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  • 2 March 1  

    Sony ACC-DCBX.CE7 Car Charger for Action Cam Black (Accessory)
    Load faster than connecting the battery to the USB port of the computer. In addition, the battery can be charged on making normal current, provided you have the additional accessory Sony necessary. Very good design.
  • perfect 1 4643  

    Case Logic Nylon TBC405K Case for Digital Camcorder Black (Electronics)
    perfect cover for a small sails or GPS, you can insert holder and cable, I ordered thinking I could put 2 gps and no, I returned it and paid by amazon
  • camera 12 mp  

    XCSOURCE® Silver Waterproof 1.5 "LCD DVR FHD Full HD 1080p Sport Camera + accessories (Electronics)
    Hi, I had this camera my birthday. It works very well. Grip a little difficult at first. The advantage of this camera is its impressive viewing angle. We are about to have everyone on the same photo in selfie. I use it to take pictures when I go kaya
  • Not compatible with Android 5 LOLLIPOP  

    NPC Cam - AEE Magicam - S70 Camera sports PLUS - 1080P60 - 16MP - WIFI - Caisson Extreme (Electronics)
    The application does not always work with the version of android lollipop. It is now 10 months android lollipop that is there, and still no update !!! THIS IS NOT SERIOUS.
  • Very good camera ... 48  

    QUMOX WIFI SJ4000 Yellow Cam Camera Action Sport Waterproof Full HD 1080p 720p Video Helmetcam + 32GB micro SD (Electronics)
    Qumox Wifi SJ4000 Original, usable without problem with the application to connect with Android (SJCAM HD), more than satisfactory result in video, the device heats a little during large transfers, the sealing box worked well for taking pictures / vi
  • Comply with the description and good quality  

    XCSOURCE® Case Transport and Travel Bag Portable protective camouflage and storage for GoPro Hero 3 February 3+ 4 OS158 (Camera Photos)
    Perfect for storing the GoPro Hero 4 with some accessories (see photo). The build quality is very good, fast delivery. Ultimately a good value for money.
  • Stable charger after a week of use  

    QUMOX @ 3.7V Li-ion set, charger incl. Cable - rechargeable battery SJ4000 Sport camera (Accessory)
    No specific concerns with the use, small and compact, besides the charging time a little long, the charger does not come with a manual, but the use is relatively simple, the blue indicator indicates the end of load while red indicates the battery is
  • Good product 3075  

    Mounting Bracket form "V" mount DSLR Camera Triple Hot Shoe LED Video Lights, Micro (Electronics)
    good support, solid. A little pricey though. The photo is misleading: it is expected to have a larger device ...
  • Charger + 2x NP-BG1 Battery for Sony ...  

    Charger + 2x Batteries for Sony NP-BG1 (Electronics)
    Too few loads to have a definitive opinion but for now am happy with this purchase. Shall not want to share my opinion a few weeks
  • Charger + 2 batteries SJCAM 4000/5000  

    Battery + Charger Dual (USB / Car / Industry) for Qumox SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6000 / SJCam M10 ... / ... v BOOMYOURS. list! (Electronic devices)
    I ordered the material to complete the initial equipment of a SJ5000 + WIFI. The batteries are not the same brand as the picture but they are completely identical and interchangeable with that of the SJCAM. Everything works without any problems.
  • The gadget which is thought not to need but becomes essential!  

    AGPtek Pro 3-in-1 Self Portrait expandable pocket Selfie rechargeable Manfrotto Manfrotto Auto-lock baton Telescopic Professional with integrated Bluetooth remote shutter with adjustable Grip Holder for iPhone 6, iPhone 5 6 More 5s 5c 4s Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 Note, Moto X Google Nexus GoPro Hero 3 2 1 - Can be expanded to 42 (Electronics)
    If like me you are the official photographer of your family, and so you never nAre on any photo, this product is for you. I'm not a big fan of fashion selfis, because I do not dautoportraits. By cons, jaimerai to take my picture with my daughter more
  • black and white film  

    Ilford HP5 Plus Film Black and White 135/24 1 carton (Camera Photos)
    order received in time and at the same time individual packaging than the picture sent in a bubble envelope for the photo quality will be seen in a few weeks but the supplier remains very serious and I recommend it to all lovers of black and photos w
  • It is solid!  

    Bilora grip B-Evo Basic Kit Camera (UK Import) (Import United Kingdom) (Electronics)
    I have this belt for several years. I do not use the supplied belt, which saw the kidneys ("sharp" edges), but with the belt of my pants .. Fixation is a rock solid, even with a big SLR and a heavy and imposing target (17-55 F / 2.8). a flat for
  • Exceptional 10 1  

    AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories Black (Camera Photos)
    6 years as I dragged everywhere. Still no trace of wear. Very very very good product. I can put my 5d mark III with a 24 70mm gun and a 70-300mm tamron. The charger full coupler pocket full accessories. Filter anti rain cover. Awesome!
  • perfect 1 5153  

    Sony SPKAS2.SYH Waterproof Case for Sony Action Cam 5m (Electronics)
    Good quality, original product, the camera is well protected, I utlise motorcycle to film the road and it's great.
  • Perfect 1 11284  

    Fujifilm Instax Mini film 2 x 10 - Mini camera only 8.6 cm x 5.4 cm (Electronics)
    Film for Instax Mini. The price is very competitive, quality is at the rendezvous. The pictures are nice, not a crazy quality but is perfect for the use I have
  • Sony, always the TOP 1  

    Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-HX60V Digital Cameras 21.1 Mpix 30 x Optical Zoom (Electronics)
    Not 5 stars because as and evolve the device, it becomes increasingly heavy. I use almost every day, pro (site) or personal. And in the bag, it makes its weight with its cover. Excellent device. I just returned from vacation with the pictures (contra
  • Very good price / quality ratio 516  

    [New Version] TecTecTec ® XPRO1 Sports Action Camera Wi-Fi High Definition 1080p Full HD Camcorder with HD Video 12 Megapixel - Action cam with 170 degree wide angle - Remote control via Wi-Fi (Black color) (Devices electronic)
    Provides with a multitude of accessories, it is perfect, the images are qualities, this camera is simple to use as well as for the setting. A word on Direct-Sports, who are very professional and very attentive to the client. mail exchanges are very q
  • Good accessory 1 1  

    Case Logic UNZB202R Neoprene Cover for Camera Red (Accessory)
    A camera bag like so many others, it is well suited to the size of the device it is supposed to contain .... so happy buyer!
  • xcsource camera  

    XCSOURCE® Silver Waterproof 1.5 "LCD DVR FHD Full HD 1080p Sport Camera + accessories (Electronics)
    a priori, great product !!! but to test very simple operation !!! quite a nice option, stabilizer, photos every 5/10 / 20sec, etc etc ... the accessories are also very interesting and very well made This kit is very complete !!! MORE: VERY FAST SHIPP