First impression after 4 hours of play

First impression after 4 hours of play

Assassin's Creed Unity - Special Edition - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

Here's a first impression of the game on PS4 after 4 hours Time. Naturally, not fully and finally, if necessary, but a signpost for the indecisive buyers (Conclusion bottom). In any case, I give my personal impression again, which is precisely marked by my subjective opinion.

There for the game (on all platforms) a rd. 900 MB Day-1 patch. The game is run without this patch, you can start so immediately. Then, however, without online capabilities - and which are, as I describe later quite important.

Story (without spoilers):
Ubisoft seems with this part of the success factors of the acclaimed story of Assassin's Creed 2 will come back to Ezio Auditore. So we see in the prologue to the game a young, sometimes impetuous man whose career we accompany on. The story seems so far-fitting and around and actually has a lot of similarities to the second part. The story so far is not revolutionary but solid and very well suitable for the AC universe. I look forward to more and been satisfied so far with it.
In addition to the main story, there are numerous side missions, forming an integral part in the events and also Colectibles seems to be there again. Whether these are useful or just disturbing in the course, will have to yet emerge.

In terms of graphics was promised in advance by Ubisoft much - but unfortunately kept little. Similar to the also supplied by Ubisoft title "watchdogs" the graphics are in many respects very presentable, but is just not reach the Promised. Positive fall of the wide view of the city, the amount of movement in the streets, detailed textures, and especially a lot of details in light and shadow and reflections on. Anything that could reflect somehow, this does also in the most beautiful colors and Counterte. Negative contrast fall on strong edges fibrillation, staircase artifacts aufpoppende textures and sometimes downright stuttering. This need not be truly and I ask myself whether it would have done no less a reflection and a passer-by on the street less. Overall, the impression of a very impressive scenery with a lot of movement and nice effects remains. Nevertheless, the impression is very turbid technical defects. The game is thus not unplayable but the gameplay bveeinträchtigt.

The German track is beautifully set to music. Noise and atmosphere are the extent consistent. From my television the sound came quite soggy (at least prior to installing the patch). Whether it's because of my individual setup or at play, I can not judge.

We made it very clear to do here with an Assassin's Creed. That's clear. However, clearly felt that Ubisoft has revised the control. Anyone familiar with the control of its predecessors, is something Müsen change.
Climbing: This seems to have a little too much dosed Ubisoft. Too eager to jump and climb our hero on houses and jumping over obstacles, where you might want to go just around it. It seems to me that climbs a little too much emphasis, which I sometimes notice disturbing. Overall, the assassin moved but accustomed nimbly and now even trail-moderate over obstacles. The "controlled descent" is a new feature that complements the gameplay sense.
Struggle: struggles are (finally!) Become a bit more sophisticated than its predecessors. Units attack now on simultaneously and two or three guards combined with snipers put us out of action quickly. So far, the effect is not frustrating, rather anspronend, sometimes to look for another way. Our options are initially eingechränkt alelrdings EHR. Incidentally funtioniert of Fight Like its predecessors also.
Stealth: The game sets (matching the demanding fight) more emphasis on the stealth aspect. At the same time the guards have become more attentive. So far, this looks like the right and Sunday full development of the game series. The acting in secret is the game well - and make emergency fight or flight (so far works very well). Another new feature is the "Hide" feature that is likely to be already known from other games. As fluid as in a real stealth shooter but does not run it. Time, players of coverage jumps to cover, where he really wants to get away, sometimes he jumps out of the cover, where it may be seen in any case. Perhaps with more practice is that - it is not intuitive.
Other: Very positive is the exchange between indoor and outdoor areas. Ever, the opening of interiors is a sensible and beautiful extension of gameplay. The transitions are without Verzögeung and very soft. Something different key assignments vs.. the predecessors complicate the veterans to get started - I expect, however, that the sets over time. Beautiful are the many customization options for the assassins - but can also overload bit. Finally, should the invite (as of the multiplayer games the predecessor) to micro-transactions. Whether the feature is necessary remains to be seen.

Online gameplay:
The strength of the game is quite clear - to the extent previously assessed - the co-op mode. At first I was very skeptical because I had gepsielt very long and intense the predecessors precisely because of Multiplyers. As this is now gone and, I feared a real incision as far as the long-term usefulness of the Game. It appears, however, that playing in co-op mode is very entertaining and fun. The game worked very well and even though we were one day before the official release in Germany I had already match partner. Depending on how varied represent the co-op missions in the following (and how they are eventually expanded by Ubisoft), this is a very successful feature that is also ideal for multiple games in the same mission.
It is also evident now that a completely different feeling comes when you are accompanied by a human player, who operates quite differently than an AI player ever could. Top.

Other aspects:
Very disturbing fall in the very long load times (also in online gameplay). This can - even if emissions must be played several times but arg Zehren on patience. The same phenomenon occurred already on at "watchdogs". Whether it is a general theme of the new generation of consoles, which simply has to process vast amounts of data, or an issue of Ubisoft or these games on, it is too early to say. Fact: It bothers.
Ubisoft invites as always be a first, to connect to UPlay and assigns it as usual small in-game specialties (such as color of clothing). Also, the game is this time apparently linked more closely with the Companion app for mobile devices. The feature I have not yet been adequately tested.

Gegenbüber the big announcements disappointed the game especially in technical aspects (graphics and load times). While that is still complaining on a very high level - developers like Rockstar show, however, as it can go. Since Ubi is still lagging behind. Even their own standards. The story seems so far as consistent but not spectacular. The Gemaplay is getting used in some aspects and climbing and hiding at times vague. In action-packed scenes which is already badly disturbing. The online gameplay surprised (at least I) positive. So there for this until here neat but not perfkte Assassin's Creed at this game and level of development 3.

Toller Monitor 1 2 Rank: 5/5
August 24
Average quality product 1 1 Rank: 2/5
August 6
Progress 1 Rank: 4/5
August 7
Practical February 1 Rank: 3/5
May 12

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