Clear Red Card for Canon !!!

Clear Red Card for Canon !!!

Canon Pixma iP4950 Inkjet Printer (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Since many years I'm actually convinced Canon customer (printers, scanners), as I previously with the equipment- especially my last printer (PIXMA IP 4300) - was very pleased.
So was now after more than 7 years, and now a defective printhead the old unit, the decision for a new Canon product made quickly. My decision perhaps also because of the really cost-effective "Single Ink technology," back to a "PIXMA printer", the IP 4950th

Purchase the following points were crucial for me:

* The actually favorable entry price rice of the device
* The cost "Single Ink technology"
+ The possibility of an automatic duplex printing
* The "2-way paper feed" (either from above, or from the supplied front cassette)
* The given circumstances, to be able to print on DVDs and CDs directly to the device
+ Solid and visually high-quality looking processing of the printer
* Ultimately especially but also the previously positven Erfarungen with Canon products

Are arrived home, vorgrgegeben the device so as in the device instruction set and connected, all without problems, even if the supplied Canon software package is certainly very extensive, and probably rarely exploited in its entirety with the "normal" print wird- particular the Toolbar can be visually really see in the WIN 7 user interface, and is a nice treat.

Then it went to print the first test page, and what can I say, only painting on high-quality paper, the first disappointment: The nof Cannon so much propagated "quantum leap" in terms of picture quality was unfortunately off my getting on in years IP 4300 has also not printed worse. Certainly, to the printing of the IP 4950 Although there is not really something to complain about, but they are ultimately "only" ordinary average, and in no way a real "highlight". This may be partially favorable printers competitors as well for less money.

The next unpleasant conspicuousness then showed up at the incredibly long waits until a print job is then sent once defakto finally carried out by the IP 4950. The clock is ticking and ticking, and the Canon PIXMA indulges in front of almost any pending operation only once a detailed print head cleaning before then finally it goes to work. It's annoying, and does not have to be, especially when any cleaning valuable and expensive ink is wasted rampant. My old IP 4300 these idiosyncrasies strangely did not, and was dealing with the costly color therefore much more efficient than the new PIXMA IP 4950!.

Correct annoying is all but really only when you have to see that this "cleaning orgies" are even more done when no print job is pending, and the device is simply turned on. Again and again awakened the IP 4950 then from time to time to live, and "tinkers" cheerfully to himself, like there was no dawn inevitable consequence: The level in the, the rest has become smaller compared to the old IP 4300 ink tanks, sinks so fast that one can already dizzy from watching alone. Is it any wonder still that the level indicator of the software indicates only 50 percent capacity after only a few printed pages - and over the entire color palette of time.

How inclined is because, gentlemen developers of Canon? It may me time either of you explain why I need to set a permanent, automatic cleaning of the print head in the programming of the device, if it is "only" turned on, and is not actively used for printing? Also your support in advance of the mentioned incidentally, unfortunately grottenschlecht actual, and I had to take mandatory 2 days after the purchase of the device claim already, knew it not plausible answer. I sense there about a hidden mesh to maximize your profit of Business, gentlemen - this idea suggests itself an almost formal. True to the motto: "Only those who consume a lot of ink, also buys much new ink, and the floods pour money into the company office or wants to it than pure chance denote that in!." Printer Navigator "also equal a conspicuous button that says "Buy Now Ink" Findt which leads one directly and conveniently online "pork expensive" for Canon Ink Delivery Service?

Furthermore, one may think what you like, but with economy and ecological thinking, which is also the PDF manual "Eco-info" is expatiated promotionally effective way, under the heading, which has certainly nothing to do! Therefore there by myself for the PIXMA IP 4950 in terms of its maintenance costs clearly only one statement: "Set, 6".

