A very good vacuum cleaner with small snags

A very good vacuum cleaner with small snags

Bosch BGS5SIL66B Bodenstaubsauger Relaxx'x ProSilence66 EEK A (bagless, SensorBagless Technology, 66 dB (A), Quattro Power System) black (household goods)

Customer Review

Since my old Bagless Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner slowly dismantled into its individual parts after 6 years, a new was needed. My choice fell on the Bosch BGS5SIL66B.

One thing first: Those who opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner, needs to know that the emptying of the container is always connected to a dust. So if you have an allergy to dust, should keep this in mind.

Energy consumption:

The Bosch EEK A. He is now one of the vacuum cleaner with the most low energy consumption. With the classification of the annual energy consumption can however only new models together with older models, the performance was measured in watts. Since it hardly comes close to this figure, I even measured it with a power consumption measuring device. The Bosch has 5 stages and consumes 315Watt at the lowest, then 427, 516, 621 and 676Watt at the highest level. On the bottom is the inscription 700W. The stage control is a big advantage compared to cyclone vacuum cleaner. If you want to reduce the suction power in which you have to open an air vent, since the separation of the cyclones is given only for large volume flow. That would be as if one heats a maximum and the room temperature is regulated by the opening of windows. In contrast, Bosch will actually be less consumed in reduced suction. When one sucks the Bosch over medium heat and consumes 516W, these are sucking in 0,25Euro per kWh and 1.5 hours per week of electricity costs about 10 euros per year. The question is how long the Bosch must hold until expects the higher cost compared to lower consumption. As soon come 10 years together.


The Bosch is very quiet. According to the manufacturer it is just 66dB, the Tiger from advertising wirds fallen. I measured it with a mobile app and come to 67dB noise level at 1 m distance in the "Body". Fits! Chill the sucking sound of the floor nozzle is much louder. And indeed, the floor nozzle caused approximately 76dB on tiled floors. According to it, but only when the filter cleaning. The cracking noise caused 78dB, which is then startled even the tiger ... However, compared to my old Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is very quiet. Even compared to other new models that I test-drawn at a major electronics retailer, cuts of Bosch in terms of volume better.


The range is huge, compared to my old vacuum cleaner. The specified 11m I can confirm, at last I need an extension cord (or reposition) more. Others can do, new models as well.

The retractor has its pitfalls: When pulling the vacuum cleaner behind him, one can ever activate the mechanism, so that the cable rolls up suddenly. A button for rolling would have been better here.

Taking the vacuum cleaner behind him, he can start to roll and then can hit objects. Because you should be careful with some doors to get any scratches in the door and into the vacuum cleaner. That also has to do with the somewhat rigid hose. If the vacuum cleaner does not 4 freilenkbare roles, but 2 large fixed wheels (not steered) back and 2 smaller steerable front of the snaking effect would be smaller and better handling.

The suction power is high, I think an older vacuum cleaner with 1600W similar. That's a very good result, because same suction power is achieved with less power consumption. Who needs more suction because animal hair on the carpet are, should a different model consider that, however, the higher suction paid with EEK deteriorate, eg the BGS51442 Bosch.

Aside from the energy cost should be no additional costs, as all filters are washable. Emptying the dust container is well resolved, but I see no advantage in comparison to my old Dirt Devil (also in the was the "motor protection filter" washable).

When I received the dust Sager, fit switchable floor nozzle with a lot of force on the tube, however, did not rest a. But the other 2 nozzles fit already. There has been seemingly a production error. Mail to Bosch and I got sent a new floor nozzle that fits now and also locks. Too bad for a vacuum cleaner in this price range.


Those opting for this Bosch, gets a good and quiet vacuum cleaner, the scores with high and adjustable suction power and low energy consumption. Although there are also negative points (rigid tube, roll, cable reeling, production error) I can recommend the vacuum cleaner and forgive perfect score. In a year I will report again from my experience.

Note: I have not a professional measuring instruments. For the accuracy of the readings I give no guarantee.

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