Unfortunately, at first not a good milk foam, only plörriges, crackling disintegrating froth ...

Unfortunately, at first not a good milk foam, only plörriges, crackling disintegrating froth ...

Philips CA6500 / 60 Senseo Milk frother Twister (non-stick coating, touch controls) black (household goods)

Customer Review

Since we met in an apartment a Nespresso machine with flanged Aeroccino frothers, we wanted to have something like this at home for our fully automatic espresso machine. The Philips Milk Twister seemed to be a better choice, not least because of the better reviews on Amazon (if you look closer, but the Aeroccino cuts mainly because of the allegedly excessive price at amazon so badly).
Also attached to the lid of Schaumquirl seemed like a good idea-Philips!

So ordered and optimistic tried, with exactly the same milk, with the Nespresso Aeroccino silently purring in seconds a perfect foam cream conjured, also from the fridge.
But what a disappointment: Twister was finally finished as the much louder and longer noticeable rattling to himself Milk, really hid inside only a plörrige, covered with little and totally unstable foam, lukewarm milk soup!

Sorry, this is not at all. Was it then have not tried with two other types of milk, one of which brought a better result. But having to choose the milk afterwards is not for us and because we had actually decided against this for us senseless kitchen tool. Ultimately, the cleaning and the whole rigmarole with such a thing but quite cumbersome and if you already have a steam outlet of the espresso machine, you can also use the.
So we were not so happy, as opposed to many others. If even a separate milk frother, then I would definitely opt for the Nespresso Aeroccino, even if it is slightly more expensive.

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