Comparison between Faber-Castell and Staedler

Comparison between Faber-Castell and Staedler

Faber-Castell 110994 - crayons Jumbo Grip Neon, 5-er Case (Office supplies & stationery)

Customer Review

I've been looking for my Bible study crayons with vibrant colors that do not press on thin paper, still blur and stick to long term. After much searching, I have decided for the following products and compared them:
1. Staedtler 128FNC6 - crayons Noris Club jumbo flouriszierend, 6
2. Faber-Castell 110994 - crayons Jumbo Grip Neon, 5-er Case

Price comparison:
The six colored pencils of Staedler are with 7.10 (1.18 per pen) cheaper than the five crayons from Faber-Castell that I have purchased for 8.61 (1.72 per pen). Thus, the pins from Faber-Castell are whole 47% more expensive than the crayons of Staedler! Please read also my comment about the dimensions!

Both products make a quality impression. I have received the pins of a Staedler Tikken better in your hand.

The crayons of both companies have the same length of about 17 cm, but differ in the diameter of the mine! The colored pencil leads from Staedtler are 3.5mm and are of Faber-Castell 5mm (on the package is the diameter specified with 4mm, but are 5mm thick!) Strong. Consequently, the crayons from Faber-Castell have about 43% more color, which compensates for the cost of the pins again!

Erasability of colors:
Both products can be erase only moderately well. On thin paper, the etching causes no joy because you have to push even harder to remove the paint.

Quality of the colors:
Beauty is, as is well known, in the eye of the beholder. Color differences as well. I give you my subjective opinion on the individual colors.

Yellow, orange, red, pink, light blue and light green

Yellow, orange, pink, light blue and light green (not red!)

I can account for the yellow pins only a minimal difference, but who speaks for neither of the two pins. I would have me all colors for a pen for marking decided I would probably opt for a yellow pen, because he has the best luminosity.

The orange colored pencils are markedly different. The pen of Staedler lights a little more, but the ink of the laser printer blurred somewhat. This I can not determine when the pen from Faber-Castell, so I find the pen from Faber-Castell something better.

For my Bible study I need the red color, so I find it a pity that a red pen by Faber-Castell is not present! The red color is not as beautiful as the bright yellow and orange of the other pins. Nevertheless me the red pen of Staedler like quite well.

The pink pen of Staedler is much stronger than that of Faber-Castell. Because the color is so powerful, it covers my opinion, from too strong, so you can read the letters worse. Therefore, I prefer the pink pen Faber-Castell before the pen of Staedler!

Light green:
The light green crayons are both very good. The Green von Faber-Castell is a little brighter. The light green pen Faber-Castell says a little more about me.

Light Blue:
The biggest difference in the pins there is at the light blue hue. The light blue of Staedler is much stronger and brighter. The readability of the letters will be greatly reduced in the light blue of Faber-Castell, because the black letters are covered with the light blue. The light blue of the company Staedler like me definitely better!

Seen priced I find both products too expensive! More than a 1 for a pen is definitely too expensive! Unlike regular crayons the Neonstifte possess greater luminosity and are much more stable in terms of the durability of the ink on the paper! This increase allows the expensive purchase price get over a bit more

The differences in the two products are so small that I can not make a clear recommendation. Who needs a red pen, accesses the pins of Staedler! Even if you opt for the pins of Faber-Castell, it has made, in my view a great purchase!

a very nice frame Rank: 5/5
March 23
Nickel! 15 1 Rank: 5/5
January 5
Castiglionne Rank: 3/5
August 26
WARNING !!! 1314 Rank: 1/5
January 23
A cult unit returns Rank: 4/5
June 6

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