Great extension for the Canon EOS 600D

Great extension for the Canon EOS 600D

Canon EF-S 55-250mm 4.0-5.6 IS II lens for EOS (image stabilized) (Accessories)

Customer Review

Purchase incentive:
Since I wanted to the starter 18-55mm lens have another lens with a longer focal length in order to have more creative opportunities I have researched first time on the Internet. There were dozens of offers in all price ranges.

It was clear from the outset that I did not want to spend more than 300 and was, since I had recently bought a new camera. In the price range the choice was getting smaller. There were a lot of offers from third-party, but I have since mostly only read bad reviews that certain data is not forwarded to the camera etc. etc.

It quickly became clear to me, it must be an original. I discovered then that Canon EF-S 55-250mm 4.0-5.6 IS II lens. The reviews that I've read about this lens were mostly positive, there were some people who were not satisfied with the quality. I decided then to buy it anyway and to make my own picture about it. In an emergency, I would have simply sent it back. Above all, the built-in image stabilizer has induced me to buy that lens. With cheaper lenses from third-party I was looking mostly in vain for an image stabilizer.

What the information on the lens actually mean?
When did you ever wondered what the details mean on a lens, I'll explain in this example again: Canon EF-S 55-250mm 4.0-5.6 IS II lens.
Canon is of course the manufacturer. EF-S is a particular series of lenses that have been built specifically for the Canon EOS cameras. In accordance with the 55-250mm focal length of the lens. Specifying 4.0-5.6 corresponding to the maximum aperture. In the largest focal length maximum aperture is 5.6 at the smallest focal length of 4.0. The larger the f-number is, the smaller the aperture, and the less light passes through the lens.

First Impression:
When unpacking immediately notice the high-quality processing of the lens. It fits comfortably in your hand and the weight of 390 g is super light. A lens cap for the front and back were also there. So the lens is well protected from common scratches. I still buy an additional protection for my lens and can you recommend this highly. More to the extra protection can you read below for useful accessories.

Test with the Canon EOS 600D:
I use the lens with the Canon EOS 600D and I am with the picture quality more than satisfied. Only at maximum zoom level you realize the difference at much higher quality and consequently more expensive zoom lenses. But the difference is not serious and only gets noticed if, for example grade photographed lines because these affect bent at the edges slightly. But actually, hardly. I do not mind at least, there really is only minimal. Nevertheless, the quality is still to be described as good and the price is unbeatable grade for amateur photographers. In addition, you can repair the lens distortion at the edge of the image with image editing programs, if it bothers you.

Even in low light makes the lens Good images. This is also determined because the Canon EOS 600D is not one of the worst models. The Canon EOS 600D makes the starter 18-55mm lens super pictures in the dark. One small problem, but this is normal with zoom lenses is the fact that the panel has the maximum aperture for a stop number of f / 4. In dark halls if you want to photograph, for example, athletes, the images are not as good, unless one fetches an external flash to the camera about what I then did. However, if you want to photograph objects or architecture, sets the aperture is not a problem, because then you just picks up the tripod and adjusts the exposure time to the top and everything is ok.

Before I grew my lens I was skeptical as to whether it is sufficient for my needs because I had read some bad reviews. Since my wallet but not lent me I ordered it from Amazon and tried it. I would have simply send it back in an emergency again. But the quality and the photos convinced me to keep it.
The feel of the lens is also very convincing. The lens is comfortable to hold and is not too heavy or too bulky, although I have very small hands. The weight is about 390 g. So it is no torment to take the lens on excursions. For amateur photographers, the lens is therefore perfectly suitable. For professionals rather not, but who indeed generally the larger purse;)

Autofocus or rather manually?
The autofocus works quite slow and quite inaccurate. In some images, the object to be photographed is often not properly focused. This can be seen then, but unfortunately usually only when one evaluates the images on the computer. Since I prefer to imagine the small switch on the lens from AF to MF to. First, I can focus myself faster than the AF and I then just focus on what I want. The images are, if I do it myself rarely focus unless I was drunk;)

UD lens:
To minimize secondary chromatic aberrations uses the EF-S 55-250mm 1: 4-5.6 IS II a Canon UD (ultra-low dispersion) lens for clear images with high contrast throughout the focal range. The UD lens seems to do a good job in any case, because chromatic aberration, I have not been able to discover in my pictures.

Even Environmentally friendly:
According to manufacturer Environmentally friendly lead-free glass is used to manufacture the lens glass. For that I give definitely a plus point. I think it's good when companies pay attention to the environment and will not contaminate very well when producing mostly thereby expensive. In addition, lead is also not so good for your health.

Useful accessories:
Property me the Objektivköcher Hama Defender lens case (Gr. M) black at Amazon ordered for just under 15th The lens fits in there perfectly and the bag is super padded. Even with falls and blows to the lens so happens nothing. Also, I find it absolutely to invest in order 15 to protect a 220 lens.

Lens hood I have 2 pieces. A course is also sufficient, but you should have something like this in any case. Lens hoods help in shielding from scattered light,
reduce the fogging when exposed to sunlight and increase the image contrast.
I own the Canon Lens Hood EW-60C and the ET-60th
In addition, I recommend a UV and a polarizing filter to buy for the lens, because that still succeed better pictures.

The slow and inaccurate autofocus is definitely a point of criticism. That's why I prefer before from a point.

In low light conditions such as in gyms can not photograph the athletes as well as the aperture is not big enough and too little light makes on the image sensor. Shutter speeds can be in sport even now not as simple superscript, so a Brighter lens or an external flash unit would be required here. For that I subtract half a point.
On the screen also cause some slight distortion, but they are barely visible. To recognize they are really only when you just photographed lines etc. Yet I also prefer this from half a point.

The lens is great for amateur photographers. The price is scarce 220 E really great and what comparable at such an affordable price is unlikely to find. The picture quality is really good. My criticisms I had are for amateur photographers not too bad. For professional photographers, the lens, but not recommended, the most likely no longer to look around in such a price range anyway.

For the lens, I forgive a total of 3 out of 5.

This report has also been published by me at ciao, dooyoo and yopi. Thanks for understanding!

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