badabulte heater


  • Hygienic, heat resistant and non-slip Oven Glove  

    Kuuk silicone quality professional Silicone oven gloves with non-slip grip (1 pair) (gray)
    I have 2 pairs of conventional oven gloves for kitchen and barbecue. Common to all is that they quickly become dirty after washing and gradually the heat resistance is getting worse. After a few seconds I burned me with the cloth gloves fingers. That
  • Central heating  

    OXFORD Heizgriffe Hotgrips premium specifically for Touring - Latest (Misc.)
    For over 20 years I use this very meaningful for all-weather bikers accessories. So even at my current Honda. Important when buying me was the quality and feel of the handles used, reasonable wiring, and the good operability of the temperature contro
  • Does not heat sufficiently strong  

    Electric blanket Pladur 60W / 150x80cm (Personal Care)
    Have this blanket bought to heat parts of the back and as tensions similar to me to counteract. This has, however, does not work well, because the ceiling is rather lukewarm and just not hot enough. Material and processing is however in order.
  • Powerful heating plates!  

    Domo DO 310 KP double stove-top / 1000 Watt + 1500 Watt / 15.5 cm + 18.5 cm (Misc.)
    This stove heats up very quickly and can be used during cooking over a low level, since the plates remain pretty hot. Am very happy with it so far.
  • Top Heat Protection Spray  

    Wella Professionals Styling DRY Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray 150 ml (Personal Care)
    Looking for a new heat protection, I came across the Wella heat protection spray. Based on the positive reviews I've ordered this product and am very satisfied. I give heat protection before blow drying to wet hair and the spray smells great and the
  • L'Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe - Heat Styling Spray Smooth, 170ml  

    L'Oréal Paris Elnett de Luxe - Heat Styling Spray Smooth, 170ml (Health and Beauty)
    The heat styling spray to smooth I personally super. I had in front of Wella one and was disappointed because the hair funny anfühlten and I felt uncomfortable accordingly - was just nothing for my hair. This one of L'Oréal's different. The hair stay
  • Super - not only as a heat shield, but also as maintenance.  

    L'Oréal Paris Studio Line Straight Thermo-smoothing cream, 1er Pack (1 x 200 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    For my thin hair fisseligen I've tried a thousand different Felt heat protection lotions and only two I find really good: the very high-priced Nectar Thermique from Kérastase and this here. The "thermo-smoothing cream" is good to apply and
  • Heater with motion sensor  

    Ultratec 2 levels quartz heater QH1800, fan heater with movement sensor, variable wall mounting, 1800 W (garden products)
    The Ultratec heater with 2 heat settings (1300 and 1800 W) heats up quickly and well. The device is intended fundamentally for wall mounting, the holder can be rotated in three tilt angles. But can also be used as a standalone unit. The air flow dire
  • Very nice and efficient heating  

    Magma infrared wall heater 400W type tile (granite gray-beige) with outlet regulators
    We and my parents put the heater in a small room with about 5.5 square meters, if it selbiges the night not too much cools (ie more comfortable to hold than room temperature for heating). It has an outer wall and a wall to be (often heated) staircase
  • Heating pad lukewarm  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    From a heating pad can here be no question - it is also on Level 3 just lukewarm (and then only in the middle). Immediate return - annoying!
  • Beurer heating pads  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    I have often times back pain or neck, so now had to finally restore a heating pad. I am very pleased with the Beurer heating pads! There are very warm at the highest level, but not too hot. You can take the pillow well with the bed and start at the h
  • heat should ...  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    That's the purpose of this product. but not it was possible for me to use this heating pad accordance with its purpose. my old Beurer heating pads, which I took over 10 years to my satisfaction, has the lowest switching stage a lot more heat than bro
  • Heating pad? Rather not ...  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    This heating pad might want to be talking about one, if it is big ... At level 1 and 2, no heat generation was palpable. At Level 3, after 15 minutes a slight balmy change. A heating pad is not. Whether it was possibly only a single defective copy or
  • Insufficient heating power  

    Beurer FW 20 Cosy foot warmer (Personal Care)
    I bought the foot warmer Beurer FW 20 Cosy with Turbo heating (!!!) and 3-stage circuit. The heating power I think is too low. The following Aufheizwerte I've found in the closed Heizwärmer: (Level 1 about 33 ° C; Stage 2 about 37 ° C; Stage 3 about
  • Better than any heating pad, vigorously by heating and high quality  

    Beurer FW 20 Cosy foot warmer (Personal Care)
    Hello! I belong to the people, the year-round wear two pairs of socks, because they always have cold feet. So far, for heating the feet diverse heating pad were used. Before making any purchase of a heating pad I always squinted toward foot warmers,
  • Heat distribution is not optimal  

    Medisana FWS Foot Warmer, Oeko-Tex 100 standard (Personal Care)
    The Medisana foot warmer is super soft and very light. It offers enough space, even for larger feet. The inner lining is removable and can be washed at 30 degrees. 3 temperature settings are available, which I but only at level 3 feel a pleasant warm
  • Super heating  

    Einhell HH 1200/1 halogen heater, 1200 watt, 3 heat settings, oscillation function (tool)
    Have the heating already few weeks in operation and can tell; I had in this price range has never been better! She is silent, the rays warm immediately after switching on and also it is relatively low in energy consumption. One does not have to use t
  • As a supplement heating in the bathroom  

    Einhell HH 1200/1 halogen heater, 1200 watt, 3 heat settings, oscillation function (tool)
    During my early shifts I leave already by 5 clock the house and go accordingly earlier showers. The big disadvantage (next to the time) is the fact that the central heating is not yet started at this time. To counter the cold in winter, I bought this
  • Lamp or heating? Both!  

    Einhell HH 1200/1 halogen heater, 1200 watt, 3 heat settings, oscillation function (tool)
    The Einhell HH 1200 is a good halogen heater, which is good especially for the direct irradiation of people, but also the heating of small rooms can take on single-handedly. However, some things to consider: He he is very bright, quite comparable wit
  • Heat to low and totally stiff  

    Beurer HK 25 heating pad (Personal Care)
    The heating pad did not like. Had ordered because I previously had an old model of beurer which was great. The pad itself at the highest level not particularly warm and totally stiff, do not even fit to the body. Well, it's a seemingly "cheap