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  • Nope. Recommendation of a readable time-article about "questionable ingredients in cosmetics & Co"  

    Nivea Men Sensitive Shower Gel, 4 Pack 4 x 250 ml (Personal Care)
    In the assessment of skin care products, cosmetics, styling products, etc there is in my opinion always two aspects that must be considered, one of which is very obvious, the other is executed against almost invisible and so is very often and is not
  • A good approach to natural cosmetics  

    For smart cosmetics - essential and vegetable oils (Paperback)
    I am a follower of essential oils that I use to look after me but also increasingly in lieu of some of my cosmetics. The recipes in this book are very interesting, but quite impractical to implement. I would have appreciated assays in drops and not m
  • Ideal for manufacturing its homemade cosmetics  

    Severin - 3590 -Emulsionneur milk - Black (Kitchen)
    For milk, I have no idea ... by cons for making emulsions is obviously the right tool! I bought it for my wife who used to make his homemade cosmetics, and she is thrilled: no nuisance projection products it carries and emulsions are firm and well sm
  • Perfect for cosmetics production  

    Ozeri Milk frother and whisk with stainless steel bracket and accessories 4 (Kitchen)
    I bought it to make my cosmetics house. It fully meets my expectations. Much better than what is sold by aroma-area.
  • Bomb Cosmetics - Hawaiian Flower - Gift Box  

    Bomb Cosmetics - Hawaiian Flower - Gift Box - Bath products (Personal Care)
    Another neat Bomb Cosmetics cabinet. Varied assortment of products with fruity / sweet scents. A presentation and a top price!
  • Natural cosmetics  

    Green Door Alkaline Shower Gel 250ml rosemary from the natural cosmetics manufacturer, without silicone, no sulfates, no preservatives (Personal Care)
    Natural cosmetics, as they do not get anywhere. The price is a little high, but otherwise can be found very rarely, a shower gel with rosemary scent. Quality and Ergibigkeit very good!
  • What the cosmetics merchants hid  

    The truth about cosmetics (Paperback)
    Thorough study of all the chemicals present in cosmetics we use every day: soaps, shampoos, creams, perfumes, makeup, dyes ..... everything is scrutinized; detailed substances and evaluated according to their toxicity, allergens, but also natural sub
  • Cosmetics stand  

    Cosmetics stand, leatherette, separate compartments, 20 x 16 x 15 cm (housewares)
    very beautiful goods, as described in each bathroom is a place, have the brans cosmetics stand already. Match super.
  • Myrto-natural cosmetics Green myrtle Bio Deo Roll-on  

    Myrto-natural cosmetics BIO DEO ROLL-ON - GREEN MYRTLE - 50ml (Health and Beauty)
    Kudos to Myrto-natural cosmetics !! I was very pleasantly surprised that on the Internet a list of all ingredients used can be found with explanation. This deodorant is the first (natural) deodorant without alcohol, I've found. The effect is thus my
  • Natural cosmetics for hands  

    Leo & Lilo Bl√ľtenrausch Peony Hand Cream, 75 ml tube Intensive care for dry and damaged hands (Personal Care)
    I was looking for a cream for my hands, which should have at least the following characteristics: suitable for dry skin, quickly absorbed without sticky or greasy feeling after creaming, no annoying odor, if possible without "irritating" ingredi
  • Cosmetics for home  

    Silk'n Revit Set Incl. 90 Filter & 3 Diamond peeling essays - microdermabrasion with diamond exfoliation to Hautverjungerung (Personal Care)
    I knew the microdermabrasion of the cosmetic treatment, because it is there but quite inexpensive intense, I tried it with this device. I'm excited! My skin has become much more beautiful after a few applications. Pure, delicate, it's wonderful. I'd
  • Gorgeous cosmetics Tsche  

    Reisenthel toiletbag XL Reisekosmetik Waschtasche toiletry bags XL - color, decor to choose from (Luggage)
    Very practical handling and beautiful design. Also the quality is very good. The seams are well made, the case is robust, by the hook, you can hang them anywhere in the bathroom, the small mirror inside is removable. It is very spacious and has plent
  • Accentra Weihnachtskalender cosmetics  

    Accentra cosmetic stockings for him, 1er Pack (1 x 860 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Funny things, some useless (comb, hand brush). Super fast delivery and packaging also super. Good alternative to chocolate. Get away in any case next year a calendar without chocolate.
  • Deluxe Cosmetics for your car!  

    Meguiar`s 659 003 Action Bag Jubilee (Automotive)
    I bought this set for my father so that he finally leaves the fingers of the DIY goods and lo and behold, he is thrilled to The set includes everything you need as standard equipment and it can be extended so :) We are very confident of the manufactu
  • Cosmetics Evolution? ...  

    Acer Liquid E3 Duo Smartphone Unlocked 4.7 inch 4GB Dual SIM Android Jelly Bean Black (Electronics)
    With this E3 Liquid, Acer is trying to repeat the success of his elder Liquid E2. But the attempt is so shy that the test falls a bit short. The Liquid E2 to its release one year ago, had managed a good number équlibriste juggling compromises, he man
  • Cosmetics. 1  

    XT-Xinte updated version of the Universal blade for helicopter Cheerson CX 10 Hubsan Q4h111 WL V272 RC Toys (Toy)
    Nice color, and in agreement with the color of the device. Note the direction of the helices during disassembly reassembly 1 pair rotates in one direction, the other pair in the other!
  • NYX Cosmetics  

    Nyx Cosmetics Eye Shadow Unique Seafoam Green (Health and Beauty)
    Quite satisfied, even if the color does not fit me. It is a brilliant eye lid, if it would smooth perfect!
  • Cosmic Cosmetics  

    Bomb Cosmetics - Funkadelic - Gift Box - Bath products (Personal Care)
    Gift was appreciated. Nice packaging, good products, not too saturated scents. Girly, pastel and floral: the perfect gift to say "I love you" to his sweetheart.
  • Bomb Cosmetics box - Funkadelic  

    Bomb Cosmetics - Funkadelic - Gift Box - Bath products (Personal Care)
    This is not the most succeeded cabinet to view scents, but for this unbeatable price, it was worth the blow to be trying :) The Hypnobath bath bomb is pleasant, even if there is not much effect in water (it remains colorless), the smell is fresh and
  • Bomb Cosmetics - Deluxe Gift Set - 3 bath balls  

    Bomb Cosmetics - Deluxe Gift Set - 3 bath balls (Health and Beauty)
    Small price for these 3 balls bath. I found the smell quite similar overall, but the scents were nevertheless very pleasant in the bath.