Surprisingly restrained album a producer masterminds

Surprisingly restrained album a producer masterminds

In My Mind (Audio CD)

Customer Review

When style-producers to publish an album, looks at the amount always closely, so even with Pharrell, part of the highly successful Neptunes.

The result is roughly in the middle of the expectations, it is solid at a high level, but sets the bar no higher. Compared to the futuristic-hyperactive Sound that has many of the customers tailored to the body's own album is surprisingly old school. Relaxed Raps minimalistic pulsating beats dominate the songs. In addition, there is faithful doubted, often "analog" sounding samples and a nearly identical (!) Song. After elegant vocal lines you have to search a little.

Here come a few songs on the spot. "Raspy", "Keep It Playa" and "I Really Like You" become monotonous after twenty seconds here lacks the compelling song idea.

But he can, of course, better. "Best Friend" has a vibrant Eighties synth-base and is somewhat reminiscent of Prince, "Angel" radioed elegant, and when the candles are dimmed, he creates with "Take It Off" and "Stay With Me" the soundtrack for manicured Full Contact.

The production is of course beyond all doubt. Pharrell again is the disposal to overload the song with gimmicks.

On the whole, remains a mixed impression. Missing hammer-singles as well as correct sagging. The majority of the material maintains the expected level, but has to compete with Kanye West and Outkast admit defeat. Apparently, not everyone is super-producer and an equivalent artist.