From the perspective of a skeptic

From the perspective of a skeptic

Destiny - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

I wanted to Destiny did not originally buy. The reasons are manifold. At first I did not want to play with Always on - coercion and strong PS plus need. I am also not a fan of MMOs. Then when increasingly transpired that the game does not carry on good storytelling, Destiny was actually for me from the table. Almost on a whim I bought it anyway, also because all previous Autumn publications also failed to convince me. I never expected to like me would inspire the game. My biggest advantage is probably that the hype in the run-passed completely to me. I actually had only a concrete expectation, a Halo-like shooter gameplay. What does not concern disappointed Destiny. It plays incredibly smooth and dynamic. And it just keeps getting better and better. At first I was about paraded still downright multiplayer. But increasingly I could keep up, not least because of the ever-improving equipment, etc. The collector's instinct in the game in my opinion is even more motivating than Diablo 3. Ever Destiny falls to me more in this category. It's just about all the time leveling and collecting always better items etc. The story and the world of Destiny merely serve to justify this process makes sense and works well. I play 90% of the time alone, but are then mainly the occasional Strikes (with two foreign players) highlights that I do not want to miss. But on a like WOW teambuilding I renounce completely, but I am nevertheless risen within 1 week already to level 18. The game is very flexible for that matter, I mean in terms of solo / multiplayer / core or casual - gaming. It works for everyone, except for the one who does not want to grind so in favor of a higher level, because it lives the game. That would even like me, as I said was unexpected for me. The game has just some addictive potential, but it can also be times one or two days at rest and is not dependent on other players if one does not want. The Konkurenzkampf hällt also limited, because after no more than 4-6 weeks and casual players likely to have reached the upper level limits from 20. Unlimited duration play is therefore not a precondition for it.
To sum it up: Destiny is for me most likely a game like Diablo 3, (of course in a very different setting and with a shooter gameplay). The story is therefore not as critical, but should still be told something more substantial in future DLCs.
The game has the pleasure of "shared world" gameplay and even the co-op multiplayer awakened in me. My skepticism has evaporated. For this but I had to try it sebst.

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