Already alone for the rude treatment of the fragments were well because costly ink, the IP 4950 deserves two star deduction. That it remains in this category only with deuces, he owes itself to the fact that for the device in the open market more favorable variants (ink tank) are available, and one as to the purchase of expensive OEM cartridges (the rate to 60 euros !! ) confidently can do without!. So it is possible then still to beat the gentlemen at Canon a trick, and the cost of printing all by yourself to optimieren- long live the law of free product choice!.

Unfortunately, this is but-at least not in my device- the only downer. The driver and software sometimes lead a steady life of its own, and be defined in the settings function "remote turn on the printer" only works in phases and sporadic.

Explanation: This function is intended to ensure that the printer after sending a Druckauftrasges independently switched on and, off again after a set period of time, unless it is used again. Despite activate this feature turns the IP 4950 does not own one it does nothing to the first printing after switching on the computer. It will be released on PC, only the message "Printer is offline". Is then turned by hand, blinking green and orange status light at a specified interval abwechseld, and it still happens no progress. The job must first be aborted, and the printer then manually power off and then on again once more before then can ultimately be printed. Is this procedure but once durechlaufen, does the "remote start" error-free until the next PC restart.

So I simply contacted the Canon Support, hoping for a declaration and / or corrective terms of Problems- what a bust! The advice is indeed polite but little competent. After the exchange of the USB cable (which I also own had previously made), a reset of the device and updating the driver in terms of a solution have been unsuccessful, it Hies succinctly, they could not do anything which would be the operating system Windows 7, for Canon does not have jurisdiction. Just funny that my old IP has 4300- including Fernschaltfunktion- then works fine.

Finally, I was then communicated to the coronation, I could indeed do without this feature, because the printer would- otherwise but without errors otherwise I would PIXMA IP leave the 4950 on my seller to Canon shipment for examination, if I so absolutely wanted. A direct exchange for a replacement would be for !!! 2 days use since buying !!! - no longer possible, as the friendly service staff at the Canon help line. Here one may see how bad can be really good customer service.

Respect, respect my Lord advisor to this "service to the customer" really comes to mind nothing so makes you the consumer seemingly successfully silenced. But what do you expect more, if not even know how to interpret the error codes of their own devices, the in-house service staff of the manufacturer? By the way :. The PIXMA IP 4950 is in fact a "smart" product, and shows his ailments by different flashing (interval times of the LEDs) exactly on and makes it the knowledgeable service staff thus actually easier to isolate the problem, provided that you have an idea and well trained the products. Unfortunately, no one wants to classify precisely the display order of my printer Canon can-that speaks volumes, and one is thus undoubtedly sure: Embarrassing and incompetent not go - please therefore a detention for the entire technical telephone service at Canon, and as a consequence of another! point deduction!.

So there at the end of the evaluation of me, unfortunately only two meager star for the PIXMA iP4950, coupled with the certainty that this was certainly the last printers made by Canon for me. Here come true the beautiful sentence: "Not everything that was really good once, must also stay well!" - And their own experiences from earlier times are in relation to new often "smoke and mirrors". The competitors kanns cheaper and often better, and little things often determine a good or bad final score.

All that remains is the final word. A weak performance of the Canon service, paired with a mediocre product at best, including money rip off the ink consumption calculated by waste: All of this can now times viewed in its total lead to any satisfactory result! And a solution to the "remote control problem" I'll probably even have to worry if it should be for one at all. The attributes progress and retrogression are on the ground near beieinander- for the Canon PIXMA IP 4950 unfortunately applies the latter.


