Merry and upsetting

Merry and upsetting

Do not be afraid if I hug (Paperback)

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"Do not be afraid if I hug" is a true story, transcribed in the first person by the Italian writer Fulvio Ervas after a year of talks with Franco Antonello. This is the joyous and heartbreaking story of both a journey as well as for the father to the son, an immersion in the life of an autistic parent, a series of fabulous scenery and incredible encounters a great human adventure on multiple levels. Franco father Antonello is a full of good will, sometimes amazed by the poetry of the world where his son lives, sometimes horribly frustrated and worried about the future, but always brimming with immense love. I read this book because I was interested in the aspect road trip while fearing repelled by the family / autism relationship component, and in the end it is this which gives its flavor and richness to "Do not be afraid if I hug". A huge favorite.

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