buy sony cx 3800e battery


  • BATTERY MEETS Sony NP-BX1 Battery for DSC-RX100 1240 mAh  

    Sony NP-BX1 Battery for DSC-RX100 1240 mAh (Accessory)
    I received the Sony NP-BX1 Battery for DSC-RX100 1240 mAh. I weighed 24 gr ... conforms exactly to the one I had was buying my Sony HX300 no difference ... it does not seem to be a fake! I do not see Sony leave a site like Amazon sell products with S
  • BP Sony NP-BG1 battery  

    Sony NP-BG1 Lithium Ion Battery for G-Series (accessories)
    Ratio long delivery time was also described as, had done so far only Orginalakku.Das charging the battery as well as the Original battery in the charger after full charge, the display went aus.Wie long does the capacity I can not even once schätzen.S
  • Three reasons not to buy this type of battery  

    M & L Mobiles® | FOR BATTERY BA300 Sennheiser RS ​​4200 IS 410 BA-300 (Electronics)
    1) must be forced to enter the battery compartment in the headset 2) it fits poorly reload support (bad contact, untimely transition from green to red, red to green) 3) its lifetime does not exceed six months (both purchased) and effectiveness decrea
  • Sony Ericsson 1 Battery  

    Sony Ericsson Li-Ion Battery for C510i, C902, C905, K770i, R300, S500i, T650i, W580i, W595, W760, W902, W980i, Z770i (Accessory)
    Sold for an original battery of the Sony Ericsson W595, cheap, but not consistent, take a battery BST33
  • Buy Dear nen original battery  

    Ex-Pro® Olympus BLN-1, BLN1 [Chipped EXACT] High Power Plus + Lithium Li-Ion battery for Olympus (Accessories)
    The battery fits, it can be loaded in the original charger, thus appears to be the description of the product to vote: alone, the battery power is at best adequate. While the original battery lasts a long time, this is much faster NoName empty. Often
  • Why Sony saves on battery?  

    Sony NP-FG1 InfoLithium Ion G-Series Battery (Electronics)
    First, as always: Delivery time and battery TOP! The battery pack NP-FG1 Sony I have done me a replacement battery for my Cyber-shot Digital Camera DSC-HX20VT. The manufacturer Sony puts his camera, only one cordless previous model: NP-BG1 (without b
  • Sony Ericsson K800i Battery  

    Sony BST-33 Battery (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Is an original Sony Ericsson battery for the K800i, works and keeps longer the power after charging. Am satisfied kan recommend further.
  • Good buy for a second battery  

    Samsung EB-EB-L1G6 L1G6LLU Akku (Accessory)
    After more than 2 1/2 years of use my battery were to default. I bought it thinking to have a renewed autonomy. That was the case on the first day and then she started to unload as fast as the old. Is it just the product or my phone, that is the ques
  • Sony NP-BG1 battery  

    Accessory for Sony Camera Lithium Ion Battery Series G 3.6V / 960 mAh NPBG1.CE (Accessory)
    This is an original type of battery and not compatible. With this purchase, I finally have a second battery for my digital. Allow one week for shipping delays from abroad. No-worry.
  • sony xperia x8 battery  

    SONY ERICSSON - ORIGINAL BATTERY EP500 Vivaz / Vivaz pro / Xperia X8 / Xperia mini / Xperia mini pro (Electronics)
    I await the return of qqles charges and discharges of the battery to determine the quality of this battery Waiting
  • Buying a Samsung camera battery  

    SAMSUNG - SLB 10A (Accessory)
    Product compliant but defective appearance (does not work). The reimbursement was made quickly, no exchange proposal: if this type of product is defective, why sell? I stay out of battery for my camera ....
  • Sony button cell battery  

    Original Sony silver oxide button cell battery for watches, etc. 379 (SR521SW) Watch Battery 1.55 V silver -VERSANDKOSTENFREIE DELIVERY - (Electronics)
    Good goods with a long maturity, the battery has been used in a clock and held more than 1 year. Have no comparison with other goods.
  • Sony Ericsson Standard Battery BST-38  

    Sony Ericsson Standard Battery BST-38 930mAh Sony Ericsson T650i; K770i; K850i; S (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Battery was significantly cheaper than "I'm not stupid", there the battery should cost 49. Ordering and delivery went smoothly. My phone is working again.
  • Buying a mobile battery  

    LG Original Battery LG LGIP-580A Lithium-Ion 3.7V 1000mAh (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Buying a mobile phone battery LG conducted last May was my first purchase on the site "" .I must say I was fully satisfied with the product because this battery was delivered operational as charged and perfectly matched the dice comman
  • The günstiegre of NoName it also does for the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V  

    Bundle Star * Battery for Sony NP-BG1 and NP-FG1 (latest generation 100% compatible!) For Sony Cybershot DSC HX20V HX10V HX9V H90 H70 H55 WX10 HX7V HX5V WX1 and many more - incl. Transport box (electronics)
    Video at hello, Enclosed times a video. Photos are uploaded. I have 2 battery times compared briefly. This one and a NoName for 5.98 euros. Amazon Search: BATTERY LI-ION for Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9, DSC-HX9V as NP-BG1 NP-FG1 Both batteries
  • Solid work from Sony  

    Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) Full HD TRILUMINOS display, 2.3GHz quad-core processor (Qualcomm), 3 GB RAM, 16GB storage, 20.7 megapixel camera , Android 4.4) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Have the Z2 now for 1 week and am more than satisfied with the device. I previously had a Windows Phone and I'm glad that I'm back ended up with Android. Display: The display is very well made and are brilliant natural colors again. 5.2 "are a good s
  • Real Sony batteries  

    Sony - Alkaline Battery - AA x 12 - Stamina Plus (LR6) (Accessory)
    These batteries look genuine, I am satisfied with my achat.J'ai used to buy sony batteries, small packets of 4 at my local supermarket, Monoprix etc and I see absolutely no difference with this one (they seem to last the same time etc) so I am almost
  • Strong buy recommendation also compared to other boxes.  

    Sony 1287-2374 Bluetooth speaker BSP10 in black (Accessories)
    The box is really good. The UE mini boom box I had first, it was me in the slightest, but volume too loud. Listen at your desk and focus here is hardly possible. Now to the Sony box: The battery lasts me in operating the Box nearly seven hours. The s
  • Sony batteries  

    Sony NP-FV100 battery Infolithium camcorders Sony 3900 mAh (Electronics)
    Having bought batteries for camcorder and video monitor About battery in, I was forced to return and change three products in four (non-functioning, battery base to peel, etc ..) I decided to buy Sony products "original" and there, no problem! I
  • Charger for Sony Cybershot DSC HX20V  

    Travel Charger + Car PART FOR BATTERY SONY NP-BG1 NPBG1 for Cybershot DSC-H90, DSC-HX10, DSC-HX10V, DSC-HX20, DSC-HX20V, DSC HX20VB (Electronics)
    The charger works for the original Sony battery as well as a spare battery for a cheap brand. The device for the cigarette lighter, I have not tested. However, I think it's for the price a strong buy recommendation, especially if you consider that an