Office supplies


  • In the top 453 in January 42  

    Staples Rapid Strong 23/20 x1000 (Office Supplies)
    Hardware pro if you're fed up with leaves that are only to undo and it annoys.
  • Really good. 102  

    Leitz Leitz Softclick 42050001 Ring Binder customizable A4 Capacity 580 sheets of polypropylene coated cardboard rings White 4 (Office Supplies)
    I really was tired workbooks that open at the slightest touch, which do not contain enough leaves etc. I still hesitated to buy for the price because it hurts a little. I cracked but did not regret it. One regret even if I am completely satisfied wit
  • Anything 5  

    GBC CombBind binding machine punches 12 sheets 110 connects 195 sheets (Office Supplies)
    In the picture, the camera has the air cool and chic. But once the real binding machine unpacked, I pinch noting that it's cheap plastic appearance essentially very light and does not seem well-resistant. I splint to the task of puncturing my leaves.
  • In the top 453 in January 38  

    Rapid 24869400 Box of 1000 Staples 23/12 mm Galva (Office Supplies)
    Hardware pro if you're fed up with leaves that are only to undo and it annoys.
  • A beautiful pen!  

    Capless fountain pen fine print (F) [Deep Red] axis FCN1MRDRF (japan import)
    The pen arrived today! It works perfectly with a fine cartouche.Écriture perfect. Thank you! I have to buy a converter for using ink Pilot IROSHIZUKU I also bought. What do you recommend?
  • Perfect ... 34 2  

    Exacompta 807001E 30 Pack in Nature Shirt Future Bahia 80 Assorted Colors (Office Supplies)
    Under beautiful shirt in the color scheme and very thick to sub folders. Very satisfied with my purchase.
  • compatible with DCP 7055w, but bad quality  

    Compatible Toner Cartridge for Brother TN2010 Toner for Brother DCP-7055 DCP-7055W DCP-7057 DCP-7057E HL-2130 HL-2135W (Office Supplies)
    I bought it for a DCP 7055W, it works fine at first, but after two to three hundred pages, the print quality is greatly reduced, missing lines on the printed page. But on maintenance info of printing, it is still 60%, no message "toner low" disp
  • envelopes  

    Lot 10 bubble envelopes BROWN * * PRO range D / 4 size 170x265mm (Office Supplies)
    very beautiful qualities of envelopes I recommend them to all they are solid and of high capacity thank you very much we can put into it a lot
  • product ok priori  

    SODIAL (R) New mill € š grass / grinder mill-tobacco € š argentšŠ (Kitchen)
    received with more than a week in advance over what was advertised ..... article looks good although I have not tried yet because this morning received. Perfect packaging, item received in perfect condition. small problem: the thread of the basket a
  • Good pockets lovers Vinyls  

    Transparent sleeves Polythene For Vinyl disc 30cm x 50 (Office Supplies)
    The previous reviews I decided to order these protective covers for 33 Tours ... and I do not regret it at all because these kits are good quality and actually handy for LP a bit bulky.
  • too well 28  

    Tale Coloring Felt Metal Box 20 (Office Supplies)
    these felts are great but some media it crosses a shame but the quality is great we can recommend
  • Table file  

    Wedo 2506303 File A6 + cards with alphabetical register 200 cards Transparent Blue (Office Supplies)
    Good practice good functional size on the desktop Fast delivery Ideal for small images and remediation or work learning
  • Its depends on whether that is actually  

    Exacompta 55,298th suitcase sorter 13 compartments 33 x 24 Crystal Polypro Polypro (Office Supplies)
    J have buy two. A to take with me being, he's been a month and then trash, it's very light tear after twice falling off the table, small capacity for sheets. Another that I've kept in my closet for a bill, this one it yours instantly. In short fine f
  • felts 7  

    Stabilo Swing Cool Cover 8 Highlighter Yellow / Blue / Green / Dark Blue / Orange / Lavender / Pink / Lilac (Office Supplies)
    Felt very good they have beautiful colors and large capacity can hold easily thank you very much I recommend to all
  • Nothing wrong 460  

    20 ColourDirect ink Cartridge For Epson S20, SX100, SX105, SX110, SX115, SX200, SX205, SX210, SX215, SX218, SX400, SX405, SX410, SX415, SX515W, SX600FW, SX610FW, BX300F, S21, SX110, SX115, SX215, SX410, SX415, SX515W, SX209, SX405 WiFi, D78, D92, D120, DX4000, DX4050, DX4400, DX4450, DX5000, DX5050, DX6000, DX6050, DX7450. DX8450, DX7000F, DX7400, DX8400 printer (Electronics)
    I thought the user right away, I took the jackpot. Not at all, they hold the road, I have not changed. I do not print a lot, but it's been over 2 months and I can already tell they are already super profitable.
  • In the top 453 in January 40  

    Rapid 24869300 Box of 1000 Staples 23/10 mm Galva (Office Supplies)
    Hardware pro if you're fed up with leaves that are only to undo and it annoys.
  • great 13 1  

    FABER-CASTELL case of 48 colored pencils Hexagonal ECO (Office Supplies)
    these rods allow us a wide choice of colors and you can not pass next to something good
  • Good Labelling  

    Dymo LabelManager 280 Desktop Labelling + 4 D1 tape cassettes 12 mm x 7 m (Office Supplies)
    Good labeling Correct price for a unit and four cassettes included labels. Possibility of adding fonts with software to download on the website of Dymo. Battery included in the pack and the connector cable with the pc. Relatively intuitive use from p
  • Small, practical and gay  

    CEP MyCube Mini storage module 2 small drawers + 2 drawers Multicolor (Office Supplies)
    This little cube is not all-of-fact cubic, as its exterior dimensions are 18.6 x 18.5 height 17.5 cm. Before receive javais afraid it is too flashy, phew it nen is nothing, it is rather gay but not neon. Anyway when I lai proposed to my daughter to p
  • Practical small storage drawers  

    CEP MyCube Mini storage module 2 small drawers + 2 drawers Multicolor (Office Supplies)
    Ideal for the bazaar's office or in the bathroom. The colors are pretty. Drawers and drawers slide well ds size is well studied. I was really pleased with this little extra storage.