Beauty and Fragrance


  • Clay on top  

    Mask with Green Clay Cattier (Health and Beauty)
    I am delighted that mask a smell very well, received quickly, no problem, it my skin very soft, I recommend
  • Impeccable composition  

    OZ Naturals - the best retinol moisturizer contains 2.5% retinol cream, a vegetable hyaluronic acid serum, vitamins E and B5 for the most comprehensive and effective solution on the market - evens your complexion and rejuvenates your skin. This retinol cream is formulated to work with our Serum 20% Vitamin C. (Health and Beauty)
    Oz Naturals has developed a moisturizing cream (made in USA) according to many ethical criteria: natural ingredients, 0% animals (vegan) without animal testing (cruelty free) and kosher! Some ingredients are organic (organic). The composition is perf
  • Super Serum!  

    OZ Naturals - The best anti-aging serum vitamin C on the market - Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid - Rejeunit visibly your face and leaves the cooler skin by neutralizing free radicals - BEST SELLER 2015 UK (Health and Beauty)
    The positive: - A very good quality. - The smell I loved - The product is really nice to spread on the skin - A true feeling of freshness - The skin is softened, especially under the eyes - The price, which is really adequate for a serum of this qual
  • distrust 13  

    SODIAL (R) 10 48 Lots of Self Adhesive Tapes Guidance for French Manicure (10 X Nail Guide) (Others)
    Cutting the tape does not match what was expected .two cuts virtually identical and one for the french disappointed .very
  • Letter received this morning  

    Complete Kit Skin Care Facial Premium Quality - Set of 2 Black Spot Removing Buttons Accessories and extraction of Acne by VAGA® (Miscellaneous)
    High quality products to meet my needs, perfect for skin impurities. I have spent very little money and I am fully satisfied.
  • Pleasant and immediate effect  

    OZ Naturals - The best care to hyaluronic acid to skin - clinically proven anti-aging serum - anti-dark circles thanks to the double process Vitamins C + E - "a facelift in a bottle". 100% satisfaction guarantee (Health and Beauty)
    I received this product in exchange for an honest opinion, and it is with pleasure that I confirm the quality of this product. Texture resembles a gel from which it is spread over the skin. Absorption is complete without sticky and residue. The appli
  • A pro camera!  

    USpicy® Nail Dryer 12W LED Lamp LED Gel Lacquer with LED and timer 30s / 60s / 90s / 30m - Black (Miscellaneous)
    Completely conquered by this little machine of a simple and quick use. Very secure, appliance starts to the introduction of the hand and stops lorsquon withdraws. The timer and the unit are quiet which is very significant It allows the varnish drying
  • Super 1880 5774  

    THE COLOR WORKSHOP 50 Products Makeup Purple (Personal Care)
    The kit is good enough and can be used once empty, the shadows and gloss are nice. Easy to carry.
  • Skin Doctors Powerbrasion  

    Skin Doctors PowerbrasionTM Crystals Micro-Dermabrasion Intensive (Health and Beauty)
    Very good product, I have long been used, always happy, deep gum, reduces wrinkles to recommend, no problem.
  • Wonderful set!  

    Jean Pierre Sand Box Flower Season Snow White Women + 100 ml Eau de Parfum 15ml + Hydrating Lotion 120 ml + Shower Gel 120 ml (Personal Care)
    Very nice case. It feels very good. A beautiful box to give for Christmas. The price compare to the cabinet and really cheap.
  • Génialissime 55  

    L'Oréal Professionnel - Nutritive oil for all types of hair - Mythic Oil - 125ml (Health and Beauty)
    If you are looking for an oil for your hair, do not hesitate this is it for you! Having weakened hair and looking to apply oil on my hair before blow drying, I opted for this one and I fully conquered! Very good smell, not greasy hair, facilitates un
  • lot 1371  

    Garnier Jelly Effect Whitening Sun (Miscellaneous)
    I put two stars and not 0 because yes it cleared a little (I stress some) hair. By cons it lightens toward the strawberry blonde and thus closer to a golden brown a light blond, girls who hope to become platinum blonde with very clear where this prod
  • Great product 604 1  

    Nyx Cosmetics Powder Foundation Transparent Medium (Health and Beauty)
    Exellent product easy to applying I recommend complexion Perfect for a romantic j am delighted impossible to pass from m
  • Natural product  

    Centifolia - Floral Water Witch Hazel (Health and Beauty)
    I have used this product for its healing properties, on the advice of a midwife. It seemed effective for reducing inflammation of the scar, the side "fresh" floral water is another nice hand when applying. Easy to apply by putting it on a cotton
  • Beautiful color 27  

    Gemey Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish - 749 Electric Yellow (Miscellaneous)
    This varnish has a beautiful yellow color (need for several layers), any time a big flaw, once removed my nails remained "yellowed", the first time it happens to me ...
  • Good article 197  

    GIRLZ ONLY Dry ​​Shampoo Hair Blond 150 ml - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Hello - I am really satisfied with this dry shampoo "special blonde" very airy, very fine powder, after brushing the hair is clean; no trace remains. I highly recommend this product for a reasonable price.
  • well 1 6841  

    Skin Care Aloe Vera Gel 250gr
    no smell, no greasy and my skin is well hydrated and can be applied without concern on my edema, it relieves tension in my legs
  • To clear complexion  

    L'Oréal Paris - Nude Magique BB Powder Medium Complexion Perfecting (Health and Beauty)
    Not much to complain of this powder even if it ended up in a drawer (if I believe Ms.) because the verdict is: the color is very clear (that Madame is rather pale complexion, even after a few years to live under the climes of the Mediterranean) and i
  • It saves morning!  

    Detangling Brush Tangle Teezer lounge elite Blue Blush (Health and Beauty)
    I use it for me (very very long thick black hair) and for my daughter who hast very wavy and she's great for both of us. Behind his horse brush appearances, it allows us to style in the morning without us being late to school. Very handy in the bath
  • Red spruce  

    Essie Nail Polish Red 64 fifth avenue (Health and Beauty)
    So far I've never been disappointed by Essie products, whether varnish or other nail care. I like the choice of colors of varnishes and crisp. I spend 4 layers (1 + base 2 coats of top coat + 1) and the varnish perfectly runs a week for several weeks