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  • Lego, good humor and a terrible game mechanics  

    Lego Indiana Jones 2 (Video Game)
    Hi first, So I "Lego Indiana Jones 2 - The Adventure Continues" really now up to the maximum maxed out and played to the smallest detail! I have earned the platinum trophy and beyond also tinkered much in Kreator mode. It is Lego! Lego inspired
  • Highway Brenner  

    Ride [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Arg disappointed by the fact that there was already a successor of "Tourist Trophy" for the PS 3, I had this racing game easily and have had it pre-blind. The market for motorcycle racing, in which it only comes to driving, without this sho
  • Permanent Internet connection required! What ???  

    Train Yard (App)
    The strategy game Train Yard is quite entertaining. By skillful construction of railway lines must be one or several trains run to their destination without colliding while driving with other trains. Some of the routes have to be built on the cross,
  • lego harry potter  

    Lego Harry Potter - Years 1-4 (computer game)
    very average game hangs constantly on the same level very difficult to install. My son is disappointed if we can be of any help to the blocking of the game !!!!
  • walkthrough  

    Tomb Raider Guide (Paperback)
    I have very nice buy this book because I am a very big fan of Lara but in case I block in the game.
  • Very satisfied, quality / price unmatched  

    PZ45 Saitek Throttle Quadrant Pro flight control gas (Personal Computers)
    Really gives a new dimension to the office simulation. Contrary to some comments he has a command "reverse thrust" as a button that can be pressed by the handle when pulled down ... just program this button in the settings of simulation to match
  • very good, not only in WoW  

    Razer Anansi gaming keyboard (personal computer)
    First of anticipating my few minuses: 1. T1 to T7 keys are not mitbeleuchtet Is 2. The driver is a standalone driver that is not currently in the collection tool "Razer Synapse 2.0" included (According to the list of supported devices [...] But
  • A lot of wind to Nothing  

    Spore (computer game)
    So after I've now played Spore for a while I have to go to get rid of my mind. It seems to me as if the game after the Creature Editor was specially published, was only added later and listless. Biggest weakness is clearly that Spore nothing, absolut
  • It goes in the right direction ... but!  

    Risen 3: Titan Lords - Collector's Edition (computer game)
    As I said, the direction, the Piranha Bytes wrapped in Risen 3 is the right one, because it slowly but surely moving away from Risen 2 and the pirate setting. After the initial euphoria now arises, after about 15 hours of playing time, a little disil
  • Billard small masterpiece  

    Relax Days Mini pool table billiard table billiard edition model with accessories wood 91.5 x 51 x 21 cm (equipment)
    Despite the low price, the pool table and accessories suggests good. Even without the feet to screw, you can simply place it on two blocks and the game level is reached. My son is happy!
  • Offline mode  

    The Settlers 7 - Gold Edition [PC Download] (Software Download)
    That is now only one must be online to activate the game unique, is simply lying! Although man can make the Ubilauncher Offline but not the settlers 7, the game remains online. Block to the game in the firewall, so it begins once you have started it
  • Terrible difficulty, little adjustable  

    Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends - [Xbox 360] (Video Game)
    I am "digital" racer of the first hour, so ever since the Amiga 500. I prefer to drive realistic racing games such as Forza Motorsport. 4 I was pleased to Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends for a long time, because it appealed to me, sometimes to
  • If you like Tetris, is also like this funny version :)  

    Kirby's Star Stacker [US Import] (Video Game)
    A simple game, which makes a lot of fun. The main menu is structured as follows: Round Clear VS Challenge Time Attack Rules Records Leading the way is still to say that there are 5 levels of difficulty: Normal / Normal Hard / Heavy Very Hard / Very H
  • ... A great game Block !!!!!  

    Game blocks StadtLandFluss 1 STK Din A5 50 sheet (Toys)
    We were looking for a replacement for an expensive city, country, river block a renowned manufacturer, as this article was no longer offered. With Amazon we found this block for a very reasonable price. Our expectations of this game Block more than f
  • Great game but the block does not last long.  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4015 - Qwixx - Nominated for Game of the Year 2013 (Toys)
    The game itself is very good just what I think is very sad that keeps the enclosed block with 4 players maximum a few days. That I know differently. As one would ever again to enclose wipeable cards with felt pens. See Dice Bingo. The purchase of the
  • Game Blocks  

    Nürnberger-Spielkarten 4019 - Qwixx additional blocks (toys)
    Fast uncomplicated delivery. Are like the game delivered to block. Price is really great for me, so I have not even tried to make himself what.
  • Very nice strategy game with blocks-Preisrad  

    Schmidt Spiele 48221 - The palaces of Carrara (Toys)
    We are located in the Italian Tuscany - the stronghold of the famous Carrara marble. As builders we procure the coveted building materials from the quarries around. Then we build so impressive buildings in our neighborhoods various Italian cities in
  • Much better than any other known block game  

    Survival Craft (App)
    Only played the demo belongings from Play Store and then bought here. The game is very vielfältig and offers exactly what I miss at the other. In addition, it has a very good compatibility to Intel processors on my Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, it runs continu
  • blocking the game  

    Goliath - Board Game - Deluxe Triominos (Board Game)
    it happened to us have to block (draw more parts? is there another more rooms 2 can be mixed with