Buy it !!!  The best supplement for beginners.

Buy it !!! The best supplement for beginners.

Canon EF 50mm 1: 1.8 II lens (52mm filter thread) (Camera)

Customer Review

I'm sorry that I can not write a perfect German ('m native Norwegians) but this objective is quite simple so good that I want to tell it to anyone. I am one of the the currently can only dream about a better objectively than the kit lens. Photography is an expensive hobby easily. When I discovered that there was a 1.8 lens, for sth 100 euro (and not more than 1,000 euros like most others) then I have bought the same. This lens is a gift for all Canon photographers what wants to make more than the kit lens 18-55, but can not afford the objective that you want to have to buy so much.

With this lens you can without much difficulty making good shots in low light verhältnise. I have photographed this summer objectively only with this, and instead of the enteuschung my 18-55mm gave me often I am surpised about how much sharp, better colors and somehow clearer form is now. I took it in many different environments and have been able überaschen my friends and family with good pictures. Especially excited I was when I could see at a concert, I can now photografieren everything without a tripod. I have my camera set and photographed on 1.8. With ISO 1600 even can shoot at 1/1000 and more. And the photos were not grainy, and really little need for post-processing. This lens is also very good for macro and portrait. With 1.8 you get a very pleasant blur effect behind the subject. It has become easy simple good photo to make with this lens. What I've tricked on Facebook this summer has sparked a storm of comments. And by skilled craftsmen (which I asked for critical comments on Lehrner more) I easily got a comment that belongs on the wall. Here, no post-processing is necessary. I thank the kan this objective, the best photos this summer Währe impossible with the kit lens.

Is there then better objectively? YES, definitely. This lens does not deserve L. But for this price? No, you kan niergendwo what better get. Is it plastic? Already, it is. But I'm glad that Canon has decided to give quality to the inside Glasswork, take a steel housing. Here you have saved on the right things. Should one then the 1.4 not buy instead of 1.8? But when you have the money. I have decided to buy this, and prefer to save to buy 10-22 3.5 more money to a 17-55mm 2.8 or Sigma.

This lens is an objective for the small purse is the perfect complement for the kit.

With this lens, you do not have a big account, and you can buy the trots a bright good lens.


After 2 years, I'm still excited about this lens. I now have a 60D, 135L and a Canon 15-85. From image quality I'm still excited. In low light, concerts and when I want to have a more beautiful Bokhe at 50mm, I use still this. Otherwise it is the 15-85 that always puts on the camera.

The image quality is not as 135L, that is clear. But the quality is never bad. It is never so that I think I would prefer this image taken with a lens L. 50mm 1.8 brings an own mood at the pictures, it is missing a piece of the L, but not so that I will gladly replace it.

The quality of the construction Yougurtbecher, I have unfortunately tried. Involuntarily. I've lost the lens on a tiled floor. It still works, but now makes a terrible noise with autofocus.

I also tried the macro capability this summer, with the help of a Kenko tubes sett. And I am very enthusiastic about the quality. So I can still be a buy ämpfählung for the 50mm 1.8

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