreads for this partnership!

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