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  • Welder LACOR 69050  

    Lacor 69050 - device vacuum - Home 110W (Kitchen)
    I'm happy with my purchase. Although convenient for freezing fruit, meat, foie gras ... etc. I also put vacuum the leftover cheese, ham ... etc. This will keep them longer. Small flat but size, this unit is under warranty for 6 months and this is inf

    Lacor 69052 Pack 2 Tube Coils Plastic (Kitchen)
    lot 69052 LACOR freezer bags is ideal for all products = liquid, semi-liqides, cooked, fresh, sauces, made only more but cook a meal and freeze the second 2 = energy saving !! LACOR THANKS, But the bags are too stiff, thank you for flexibility in the
  • Electric Corkscrew Lacor  

    Lacor 63031 Corkscrew Electric with Support Load (Kitchen)
    This corkscrew gives a lot of fun because of its ease of use. But very short endurance, after several open bottles, one of the small contact terminals for recharging is twisted and disappeared inside the device. As soon as it is fully discharged, I w
  • Lacor 69050 110w Home  

    Lacor 69050 - device vacuum - Home 110W (Kitchen)
    Fast delivery. For now I used to put dried fruit, and herbs I dry myself, perfect results. it does well the empty air and the welding is perfect. The only constraint: use the bags or reels recommended for this machine. the bags are reusable which red
  • apparatus for making vacuum Lacor 69050  

    Lacor 69050 - device vacuum - Home 110W (Kitchen)
    I am very disappointed in this device, in fact, I bought last year in April for 1 month and I can not use it, because it no longer draws air for put a vacuum food. Besides, I do not know who to ask for repair or replacement. I addressed directly to t
  • manual grinder Lacor  

    Lacor 60327 Mill Ice Manual (Kitchen)
    Excellent product. I had two electric grinders that grind ice cubes almost in "snow" and fell down. The manual grinder is much more convenient. You can use it without paying attention to overheating. Moreover, it is very handy and quite heavy fo
  • Lacor 61908 - A real oil spray  

    Lacor-61908-100 ml OIL SPRAYER (Kitchen)
    Finally a REAL oil spray! -No Comparison with the last two purchased in supermarkets (clogs or makes a jet). I am delighted with my purchase. I use it all the time in the kitchen. I brumise my stoves and this is more than enough for good cooking: so
  • LACOR skimmer  

    Lacor 62654 Skimmer Milenium Inox 18/10 (Kitchen)
    Very nice article with a high quality chrome. The handle is a bit short, but I'm quite happy with this purchase.
  • LADLE Lacor  

    Lacor 72850 Buffet Sauce Ladle Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    Very good article practice going great on the table during the service, its qualitée is very pretty and not looks good on a table. I recommend this product very satisfied
  • Lacor vertical dispenser  

    Lacor - 50301 - Vertical Dispenser for Paper Towels - All (Inox) (Kitchen)
    It is a well designed and very functional object. You can move and take her to the nearest place of its use. No need to make holes in the wall to fix it. It is heavy enough to stay in place when you pull the paper. I especially loved the brake system
  • 10 cup coffee Lacor  

    Lacor 62211 Coffee Mugs Express Hyper Deluxe 10 (Kitchen)
    Very nice article sleek design Coffee excellent, as in all Italian coffee maker Namely, that represent about 10 Italian cups cups 6 standard
  • the Lacor coffee  

    Lacor 62211 Coffee Mugs Express Hyper Deluxe 10 (Kitchen)
    the filter frame has the screw that is no longer at the 1st use. Great coffee but in limited quantities!
  • Push Chinese Lacor  

    Lacor 60300 plungers Chinese (Kitchen)
    Time delivery, utensil necessary when buying a Chinese, size is fine with my Chinese De Buyer of Ø18cm.
  • bag for vacuum machine LACOR  

    Lacor 69052 Pack 2 Tube Coils Plastic (Kitchen)
    very good solid very good qualiter nothing to say. I used the same 2 times for aperitif or pistachio cakes ect .....
  • Ok and good article  

    Lacor R69050F adapter Containers Machine (Kitchen)
    Corresponds to the good description and I'm very happy Easy to use, to be connected to the suction nozzle of the appliance Lacor
  • A corkscrew that ensures  

    Lacor 63031 Corkscrew Electric with Support Load (Kitchen)
    Better designed than the Peugeot and I bought one of the key pieces had broken the 3rd bottle, model from Lacor has been strained for year-end holidays. He has perfectly fulfilled its role and even manages to lead a little special bottles as the clos
  • not great as a gift ...  

    Lacor 63031 Corkscrew Electric with Support Load (Kitchen)
    Three corkscrews very aesthetic delivered Lacor, both are not working. After initial charge recommended 10 hours, nothing happens ... The battery is not charged (malfunction). I wanted to offer this evening December 24 at buddies ... It missed ... Bu
  • A new kid in my kitchen (small and strong!)  

    CCJ210E Cuisinart Citrus Press Centrifugal Effect 100W Brushed Steel Easy Clean (Kitchen)
    On vacation, I had the opportunity to drink orange juice / fresh grapefruit and although this was not the first time, I thought it would be nice to do the same at home. Yes, I nevertheless have a manual juicer, model "elbow grease" and "fru
  • Hear the train whistle!  

    Lacor 68619 Wheezing Kettle 2.0 Litres (Kitchen)
    As shown, the handle is not made of plastic cork but a little darker, however. It makes even rather fine. The shape of the handle allows to grasp naturally without Difficulty. The finish is perfect, it will see use if inside pricks or not. The whistl
  • Very good 75 2  

    Lacor-67001-5 PCS. MEASURING SET ST / STEEL 18/10 (Kitchen)
    Spoons of superb quality! The print quality is really there to open the box! There is therefore a set of measuring spoons Americans standard with 5 tablespoons 1 tablespoon (tbsp 15 mL), 1 teaspoon (tsp 5 mL), 1/2 teaspoon (2 , 5 mL), 1/4 teaspoon (1