active 3d glasses for eyeglass wearers


  • very good 3D glasses for eyeglass wearers  

    EX3D 1015 Polfilterbrille Clip On glasses large (Accessories)
    When wearing glasses with progressive lenses I have always been almost mad with 3D if I had to wear the 3D glasses over your own glasses. Focusing was an ordeal because the 3D glasses was always in the wrong focus zone of bifocals. So I just was able
  • Great glasses for eyeglass wearers  

    Sony TDGBT500A 3D Active Shutter Glasses-black (Accessories)
    Great, lightweight glasses that as wearers do not push me through, etc. Disturbs. Battery replacement is described in detail in the manual. Top product.
  • Perfect sports glasses for eyeglass wearers  

    NAVIGATOR SPIDER, sports glasses, cycling glasses, UV Lens, 30g, price! (Misc.)
    The Navigator Spider is actually a copy of a UVEX Cycling Glasses. This is, however, no longer offered since 2006, which the spare parts issue, in particular the re-ordering of opti Schenn correction Clips extremely difficult. The Navigator on the ot
  • Top Glasses for eyeglass wearers  

    LG AG-F420 polarized glasses for 3D Cinema (Personal Care)
    The 3D glasses does its job perfectly. It has a low weight and can easily attach to the existing visual aid. A must for 3D fans who are tired of a 2 glasses on his nose.
  • Very Good glasses for eyeglass wearers  

    Bosch goggles (tool)
    The spectacle is enough from the size. For a normal glasses. For thicknesses Hipsterbrillen it is guess too small: D It is well Stram at the head.
  • 3D glasses suitable for eyeglass wearers  

    Toshiba FPT AG01G 3D Glasses (Accessories)
    These 3D glasses from Toshiba for Toshiba 3D TV is also suitable for eyeglass wearers. A large field of view ensures even at a greater distance a perfect 3D experience, as long as the film is good for what ;-)
  • For eyeglass wearers less suitable, when it is warm they fog up quickly and pushes, but protects the eyes from dust  

    3M Fahrenheit Goggles FheitSA, AS / AF / UV, A, clear Non-ventilated, neoprene headband, incl. Microfiber pouch (tool)
    For eyeglass wearers not well suited. Pressing and fogged easily at high heat or strenuous activity. Otherwise, the glasses will protect your eyes, that's the main thing !!!
  • A dream for eyeglass wearers  

    Original Hat Crushable Oilskin waterproof (Misc.)
    Due to the broad and solid-brimmed hat this is a dream for eyeglass wearers, because in a normal rain erereicht not drop the glasses. Good to read that he fails rather slightly less. I ordered it a little too big and - it fits. Who ventilation missin
  • For eyeglass wearers recommended!  

    Canon EP-EX15II Extender for Canon EOS (Accessories)
    Meanwhile, I could test this eyepiece a few days and have to say: a good thing (not only) for eyeglass wearers! Although the viewfinder is slightly smaller, appear to be farther away, but I have a better overall view. Reminds me so a little on the
  • Not necessarily suitable for eyeglass wearers  

    Dräger Goggles X-pect 8330 anti-scratch and anti-fog; Disc: polycarbonate; UV protection: 99.9%
    All well and good - the glasses may well look quite fashionable. The design makes them but for eyeglass wearers rather unsuitable, because unlike other brands it encompasses the insufficiently protected part of the eye region. In addition, the strap
  • Not suitable for eyeglass wearers  

    Sharon mEq PC 31 Radio Stereo Headset / CD quality with digital 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, noise-free / 10m range / rechargeable / headphone + microphone + USB wireless stick (Macbook Air Macbook Pro iMac with Mac OS Lion Leopard / PCs Linux Ubuntu / Windows 7 XP PC, iPad 3 with Hebron Camera Connection Kit will detect the new hardware automatically, if not recognized, please USB Port Switch) (Electronics)
    Technically, the product is excellent, but it is unfortunately not suitable for eyeglass wearers, as the earpieces press the strap of my glasses, thus they act very uncomfortable and press after some time. Furthermore, one must, if you want to use th
  • Ideal for eyeglass wearers  

    Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports In-Ear Headphones with Neckband (Electronics)
    For the past 4 months I use these sports headphones while jogging. For my sports activities - run for 30 minutes - - two to four times per week 20 I'm very happy with the product. The sound is great, the headset sits firmly without pressing. I do not
  • For eyeglass wearers not ideal.  

    Philips PTA518 / 00 3D Max active glasses (switchover 2 Player Full Screen Gaming) (Electronics)
    The delivery was prompt. Super Delivery Service! With the glasses, I am not very satisfied. I find this model (PTA518 / 00) not ideal for eyeglass wearers. It covers my glasses off incorrectly. They also darken the image too much.
  • Super for eyeglass wearers  

    LG AG-F420 polarized glasses for 3D Cinema (Personal Care)
    Recommended for eyeglass wearers. Whether cinema or at home no longer carrying 2 glasses. Good and tight on your glasses and make a good impression processed.
  • Top product for eyeglass wearers  

    LG AG-F420 polarized glasses for 3D Cinema (Personal Care)
    Everyone who wears glasses knows the debacle with normal 3D glasses: Putting his glasses one sees nothing more, attempts are the 3D glasses will put before the normal glasses on his nose, the quite heavy and not exactly comfortable. The LG AG-F420 is
  • Finally, the full picture for eyeglass wearers  

    Canon EP-EX15II Extender for Canon EOS (Accessories)
    Hello everybody, I found quite by accident this extension here on Amazon; and previously resigned myself to that I never can see the entire contents of the finder of my Canon D600. But finally, this chic part reduced the entire viewfinder area althou
  • Tended not do this, too soft, you do not have to buy here! But for eyeglass wearers probably better than the expensive EP-13  

    Olympus EP-12 Eyecup for OM-D E-M1 (Accessories)
    As such, the eye cup is okay; as such, it serves its purpose. Unfortunately, it tends, although they can be very difficult to remove by hand, to detach during use, such as when you take the camera out of the camera bag. And if one does not really sta
  • too expensive, not suitable for eyeglass wearers  

    Sony FDA-EV1S Electronic viewfinder for NEX-5N (Accessories)
    bought for Nex 5R to see when the sun shines a little can, priced a bit overdone. With the image quality I am very satisfied - pretty good, I had until recently also a Fuji X-S1 whose viewfinder as I wear glasses could use much better for eyeglass we
  • For eyeglass wearers rather inappropriate ...  

    Logitech G430 Gaming Headset for PC and PS4 blue (accessory)
    I've ordered this headset because I have ne glasses and thought his ears would cushion soft and comfortable for eyeglass wearers. Unfortunately, it has very pressed me the strap to your head and I could not play more than 10 minutes. Without glasses,
  • Sorry, ours is not suitable for eyeglass wearers.  

    3M Respirator Aura 9332 + SV, 5-pack, FFP3 NR D, with CoolFlow exhalation valve (tool)
    I use respirators for a long time when sanding furniture. But I was dissatisfied with the vast majority of models. Because almost always my glasses fog up when working with the mask in a short time. Which unfortunately also in this rather expensive 3