The book by Walter Fuchs: a great encyclopedia of country music

The book by Walter Fuchs: a great encyclopedia of country music

Das neue große Buch der Musik-Country (Hardcover)

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Walter Fuchs, it was the voice which presented the Country Music emissions in the years 1980-1990 on peripheral radios in Baden-Württemberg and the Palatinate. Walter Fuchs, it remains and will always remain a great specialist of this kind of music. He shall submit annual Bluegrass Festival Buhl and who chooses the artists. But Walter Fuchs also makes us share his knowledge of country music in the 3rd edition of his book he wanted simply luxurious 360 glossy pages, with many absolutely stunning pictures. And, of course, a true small encyclopedia on the Country Music: different eras, styles, mythical places, as well as mini biographies of all singers, singers and musical groups existing or existed to date.

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