bm35 accuracy


  • Simple PH meter with sufficient accuracy  

    Etekcity® 0.1 pH High Accuracy Pocket Pen pH meter meter, pH Handheld Pen Tester, 0.00 -14,00pH measuring range, 0.1 pH resolution for action Budget drinking water, aquarium pool water (Misc.)
    I use the Etekcity PH meter especially for pH measurements in my swimming pond (~ 8.0 PH). The pH measurement is easier and more accurate read as with the previous use of gauges, where you have to determine the pH value by means of a color scale. The
  • Quick measuring infrared thermometer with practicable for everyday accuracy.  

    Etekcity Laser Grip 1080 Infrared Thermometer Laser pyrometer infrared measuring pistol -50 up to 550 ° C, 2 years warranty, Ergonomic Handle, Blue display illumination, ° C / ° F changeover, Ink. Battery Certificate: FDA / FCC / CE / RoHS (household goods)
    I want you / you describe here my experiences with the Etekcity Laser Grip 1080 Infrared Thermometer. This is delivered in a cardboard box with a 9V battery and a detailed but unfortunately existing only in English Quick Start Guide. With the thermom
  • Perfect processing - pointer accuracy Miserabel  

    Citizen Promaster Sky Pilot Radio Chronograph Mens AS4020-52E (clock)
    Preface: My old clock is a Casio EQW-M1000D which was purchased at a price of 250. This clock is therefore for me the local clock at a new clock must be measured. First Impression: After the AS4020-52E with me arrived I was thrilled. The value which
  • Measuring speed / accuracy TOP / Miscellaneous Details FLOP  

    Geratherm Rapid GT-195-1 digital thermometer with 9-second technology (Personal Care)
    I own this thermometer since about 2011, and am absolutely delighted with the measurement speed and accuracy. Especially when I'm sick, I like Mass every half hour fever, which hereby so beautifully done quickly and accurately. But also to the many d
  • Compromise between speed and accuracy  

    Braun 609337 Thermometer PRT 2000 Age Precision (Personal Care)
    This thermometer is specially designed for measurements on children - must after switching between ages 3 months, 3-36 months and older than 36 months can be chosen. Effect of selection is that the beeps are sent for "Fever" from another li
  • No Accuracy  

    VicTsing® 5500 DPI, 500Hz, USB 7 buttons Wired Gaming Mouse DPI Adjustable 820/1600/2400/3200/5500 for Pro Gamer Player (Electronics)
    The mouse is generally a bit strange in his hand. Dei mouse is very bad in his hand. Although I have small hands, but the mouse was probably designed for even smaller hands. Generally, the mouse feels not just high quality and is also quite easy. The
  • The very high accuracy justifies the price  

    ELV Energy Master Basic energy monitoring devices (Misc.)
    As a technophile man I have in my household a number of electronic devices. The vast majority of them are connected via switchable radio outlets, consumers are hiding, unfortunately, still exist. I wanted to offer the most accurate gauge and agree to
  • Accuracy? 3 yes, 2 no!  

    5 piece set round bimetal Analog adhesive refrigerator thermometer. Refrigerator thermometer temperature display + / - 50 ° C. Made in Germany. Plastic Color Blue, white, red, silver, yellow (household goods)
    In my new fridge and freezer I am against 3 different locations to measure the temperature. To determine the "relative accuracy", I once put all tangible thermometer together. Result: My 3 old and less inexpensive thermometer (digital and analog
  • Accuracy can soon after  

    Acer The cordless optical mouse matt black (Accessories)
    I was initially very excited about the wireless mouse. After four weeks but good obviously makes the battery power to and hence the "accuracy". I have professionally from time to time projects in which I select and move with copy and paste exact
  • Accuracy barometer crying  

    Oregon Scientific - Thermo Hygro Sensor and Barometer with Bluetooth - BTHGN129 (Garden)
    This is what can be read in the user manual. "Measuring range Barometer 700 to 1050Mb / hPa Barometer Accuracy +/- 7 Mb / hpa " 1- We should say 'millibar' or 'mbar', not 'Mb'. This error is constant regardless of the language of the manual. 2 W
  • Excellent accuracy  

    Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse Black (Accessory)
    Having passed through other gamer mouse (Logitech G300, Cyborg RAT5 ...), I just got it, and I must say I am impressed. I ordered mainly for a game called Osu !, which demands precision beyond any other use (I'll let you search for videos on the inte
  • courtesy and accuracy  

    Wholesale - 20 x Beads For Pandora Charms On angle pendant Tibetan silver beads (Jewelry)
    courtesy and accuracy, although detailed description, read the directions for not buying a blindly, product and well done, and excellent communication, very courteous .... lovely !! I would say only the price of transport in Britain is high, but the
  • Laser medium accuracy well suited to wall tiles  

    Laser Bosch PLT 2 tiler wall bracket 0603664000 (Tools & Accessories)
    The accuracy of the laser, according to the Bosch site is 0.5 mm / m, which is more than enough to put the tile wall. I would even say that it is made for that ... compared with the pro versions, which have no spirit level and are much heavier. By co
  • Good quality and accuracy  

    Bosch - Laser Rangefinder DLE 40 (Electronics)
    Good quality product compared to a green Bosch. The handling is really easy and accuracy appointment. By cons supplied with empty batteries .......
  • ok for the price but lacks all the same accuracy  

    nothing to say for competitive prices, in contrast to having multiple Bought there actually has a range of about 10% accuracy to consider
  • recommend a ball for accuracy SHIFT TEST  

    Manfrotto MHXPRO-3W Black Ball 3 dimensions (Accessory)
    this ball is recommended for the night kind of photo astrophotography, the kind of situation where it must not have games, even 1 mm, in order to easily fit what you want to photograph. with a load of 8 kg is the perfect ball for the last generation
  • Accuracy review  

    Mondaine - A667.30308.16SBM - Men's Watch - Quartz Analog - Strap Stainless Steel Silver (Watch)
    I bought this watch, because I really like the look. By cons, the watch is slow about 4 minutes per week. When looking at the manual, it is indicated that the accuracy is 30 seconds per day! For a watch of this price and from Switzerland, I find this
  • questionable accuracy  

    small balance cheap and easy to use. For small weighed 0.2 to .5g, accuracy is questionable because adding a small amount on the set, the displayed value does not change, then change then finally changes when the weighing has far exceeded the target
  • Simple and inexpensive product but relative accuracy.  

    I ordered and received 2 devices simultaneously used side by side test in the same place they gave quite different information in humidity. So if you are looking for accuracy, by upgrading.
  • Unbeatable price and good accuracy  

    LSH2000 - Extra large weighing surface 10X10cm - 0.1g Accuracy 0.05g to 2000g and 1000g for (Kitchen)
    A very good balance, I compared the results with those of a laboratory balance (which gives values ​​in mg), the results are consistent. Conclusion: flawless, it has an accuracy of 0.1 g.