Addendum to my review from May 02, 2012:

I would like now again complete the "current score" and my experience with the Canon Pixma IP 4950 and share:

1) preliminary to the problem with the limited functional "remote switching function" of the printer:

Now, after the meantime 4 (!!!) Contact unsuccessful shots with the friendly, but not very competent Canon support, there is still no solution to my problem. In Casnon one insists continue firmly that the Fehller is to be sought not on the device, but in compatibility issues on my Windows 7 operating system - Note to the Lord from the Canon Customer: Why is there actually a WIN7 printer driver for the PIXMA IP 4950 if this does not work correctly with a current operating system from Microsoft - Canon knows no more communication, a concrete answer to me remained there until today unfortunately schuldig- you push it now on a non-definable problem with the current "Windows 7 Updates ". A solution is so Canon, individual nature, because each computer is indeed schlließlich differently, and everything depends also from the person filled with user software, and assume that all drivers may influence each other in their function. Since you now not exactly know what I would have installed on my computer, one could with my problem no longer able to help me unfortunate way - I can only say: "Thank you also to the ladies and gentlemen at Canon" fine rausargumentiert, and final "checkmate"

2) On the problem with the flashing "error code display":

The first time the printer is left unattended, the two LEDs (green and orange) continues to flash happily to himself. The company Canon is the error code displayed (14x wechseldes Flashing green / orange), BISD unfortunately still a mystery !. From the change of original cartridges with new ones of the same type (Canon-proposal), to the removal and reinstallation of the print head ("tip of a resourceful customer service employee") so far everything was unsuccessful. Therefore, there is in this point from my side still "total frustration" because the PIXMA one repeated each time again and has to be switched off again before he finally takes up his duties.
The Canon support proposal, already on the first call to the hotline: "Replace the instrument but with your seller to because EDS could be also defective!" - Note from me: "Great idea, I had almost already suspected! "- only the dealer says he wants my pretty IP 4950 no longer take back, because he can not check the error on the spot, and you also do not know if the damage caused by the use of non-original ink tank formed his could-Side note: The errors already exists !!! since the first switching on the unit
The Canon says again: could directly back to the printer not because it now already used and for several weeks was old, this would only if he was still in original packaging - the dealer must to initiate a warranty claim, therefore, on the spot! ..... decide how stupid this is because, gentlemen at Canon? Unfortunately, so also for this problem appears to be no solution in sight, and I will continue to have to be patient press the power button until the small "Lichshow" on my PIXMA IP 4950 then disappears!

3) also confirmed to many here at Amazon and discussed by me, enormous ink consumption of the appliance:

Again, one has at Canon successfully with all sorts of little plausible arguments and a beautiful "e-mailed statement to the correct operation and saving ink" out spoken: Thus were cleaning intervals, in print pauses, and each time the power necessarily of distress to "to keep clear" the new, fine micro nozzle, and an error-free printing under all conditions to guarantee (changing room temperatures and humidity). Other case would be a risk that the cartridge dry out, and the sensitive nozzles would be damaged, says Canon. It goes on: The fault often lay at the customer, because the device would disconnect when not in use most of the electricity for the sake of saving energy today ..... recognized How clever gentlemen, I'm doing really well - because who pays like to unnecessarily! expensive standby power!
And now following, adventurous assertion for high ink consumption of Canon will be presented: The PIXMA IP 4950 would in this regard geared to the printing habits of its user, and in a built-in memory this notice and evaluate what gradually to a decreasing consumption of ink would lead. Only when the printer remain connected continuously directly to the electrical outlet, this important information continue to remain well preserved. There will be a separation from the wall outlet, or there is a power failure, so Canon, the printer logical way again "forgot" all the collected data, and thus the collection of information would have to start again at "zero". This leads then to a permanently increased consumption of ink, which would naturally lead to verifiable "ailments" with the customer.
Love Canon marketing experts, a beautiful story were you thinking to come up - which you probably whispered the "storyteller" in the night in a dream, because you probably no longer Did, with which "rubbish" Your insatiable ink thirst of your device for the Customer shall explain understandable, or what? Strange also that this important rule is to be found in any part of the manual - I suspect here audacity and intention to "move in" richer sales income as a cause !!! - True to the motto:? As long as no one asks, shut up, and money sack!

