Great school backpack, which can be tailored to the child

Great school backpack, which can be tailored to the child

DerDieDas Ergoflex SuperFlash Exclusive School Backpack Set 5 pcs. (Luggage)

Customer Review

After we had looked at the usual school bags and tried it, we felt that our child was somehow too narrow for it. On each side was at least still a few inches satchel over, so that the knapsack very heavy, the child seemed very small. So had to be something else. A normal backpack was not an option, so we ended up very soon with the brands Ergobag or this one: DerDieDas, model Ergo Flex. We parents and our daughter loved it (we say better: we were convinced our daughter loved).
The school backpack based on Treckingrucksäcken; both in upholstery and in the belt assembly: Apart from the usual longitudinal shoulder straps, there are a vertical and a vertical breast waist. The weight of the satchel and his weighty content is then transferred to the hips. In addition, the satchel through additional straps is so firmly attached to the back, that he can not shake - neither when running, even while playing. And by the good padding the satchel also sits very comfortably. In addition to the normal Gurteinstellungen that can be accessed by lashing and loosening, you can adjust all over again the back length of the child - a very practical and useful, so that the school backpack actually sits on the hips.
The weight is 800g with very easily. Even if one thinks that the scarce pounds bring more weight, the other school bags on the scales, not really much mind, can err quickly as an adult you look at it. The difference in weight can be used as already meaningful: While competing models are empty yet weighing in at 1200g, end up here quite a few school supplies in a backpack.
The handling of the backpack is simple: Open can of click lock with one hand, the front is a zippered pocket in which a pencil case or the lunchbox can be stored without problems. On the sides stretchable bottle holder for the standard bottle size are attached. The set includes a pin folder that is already filled to the fountain pen (with Stadtler-colored pencils), a slacker Case (z. B. for craft supplies such as scissors and glue), a Din-A-4 wide Heftebox plastic (are get the dog-eared notebooks) and a sports bag with wet compartment. All products are very well made. The backpack also has a reinforced base plate, so that the backpack does not fall over, or the content will be wet when you want to turn off the backpack times.
The only drawback is, however, that all Ergoflex designs not meeting DIN 58124, according to which 20% of the front and side surface must be provided with color-fluorescent signal color (on most models that is a radiant orange); DerDieDas has refrained from "aesthetic reasons", as stated on the manufacturer's site (the competition, Ergobag, but also offers no alternative in this regard). The orange areas are to make children more visible even during the day and at twilight. Since this backpack Although the fluorescent (ie the Retroreflecting optical) has surfaces that signal colors though not, so you must be a child or otherwise provide (ie z. B. with corresponding triangular security throws). [By the way, school backpacks have especially why at the last test of the Warentest Foundation so badly, because they were missing exactly these swatches.]
The design is very appealing to children - and still so colorful that the children on the road certainly attract attention anyway. The ErgoFlex backpack there are currently in four different color constellations; two for boys, two for girls. Nett is the idea of ​​the porthole, the fitting to the theme holds a special decoration and repeatedly found in the various Setbestandteilen. Unfortunately, there is at the moment no matching raincover of DerDieDas itself, however will be to follow. Otherwise fit other covers. Convenient is the fact that the backpack just can not only be used as a school backpack, but also for excursions. And even if the backpack should be replaced after the first school years once a new school bag, this backpack can still be quite normal for. As for sport o. Ä. further use.
Conclusion: A great alternative to the usual larger and heavier satchel that grows, is fully functional, looks good and with appropriate additional Sicherheitssignalumhängern is also suitable for school. [Tip: DerDieDas is slightly cheaper than its competitors brand, the quality of her but absolutely comparable. And if you're lucky, you caught here and there even one percent action, of which the Ergobag backpacks are often excluded.]

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