candure scissors


  • candure scissors  

    Canduré - Stainless Steel Set Hair - Hair Scissors Scissors + Professional Sculptors - 13.97 cm (5.5 '') - + Black and Rose Flower Set + Case (Electronics)
    I am professional and I find these scissors of high quality and very pretty .... sculptors hang a bit.
  • Sharpens knives and scissors perfect  

    Knife sharpener, scissors sharpener, knife sharpener, scissors sharpener "Fixschliff" by M & H (household goods)
    I agree with the positive reviews in full to - the grinder is very good. All knives and scissors, which I treated thus, are as sharp as on the first day or even more sharply. A serrated knife I could not raise, nor my ax whose blade is too thick for
  • Household and professional scissors  

    Victorinox accessories Household scissors for left-handers, 8.0908.21L (equipment)
    Who is left-hander, who has his own problems already with normal scissors. I have presented these scissors to a left-hander and the problem was really solved.
  • This is a good pair of scissors  

    Twin L Multi-Purpose Scissors, stainless steel, 205 mm (household goods)
    I needed in the kitchen a "Allzweckschere", so my choice for this pair of scissors. I must say that everything can be wonderfully simple cut. A great help is also the integrated bottle-lid opener in black handle. Also works well.
  • Excellent scissors  

    Victorinox accessories Universal Kitchen Shears Stainless, 7.6363.3 (household goods)
    These scissors simply cuts everything! Whether you want to cut paper, cardboard, foil or plastic, it always works! They also ruled vegetables, salad herbs, etc. outstanding. Beverage bottles are opened easily with the inside of the two handles. Never
  • Great tweezers / scissors set for aquarists  

    Aquarium Set 30cm (1 & 2 plants scissors tweezers) (household goods)
    The (promptly delivered) 2 Tweezers (one straight and one bent) and the scissors are long enough that I can reach all the plants and residues etc. on the floor comfortably in my 60 gallon aquarium to have immersion without all the forearm; -) So the
  • Scissors class, Cover missing  

    reer 83 - Baby Nail Scissors Solingen (Personal Care)
    I find the scissors to be great - sharp, precise, great for small children fingernails. Missing was the promised Cover - if that's not the cardboard packaging is meant. I find that very unfortunate because a protective sheath is very important, espec
  • Very good nail scissors for babies ...  

    reer 83 - Baby Nail Scissors Solingen (Personal Care)
    ... We are very satisfied with this nail scissors. I was the first to use very surprised how sharp or how well it cuts. Also very good is the rounded tip. Can you recommend anyone, ads Value for money is perfectly true.
  • Great scissors  

    Victorinox accessories Household scissors for left-handers, 8.0908.21L (equipment)
    Since I am left-handed, I was sick of never being able to cut something right, especially pavement. That's why I chose this good pair of scissors. It lies well in the hand, cuts well, so all in one a great scissors.
  • Short and sweet - 5 Star: Gemini Hobby scissors  

    Twin L Multi-Purpose Scissors, stainless steel, 205 mm (household goods)
    * Review brought to the point - in short, objectively and clearly (time is precious) * These scissors, made by Zwilling (Made in Germany) lies comfortably in the hand and does what she needs to do, as brilliant: it cuts and glides through the materia
  • ZWILLING Hobby Scissors 205 mm TWIN L  

    Twin L Multi-Purpose Scissors, stainless steel, 205 mm (household goods)
    These scissors, a branded, cuts long really well. We use them every day in the home and it lands after use often in the dishwasher (should not be done) without losing their sharpness great. Meanwhile, we have a second gained us. Grinding does not see
  • Good solid scissors of massive quality.  

    Tailor Scissors PREMIUM with rubberized supersoft handles (12 inches)
    I am not a tailor but my wife had helped cut the materials. Short and painless, I can say: + The Scissors cut razor sharp fashion fabric and denim. + Because of the weight she cuts without wobbling nice straight paths. + The length of cut is super. +
  • Good scissors, but a little disappointed!  

    Metabo 608765000 hedge trimmer HS 8765 (tool)
    I bought this pair of scissors to a privet hedge in height and width to cut about 20 cm. If one says that goes pure as in butter OK. with fresh young shoots. For older wood to about 8mm thickness it comes as frozen butter. I was expecting more. I hav
  • Good nail scissors  

    Three Swords - Nail scissors, steel are nickel plated matt, Quality: Made in Solingen (Personal Care)
    Goes pretty hard on and, it must be getting used to. The scissors cut but very good and clean, does not break the nail.
  • Suitable for getting into sewing - Who wants more is not well served with scissors  

    RAYHER - 8953700 - fabric scissors, 21 cm, on blister card (Toys)
    I have gained this fabric scissors, because I can give me for Christmas a sewing machine have and collect as slowly sew more and more experience in the field. If you use the scissors only for cutting fabric, it remains long sharp. But if you want to
  • No particularly good scissors  

    Fiskars 715 692 multi-purpose scissors "Cuts + More" (household goods)
    I am disappointed with the scissors. Had previously been several other products from Fiskars and was until then enthusiastic about all products, especially of the axes. Being convinced that these scissors from Fiskars will not be a bad buy, I bought
  • Recommended Scissors for the zombie apocalypse  

    Fiskars 715 692 multi-purpose scissors "Cuts + More" (household goods)
    Having me in my last pair of scissors the rivet is broken, which has held together the two parts (well, I have a pressboard plate thus cut), this time I wanted something more robust. And apparently I made a good choice. The gap makes a very high-qual
  • The Swiss army knife of scissors  

    Fiskars 715 692 multi-purpose scissors "Cuts + More" (household goods)
    Since I've always been a fan of products that can do more than just what they are made, and I was looking for a neat scissors anyway, I opted for this Fiskars scissors. Definitely no mistake! The scissors cut plastic, cardboard, paper super and has m
  • Very good scissors  

    WEDO 97681 Universal scissors for left 21 cm (Black / Red) (Office Supplies)
    The pair is made for left-handed (like my wife). She is delighted. The blades are very sharp even better cut than scissors right-handed! I have a few months, no rust. They are stainless steel. Very happy with the purchase for a small price. Would rec
  • fiskars scissors children  

    Fiskars Scissors Kids Squeezers 11 cm 3 years either hand (Kitchen)
    I bought this pair of scissors to my little chip 3 years because every time she wants to take scissors to adults so I bought these scissors and frankly I'm really happy and my chip also because now she can use these scissors without cutting but with