Very good price / performance ratio with minimal weaknesses

Very good price / performance ratio with minimal weaknesses

Foxnovo® F-08 8-Slots Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-CD Universal Intelligent Battery Charger with EU Plug Adapter for 26650, 22650, 18650, 18500, 18490, 17670, 17650, 17500, 16340, 14500, 10440 , Ni-MH and Ni-CD A, AA, AAA, C, SC rechargeable battery (Black) (household goods)

Customer Review

The device was left to me as a free sample. The (extremely detailed and technical) report you findeni on my blog (look for "Zero Brain Foxnovo F08".

Only the ultra-short summary.

-3-Stage charge level indicator
-Will NiMH / NiCd A, AA, AAA, C, SC, D
-Will Li-Ion 26650, 22650, 18650, 18500, 18490, 18350,
-17670, 17650, 17500, 16340, 14500, 10440 (no guarantee)
-Any Cell is monitored individually
-NiMH 2000mAh be (has all 8 slots) in about 3:15 loaded
-additional USB port for charging (maximum of approximately 2.7A)
-Kaum Warming (with 8 AA NiMHs stocked and 2A on the USB port loaded).
Timed standby consumption below measurable limits
-Power Supply good and safe (albeit conventional) built

-No Discharge mode, no refresh cycles possible
-Ladestrom Maximum 650mA in full configuration (could be more)
-AAA NiMH be about 10% "undercharged"

=> For nearly 40 euros a very good price / performance ratio

Was compared to a "ELV ALC 1000 Expert" and a "Ansmann xbase deluxe". Both cost each well twice this device.

Charging times:
Standard (Eneloop) NiMH 2000mAh AA cell: good 3h
18650 Li-Io cell (2200mAh): approx 4:52 (90% full to 3:20) - there are devices that are faster, but also more expensive (the Ansmann machts in 2:10).

In Detail ....


I display fittings with the unit 8 (in advance) emptied Eneloop 1.2V / 2000mAh NiMh cells. The charging current (as indicated) levels off at 650 mA. This is maintained until the end of charge. Other devices start to load with higher current and this lower towards the end. This has two advantages:

An empty battery can be quickly loaded to approximately 75%
The final charge will be better met. If a load with a high power should be switched off at the end of quite accurately in order to avoid overcharging.

The Oszibild the current curve shows a fairly constant current is briefly interrupted (for the measurement phase of the battery condition). For this reason, the measured curve of the charging current (5 minutes sampling interval) also acts as "torn" from time to time exceeds the scan cycle of the multimeter to the measuring phase of the Chargers. To check the charge recorded I go as follows: After my 8 test batteries were filled, I take out every other battery, leave it for a few hours are (for cooling) and from my old charger ("ELV ALC Expert 1000") discharged. The depth reading charge is 1700-1800 mAh in the area.

I suspect that the Foxcon the charging end not found exactly. Therefore To Drain the above 4 cells again and let it charge through my reference charger. They lie flat again to calm her tormented ion overnight and the next morning the unit determines the energy usable. A little bit perplexed I am already: both devices have squeezed nearly identical energy in the Eneloops. Prima!

Charging time
To my surprise, the fully stocked equipment has 2000mah NiMHs in about 3:07 with a full tank (fully loaded with 8 cells!). My "reference" machine has used it embarrassingly about fifteen minutes longer. This result, I had not expected. Clean performance (even if both have the battery fully charged and not exactly about 10% remain below the capacity, however, has probably slowed age-appropriate).


Loaded a 18650 Samsung cell from a cannibalized Power Bank. The design 18650 seems more and more "secret" to enforce. It is characterized by its compactness and very high energy density. Therefore it is often used in LED flashlights. The Foxnovo Charger operates to about 85% charge with its maximum current. From here it starts to continuously reduce the power so as not to scrap the pekierlichen Li-Ion batteries (pronounced "flaring"). Clean implemented!

Is that better? Unfortunately my invite ALC 1000 No Li-Ion batteries (equivalent). However, the camp is still bored a Ansmann "xBase Deluxe Racing" Charger around. The can do that. The unit falls in the same "Chuck Norris" style with about 2A charge current on the low cell forth, the power cuts but after 6 minutes to 1.5A from, then to 1:30 to be heading at about 200mA slowly to the end , The battery is the way barely warm. This clears up after a short Excel wizardry on: 1,68Ah charge left the charger and 1,6Ah remained stored in the battery. Approximately 0,08Ah were "lost" during charging and discharging. To (excluded and any annoying timing of the stream) the validity of the above measurements to ensure I measure the current with the oscilloscope after. The Ansmann keeps the current constant not fussy, but he does not clock also. Accordingly, the above measurement should be accurate (within limits).

The result of this charge I check with a "ca 2A" discharge (*). I choose pragmatically such a high current to speed measurement ("This must be done"). Result: 1.5Ah can be removed from the cell after charging with the Foxnovo, the Ansmann squeezes ca 1,6Ah in the memory. He needed it even 2:10 (for the price of this "racing" Charger even a mere 80 euros, double the Foxnovo).

(*) For Geeks:
How do I discharge to damage the part without the battery (final discharge detection)? The remains of a dismantled Power Bank come there to help. The battery is connected with a power meter to the power electronics Bank. This generates at the other end constant 5V on your USB port. About this I burden the battery with a resistor and draw the current flowing from the battery. However, since the remains constant in any way, something Spreadsheet Magic must serve to identify the entire charge drawn.

USB Charging Port

The USB port is only the pure charging when the AC adapter is plugged in. The whole device can not supply the USB port as a "Power Bank" from batteries. The port is short circuit-firmly (but continues in the overload case, the entire unit back). I was with him 1.9A (@ 4.9V) burden (to about 2.7A the voltage remains within the USB standard). However, the device wins the Points rule quality (the oscillogram shows the port with a load with a resistive load 1A) a potted plant. Do we sometimes turn a blind eye and let it apply chickens (are halt deductions in the "B-grade").

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