Here therefore now my own experience to "ink consumption theory" of Canon, after 3 months of daily practice, true to "my" motto: "Do not think being seen everything you want and looking pennant make a resourceful entrepreneur":

1) The ink consumption of IP 4950 is exorbitantly high, completely indifferent in always the same extent if the printer remains or non a decrease in the demand for ink, e I could at any time find, though all manufacturers recommendations respected by my side closely to the mains were.

2) The Canon PIXMA IP is and remains the undisputed "Market Masters" in senseless squandering expensive and valuable ink, with its minute-long, entirely reasonable foreign "cleaning orgies", even in long print pauses !, because change crafty marketing tricks not 4950!

3) What the customer will only be seen at close comparison: The ink tank has been reduced compared to previous models by an estimated 20 percent in gleichgebliebenem purchase price - and they are also now consistently dyed black and no longer transparent!. An inspection of the customer to the exact ink level has become so impossible, and you have to so compelling guided by the display of "Printer Tools", and thus believe blindly what one indicates this when it warns the user to "container exchange" .. .. "sweet never sound the Tahler!"

4) Approximately estimated 60 to 70 percent of the contents of the ink tank is pointless and Canon my opinion sale strategically deliberately willed by logic at any time comprehensible "Cleaning procedures" downright verschleudert- apparently keeping with Canon customers actually for the "cash cow" of the Nation, who pays no attention to the economic viability of a printer. How else can such an approach would establish a sustainable and explain?

4) Even if the customer available at the Canon Pixma IP 4950, on the open market, less expensive ink cartridges recourse that can be generally used without any problems in this printer, the operation of this Grätes still remains an exclusive and especially costly affair. In addition to paper and other media (CDs / DVDs) printed, the ink tanks are basically empty sucked already after only a few pressure passages ratzekahl, and that provision be made for replacement again.
Even with very restrained use of the IP 4950 can monatlich- particular because of the constant "self-cleaning phobia" of the device, and the fact that every case the entire color palette "served" wird- with at least one complete "cartridge set" kalkulieren- itself "noNamespaceSchemaLocation ink "is here for the luxury. The original Canon-tanks (the rate to around 63 Euro), so dispense with under the circumstances economically anyway any basis for discussion, and likely considered reasonably priced anyway checked off as uninteresting Being already the second replacement of original ink, one drives namely the purchase of a new printer cheaper, provided an average purchase price of 78 euros for the PIXMA IP 4950 is recognized. Thus this device is also environmentally and soberly considered an absolute "no-go". But who listens like those arguments when it comes to the all-important question of "maximizing profits"?

My conclusion after 3 months:

The Canon PIXMA IP is and how to look at it bleibt- mag- a market probably unprecedented "Tintenvernichter" highest extent of even the smallest approach to profitability for its buyer mitbringt- profitability is here only and alone only for the producer 4950 given! Canon`s certainly brazen rip-off leaves the company Checkout ringing vigorously, and then fleeces the most unsuspecting customers when buying your wallet until it really hurts. The already cruelly poor customer service from Canon moves since almost in the background, and appears almost banal. And who sends the customer a recently acquired, brand new device- even if he wird- be annoyed no doubt about the follow-up costs after buying back into "retirement", or throwing it due to lack of profitability even right back in the garbage? Probably hardly anyone - though short-sighted thought but clever, dear Canon!

But what ultimately counts is the overall impression and whether you opt for a device of the same brand again by conviction .... customer loyalty is called something like "new German" my dear marketing experts at Canon. Here I say quite consistent on my part: NO !!! Why is my "Golden Lemon" for exemplary poor customer service and one of the most audacious "cheaters strategies" are I've ever seen, with "thunderous applause" at Canon - Congratulations on the far-sighted corporate policy !, you have just one more, long-term customers, never to return lost !

And because it was so uplifting and beautiful, here "my bill" as empowered consumer at Canon: I correct my vote on May 2, hereby to just "one" star, and that is almost too good!


My recommendation to all full here: Stay away from CANON PIXMA IP 4950 !!!

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